89% of People Can't Identify All of These Vehicles. Can You?

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Do you know your hatchbacks from your SUVs? Your snowmobiles from your snow plows? Or your destroyers from your corvettes? If you think you are good at identifying different vehicles, take the test!

A riding lawnmower is certainly the best way to mow the lawn. No hauling a machine back and forth, simply drive where the grass is long!

The first concept of a bus was launched in Paris in 1662. Of course, these carriages were drawn by horses. The first motorized bus dates back to 1895 and was used in Germany.

Pickups are utility vehicles that can not only be used to transport people but thanks to a load bay, equipment, goods or anything that fits! Pickups are a popular vehicle type in the United States, with models like the Ford F-250 particularly sought after.

A moped is a form of motorcycle similar to a scooter. Engine size is normally 50cc or below, and where they differ from scooters is in the fact that they have pedals. The pedals are there to help start the motor or provide a form of manual power if it fails.

A bomber is a larger aircraft used by military forces to fly over enemy positions, infrastructure or cities to drop exploding ordinance on them. The first bombers were used in the First World War and began by dropping 1,000s of darts, or flechettes on enemy troops. Now they are able to carry nuclear weapons.

Hatchbacks have a rear door that opens upward, providing access to ample cargo space. In most cases, the passenger seats can also be lowered to provide even more room.

An articulated vehicle has a pivot point. In the case of a lorry (or truck), this usually separates the truck section from a trailer section. An articulated lorry is better known as a tractor-trailer.

Also known as a taxi, cabs take people from one point to another, charging a fee for the trip. The first cabs in the United States were used in New York from 1907.

A bulldozer is a construction vehicle used for moving and clearing earth. It does this thanks to a large metal plate (called a blade) that can be raised or lowered. Bulldozers usually run on tracks. The first bulldozer was designed in the early 1920s by James Cummings and a J. Earl McLeod.

Also known as a tipper truck, this truck has a hinged rear section that can be tipped to dump sand, gravel or anything else the truck might be carrying.

Also known as a station wagon, these versatile cars were first used in the early 1920s with most of the rear cargo area of the vehicle made from wood and material serving as sides. Chevrolet brought out the first all-metal estate car in 1935.

A crucial piece of hardware for any army, tanks were first used in battle in the First World War. Modern tanks are massive and weigh between 30 to 50 tons.

A crucial piece of hardware for any navy, submarines were first used in warfare during the War of Independence. In 1776, Sgt. Ezra Lee tried to sink the HMS Eagle using a one-man submarine named 'The Turtle'.

Carrying cargo between nations or taking military personnel and equipment to theaters across the world is the job of transport aircraft. The biggest transport plane in the world is the Antonov An-225.

Believe it or not, the first vehicle built to travel on snow was as far back as 1908 and it was used to haul logs. Many different designs followed, even a Ford Model T on skis.

Bigfoot is the first ever monster truck. It was built by Bob Chandler from 1975 and made its debut in 1979.

Aircraft carriers are one of the most important ships in any navy. They have the ability to take strike aircraft closer to potential targets during wartime. Their importance was first demonstrated in the Pacific in World War II against the Japanese.

Long distance trucking is one of the major ways goods are transported around countries.

A convertible is a vehicle that either has a folding, or detachable roof. They are sometimes called a ragtop, soft-top or drophead.

A host of different racing classes takes place all over the world. The most prestigious of these is MotoGP, where motorcycle brands such as Yamaha, Honda, and Ducati take part.

This is a high-speed passenger train which first saw service in Japan in 1964. Named Shinkansen, these trains could travel up to 130 mph. Many other countries soon followed with their own high-speed rail systems.

The first helicopter, designed by Igor Sikorsky, flew in 1939. Today, helicopters are used by the military, in commercial aviation as well as in a number of other roles, for example, an air ambulance or fire-fighting.

The minivan is larger than a sedan or hatchback and can hold more passengers, usually seven. Within the MPV class there are sub-classes, for instance, the compact minivan.

Today, ambulances play an important role in getting the sick or injured to a hospital for medical care. Did you know, however, that the first motorized ambulance was used in Chicago from 1899 onward? It was donated to the Michael Reese Hospital by 500 prominent businessmen in the area.

Popular in Asia, an auto rickshaw is a three-wheel motorized vehicle that can seat two passengers and a driver.

Essentially a motorized trailer, motorhomes or recreational vehicles (RVs) are a popular way for families to vacation in the United States and became popular in the 1950s. Interestingly, the first motorhome was built on the back of a Packard truck in 1910.

A few decades ago, a scooter was a small motorcycle with a 50 cc engine, small tires, and place for a driver and no passenger. Now, however, a scooter can have bigger capacity engines and even take a passenger. They differ from a motorcycle thanks to the fact that they have a step-through frame.

A coupe is a car that is shorter than a regular sedan. Normally it will only have two-doors and two seats. Old model cars from the 1930s are favorites of hot rodder to turn into coupes.

A limo, as it is more widely known, is usually a larger version of a luxury car that has its own driver, called a chauffeur. Passengers are separated from the driver by a partition and normally have access to drinks etc.

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle. These four-wheelers are capable of driving off-road and are often used in game parks, on farms and other areas where roads are not of the best quality. They are sometimes also called quads.

Fighter planes were first used in World War I. There sole purpose is to shoot down other planes, be it bombers, reconnaissance aircraft or even fighters. They have evolved to the point where modern 5th generation fighters such as the F-35 Lightning cannot be picked up on the radar.

The SUV or sport utility vehicle was originally fairly large, often based on existing pickup models. Over the years, however, they have becomes smaller, seating five passengers. Their off-road abilities have also diminished over time. An example of an SUV is the BMW X5.

Utility vehicles are usually trucks with a cargo bay that has low sides. An early example of a utility vehicle would be the Willys Jeep, used by U.S. armed forces during World War II.

These trucks have large rotating containers on the back which turn and mix concrete while the vehicle is on its way to a building site, for example.

This track carries various forms of fuel, for example, petroleum. They are mostly used to replenish gas stations but can also be found at airports, where they carry aviation fuel, for example. They are called tanker trucks in the United States.

This agricultural machine harvests grain crops. It reaps, threshes and cleans the crops all at the same time.

Commonly called a trailer in the United States, caravans are small mobile living quarters attached to vehicles and towed to a holiday destination.

This vehicle has an enclosed cargo space and is for businesses to deliver goods to customers. Many car manufacturers include a purpose-built delivery van in their range of models.

Fire engines are purpose-built to carry both firefighters as well as the equipment needed to fight fires. Some even store their own supply of water.

A sedan (or saloon as it is called in Britain) is a vehicle with four doors and place to seat two people in the front and three in the rear (if they are small enough). A sedan almost always has a trunk in the rear.

An off-road motorcycle, sometimes called a scrambler, is capable of riding through the toughest terrain. These are used to patrol borders and on farms for example.

The crossover vehicle, sometimes called the CUV, is smaller than an MPV and an SUV, with seating for between four and five people. It is often built on an existing sedan model. An example of a CUV would be the Ford Explorer.

These trucks consist of a cab (the motorized part which houses the driver) as well as a trailer without sides. This can be either rigid or articulated.

A small, motorized, open vehicle used for recreation and racing. These are frequently used on organized tracks.

This is a purpose-built aircraft made to carry large amounts of cargo around the world, both for the military and in civil aviation.

Road trains are common in Australia and consist of a number of trailers behind a truck. These are called triples or Rocky Mountain doubles in the United States.

This specialized vehicle is used in areas where thick snow blocks roads and other thoroughfares. A snow plow has a specialized front-end which push the snow to the side, allowing it to clear roads quickly and efficiently.

A sports car is a high-performance vehicle, usually a two-seater, rear-wheel drive and with an engine mounted in the rear. They are generally very fast and handle very well.

A carryall, utility, estate car, these vehicles go by many names, often depending on the country or the manufacturer. These versatile cars were first used in the early 1920s. With most of the rear cargo area of the vehicle made from wood and material serving as sides. Chevrolet brought out the first all-metal station wagon in 1935.

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