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There are things that only truck owners know. Like the fact that there's no more secure and comfortable feeling than being up in the cab of your truck, above the traffic. Or the pleasure of knowing that you can take off on a camping or fishing trip about anytime. Or that friends are always going to ask you to help them move, but it's a small price to pay. Leave the convertibles and the luxury sedans to other people; they just don't understand the joy of driving a truck. 

If you feel this way, then our quiz is for you! No matter how knowledgeable you are, there are probably some questions here that will trip you up -- or, to put a more positive spin on things, teach you something new. Luxury car-maker Lincoln made a truck? Who knew? Or, do you remember the name of the light truck that Subaru first introduced to the market? And what determines a truck's "duty" level, anyway?

Our quiz will test you on all these points and more. So, if you already own a truck and love it, used to have one and miss it, or are thinking of buying one, refresh your memory of all things truck-related now. Let's hit the road!

The pumpkin on a truck is what?

The differential housing on a truck strongly resembles a pumpkin, hence the name. If you drive in rugged terrain a lot, upgrading the pumpkin to one that's super strong isn't a bad idea.


What are the traditional three truck classes?

These classes were created long ago, and back then, indicated about how much a truck could haul in the rear. These days, those ratings are completely off, and so some people don't want them to be used anymore. Still, you'll hear some trucks referred to in this way.


What's a chassis cab truck?

Some companies want chassis cab, or cutaway cab trucks, because they can throw their own bed or other equipment on the back. You'll see utility trucks like this all the time, because they need a specialized configuration you just can't get with the factory bed on there.


What determines what "duty" level a truck is?

The gross vehicle weight rating or GVWR is what determines the class of your truck. That's confusing, because manufacturers try to market heavy-duty pickups like the Ram 3500, which are still under government classification light-duty trucks. Garbage trucks and the like are heavy duty, under these classifications, because of how much they can carry weight-wise.


How much wider is a Ford Raptor versus a regular F-150?

To help with stability, Ford decided to make the Raptor 7 inches wider than the regular F-150. That decision makes the pickup truck look more commanding, and makes it difficult for it to fit on really narrow trails.


What was the first production pickup to feature aluminum body panels?

Ford debuted the all-new 2015 F-150 with aluminum body panels, making waves in the industry. It's still a controversial move, with people arguing for and against the lightweight material applied to a pickup truck.


What pickup truck has ISIS famously used in the Middle East?

The Toyota Hilux has been favored by insurgent fighters from ISIS, among many other groups around the globe. Like Toyota models available in the United States, the Hilux has been praised for extreme reliability, even in super rugged conditions.


What consumer truck towed a space shuttle?

Toyota pulled off this stunt using a Tundra CrewMax, towing a space shuttle for the California Science Center. Not too long ago, Toyota and other Japanese manufacturers were attacked consistently for not making "tough" trucks that could take on big jobs. Stunts like this have changed some minds, but not everyone is convinced.


Other than the Ram lineup, in what modern consumer pickup truck line can you get a Cummins diesel engine?

To make the new Titan XD lineup more appealing to people who want tons of torque and the other benefits of a diesel engine, Nissan joined forces with Cummins. This move has also emphasized that the Titan line is made for American consumers.


What pickup truck has a lockable compartment in the bottom of the bed?

Honda's only pickup isn't like competitors in many ways. The bed has the lockable compartment, which you can't reach if the bed is full of stuff, plus a tailgate that swings down traditionally, and can swing out from one end or the other, like a giant cab door.


What is the name of Ram's proprietary storage compartments in the bed side rails?

This clever innovation allows you to store things in lockable compartments that are still accessible when the bed is fully loaded. They have LED lights on the inside, plus drain holes so you can make them giant drink coolers. The locks are tied to the cab door locks, so you always know the compartments are secure.


What modern Ram truck comes with a winch integrated into the front bumper, right out of the factory?

As part of the Ram 2500 lineup, the Power Wagon resurrects a legendary name from MOPAR history. Not only does it have a winch in the front bumper, this truck comes with plenty of other features for some pretty hardcore trail runs.


How many wheels does a Hennessey Velociraptor have?

Hennessey is known for ridiculous builds, and the Velociraptor certainly continues that tradition. The truck is long, has an extra axle, steel bumpers, a chase bar, two sets of fog lights, a roof-mounted light bar, etc. for some seriously awesome times on the trail.


What year did Ford stop making the F-100?

Technically, the name F-100 wasn't used by Ford until 1953. Before that, the truck was called the F-1. It was a popular model for its entry-level accessibility. By 1975, Ford needed a high-capacity model to keep up with increasing competition, thus the F-150 was born.


A Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road comes with all the following equipment, except for which item?

The Tacoma TRD Off-Road reaffirms Toyota's commitment to making trucks that are geared at people who really like to hit rugged areas and have some fun. It's capable of some pretty impressive feats, and can still haul your Home Depot purchases.


The Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon can be had with what kind of engine that makes them unique for their class?

Unlike other midsize pickups, the Colorado and Canyon can come with a diesel-powered, 2.8-liter Duramax four-cylinder engine. Among the impressive things about this offering is the stellar amount of torque, which is key for hauling and towing big loads.


Why do so many automakers offer a Texas-only edition of their trucks?

Automakers are always studying sales trends, and long ago, they honed in on the fact that Texas is the biggest truck market in the nation. To appeal to Lone Star residents, the different brands started making Texas-only models, which serves to only bolster support in this critical area of the country.


All new Toyota Tacomas have what on their windshield?

Toyota realized that people might want a GoPro mount, not only to record trail runs and other outdoor fun, but also to use as a dash camera. Of course, it's marketed as more of a way to remember excursions, but plenty of owners use it for the latter of the two reasons.


What was the first Ford truck?

With the success of the Model T, Henry Ford saw a chance to make even more money by offering a vehicle that could haul all kinds of stuff. Nine years after the Model T launched, the TT used the same cab and engine, but a frame that could handle up to one ton of whatever people needed. It was an instant success.


What Dodge truck shared the same engine used in the Viper?

From 2004 to 2006, Dodge offered this amazing truck to the public. Thanks to that potent engine, 500 horsepower went to all four wheels, along with 525 lb.-ft. of torque. That allowed the truck to go 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds.


What's the name of the most luxurious GMC Trucks?

With the Denali version of any GMC, you get all kinds of luxuries like leather, seat heaters/ventilation, wood trim, etc. Some people think such things have no place in a truck, but obviously plenty of truck shoppers want a luxurious cab.


What do you call the gate-like thing that you can lay on the open tailgate of a truck, so a longer item fits inside but doesn't slide out?

Some trucks come with a bed extender standard, while you have to buy one for others. It can really come in handy if you're moving a long piece of furniture or other items that wouldn't fit inside the bed without folding the tailgate down.


When did Jeep first start offering the Gladiator?

Jeep has made a few pickup trucks, but the Gladiator is one that many people today pine over. It enjoyed a long run, wrapping up production in 1988. Jeep fans have longed for another pickup model since.


With what did the 1999 Ford SVT Lightning share its engine?

The Lightning wasn't anything super fast before the 1999 model year, but then Ford kicked things up a notch with a supercharged 5.4-liter V-8, which was mostly like the one used in the Ford GT supercar. Peak output was impressive at 380 horsepower and 450 lb.-ft. of torque, allowing the truck to do 0 to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds.


What year was the Ford F-150 Tremor offered?

To create this quick truck, Ford took a base regular cab version of the F-150 and dropped a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 in it. The result was 365 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft of torque motivating the pickup to scoot like a sports car.


What famous Dodge truck from the 1970s featured exhaust stacks?

The fact that Dodge was able to sell a truck with a 5.9-liter V-8 that throttled out 255 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque was nothing short of amazing back when emission regulations had stripped the power out of most vehicles on the market.


How much torque did the GMC Syclone have on tap?

With fewer than 3,000 Syclones made between 1991 and 1992, this little truck is highly sought after by quite a number of people. It produced 280 horsepower and could dash from 0 to 60 mph in five seconds flat, making it one of the quickest production vehicles of its time.


What is the primary reason for getting a truck with dual rear wheels?

Dual rear wheels, commonly called dualies, are really made to help a truck be more stable and capable when really loaded up. Also, if one of the tires blows from pressure, etc. there are three others to help compensate until you can pull over in a safe area.


What's the term for a truck with four full-size doors?

If you want to transport everyone in comfort, a crew cab model is the way to go. Unlike extended cabs, you get four full-size doors, plus all that additional legroom in the rear, so adult passengers are more comfortable.


What does trailer sway control affect on a truck?

As a system that works automatically in the background, trailer sway control keeps your trailer moving straight ahead, instead of from one side to the other. It can brake individual wheels and even manipulate the throttle to achieve that end.


A flareside pickup has what that flares out away from the bed?

Back in the day, flareside trucks were brash and stylish. They aren't around today, because the style actually decreases the width of the bed, which isn't very practical. Don't let anyone tell you modern truck shoppers aren't into utility.


What was the name of Subaru's first "truck" sold in the United States?

When the BRAT first arrived on the scene in 1978, it was a big hit. Small and fuel-efficient, this Subaru also had a bed for hauling smaller loads. It also featured two rear-facing seats, making it more practical than other little trucks of the time, and an instant classic.


When did the Chevy Avalanche first launch?

Chevrolet had a radical design for a truck with the Avalanche. The midgate allowed owners to effectively extend the bed into the backseat area, if necessary. It wasn't like anything produced for the market before, but it only lasted until 2013, with two production generations.


What is the name of Cadillac's only pickup truck?

Based on the Chevrolet Avalanche, the Escalade EXT had the same midgate design that would allow you to load in items longer than the bed. As a Cadillac, this truck also featured plenty of blingy chrome, so everyone knew how much it cost.


What was the name of Lincoln's pickup truck?

Many people thought the Mark LT was ridiculous because it was too luxurious and pricey for a pickup. It was really a Ford F-150 with Lincoln badges, grille, and other styling elements, and a number of people pointed out that going with a Ford would save buyers quite a bit of money.


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