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Detroit gets a lot of the headlines, but England (and the rest of the United Kingdom) cranks out cars by the millions, too. How much do you know about U.K. car makers?

Which British car maker uses a large predator for its car emblems?

It's Jaguar, of course, that uses a big predator cat as its emblem. Jaguars are known for their luxurious refinements and, in older days, their propensity for malfunctions.


Which British manufacturer makes the world's most expensive production SUV?

Bentley is a lover of all things that are finely crafted. It makes really, really expensive vehicles, like the Bentayga, the most expensive production SUV around. You can pick one up for around $250,000, if you're lucky.


Finish the name of this British car maker: Land ____.

Land Rover is the U.K. car maker with the rugged reputation. It makes many powerful four-wheel-drive models that can conquer all sorts of menacing terrain.


Land Rover is closely related to which other British brand?

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC is the holding company that builds both Jaguars and Land Rovers. But these brands are part of an even bigger corporate entity.


Which British car maker builds the Flying Spur?

The Flying Spur is the ostentatious name of an equally ostentatious car from Bentley. You'll need six figures and (serious) change to buy one of these powerful luxury cars.


True or false, is Land Rover owned by a British company?

In 2008, Tata Motors (of India) finalized its purchase of Land Rover. From 2000 to 2008, though, the brand was actually owned by good old American Ford Company.


Which car maker creates a model called the "3"?

MG is known in part for making the MG 3. The small "supermini" 3 is cheap and fun to drive ... unless you're stuck in London gridlock.


Which British car brand is associated with the famous Hollywood secret agent, James Bond?

Agent 007, or James Bond, made many of his most famous scenes while driving Aston Martin automobiles. They are just as luxurious as they look onscreen but sadly, they don't actually come with integrated machine runs or booster rockets.


What's the top speed of the most recent version of the famous MG 3?

The MG 3 sounds like the name of a jet fighter, but it's really MG's little street car. Recent versions top out at less than 120 mph.


How much do Lotus vehicles cost?

Lotus sports cars look very fancy, but they aren't necessarily graced with exorbitant price tags. Many of its most recent models sell for under $100,000.


Which manufacturer painstakingly builds luxury cars like the Phantom?

Rolls-Royce is probably the only car company that can get away with naming models things like Ghost and Phantom. But instead of ridicule, they garner acclaim.


Which British car sells the most models each year?

Mini sells millions of cars each year in markets around the globe. Morgan, by comparison, makes just a handful of vehicles.


Caterham Cars makes which sort of vehicles?

Caterham Cars specializes in light, fast sports cars. It's made two-seaters like the Caterham 21, but it also builds track-only cars that accelerate at breathtaking speeds.


About how many cars does Morgan Motor Company make each year?

Morgan Motor Company was founded way back in 1910. Each year, it manufacturers roughly 1,300 cars by hand.


Which of the following is a real British car company?

MG is yet another famous British vehicle maker. They don't actually make MGs in England, though. They're all built in China.


Which fancy-pants carmaker manufactures the really, really expensive Wraith?

Rolls-Royce loves car names that evoke the supernatural. With the purchase of your next Wraith ($300,000), you also get a free exorcism and a bottle of Ectoplasm perfume.


Daimler was a brand that was sold to which other British company?

Like so many companies, Daimler traded hands a few times, until it wound up in Jaguar's portfolio in 1960. Jaguar eventually sold the name to an Indian company (Tata Motors), which still hasn't used the Daimler name.


Which English carmaker focuses on building itty-bitty cars?

Mini, or MINI, is the maker of the crazy-popular small cars that are found all over American highways. The little cars are fuel-efficient and easy to navigate on crowded, cramped European city streets.


If you see a Lotus, you're likely looking at what sort of vehicle?

Lotus Cars makes sports cars -- affordable sports cars. Models like the Elise and Evora aren't just fast, they have cutting-edge visual appeal, too.


Which car company originally gained fame for winning the 24 Hours of Le Man race?

In the 1920s, Bentley found respect by winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans over and over again. The company owners purposely entered the challenging competition primarily to learn all they could about speed and reliability.


Bentley was once tied to another car brand. Which brand was it?

Rolls-Royce snagged Bentley in 1931. Later, Vickers snapped up Bentley before selling it off to Volkswagen in 1998.


Which British car maker made the Europa S?

Lotus Cars made the Europa S from 2006 to 2010. It's a lightweight sports car with a 2.0-liter engine that zooms from 0 to 60 mph in about 5.5 seconds.


A famous car model called the DB5 is made by which British car maker?

The DB5 is a famous model from Aston Martin. Because it was used in the film "Goldfinger," it's the car that made the company virtually synonymous with James Bond.


Which British car company moved all of its production facilities overseas in 2016?

In 2016, in what executives deemed a necessary business decision, MG moved all of its manufacturing facilities to China. That move made MG the largest importer of Chinese-made cars into the U.K.


Before it got into car manufacturing, Jaguar made _____.

Before it was Jaguar, it was Swallow Sidecar Company, a 1920s-era entity that made motorcycle sidecars. It didn't take up the Jaguar name until 1945.


Rolls-Royce is one of Britain's most famous companies. But it is now owned by which fancy company?

As of 1998, Rolls-Royce is owned by BMW. But the brand has been around since 1908, making some of the world's most memorable luxury cars.


Lagonda is a car brand associated with ____.

Lagonda is a luxury car brand that's been owned by Aston Martin since 1947 and periodically resurfaces when the company wants to release a very fancy vehicle. During World War I, Lagonda made artillery shells for the Allies.


Which manufacturer makes a popular model called the Cooper?

Mini makes the little Cooper and Cooper S. The company opted for the Cooper name in a partnership with famous race car driver John Cooper.


Which British car company was started by a former F1 (Formula 1) race car driver?

Bruce McLaren is the brainchild of McLaren Automotive, which focuses its efforts on making very fast and very plush cars. The 650S features a 647-horsepower engine and can launch from 0 to 60 mph in about three seconds.


Which company made the Taraf, an ultra-expensive luxury car?

Lagonda was the company that made the Taraf, a $1 million beast of luxury. The cars were hand-built by Aston Martin and feature V-12 engines that can achieve speeds of nearly 200 mph.


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