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As you know, cars have a long been part of our history. And what a brilliant invention they have been. The motor vehicle is probably in the top 10 inventions of the last 150 years. Just what would we do without them? 

Emojis have not been around for that long. The first one was created in a country that has given us some of the greatest cars ever, Japan! And it was only a few short years ago that emojis were actually used. That's mainly thanks to the mobile phone revolution, one could say. 

In 1999, Shigataka Kurita made the world's first emoji and went onto make 180 in total that became popular with mobile phone users. And now, they are certainly big business. As of June 2017, there was 2,666 emojis that formed part of the widely accepted UNICODE standard. 

So what's that got to do with motor vehicles? Well, not a lot actually until ...

Let's see if you can tell the car part found within the engine, cab or outside of a vehicle from a set of emojis. We have painstakingly (and it was painstaking, believe us) come up with a host of car parts that we have used emojis to describe. 

Can you identify them?

Good luck

What car part is depicted by this emoji,🛢️🚬 ?

The oil filter ensures particles are removed from the oil, keeping it clean so as not to damage the engine.


This emoji, 🌬️🛡️, depicts what car part?

Early cars didn't have windshields, but automotive engineers realized that as cars went faster, something was needed to protect drivers and passengers.


The 💧⛽ depicts which part of the car?

This pump circulates water around the engine which is used to help it keep running cool.


Any ideas as to what car part 🕯️🔌 would be?

The spark plug provides the spark that begins the combustion process which burns the fuel/air mixture in the engine.


Guess what car part this emoji,⌛🎗️ is for.

This belt helps synchronize the crankshaft's rotation to ensure the valves are opened and closed at the right time.


This emoji ⛽🚢 shows a car part that holds a crucial liquid. Do you know what part it is?

Without a fuel tank, your vehicle won't go very far. Normally situated near the rear of the vehicle, this is where fuel is stored for the engine.


A noisy part of your vehicle, which car part does this emoji📯 show?

Always use your horn in situations where people needed to be warned ... not to great your friends!


The 🔋 emoji is for a part of your car that it simply can't do without.

Without a battery, a car's engine will not turn over and start.


This car part which this emoji 💡 🔌shows is found in diesel cars only. What is it?

A glow plug is found in vehicles with diesel engines. It helps warm the engine during the starting process to ensure the air/fuel mixture is burnt effectively. A cold engine would struggle to do that.


This emoji 👷🔦 shows a ______

It's a necessary part of a car at night, not only to provide vision but to make your car visible.


The ↩️📶 emoji is an indicator for a part of the car found inside the cabin. What is it?

A crucial part of signalling your intentions to other drivers, that's the turn signal indicator.


What does this emoji🌡️ depict?

The temperature gauge shows the running temperature of your engine. If it's running hot, you need to get it checked!


Name this safety device 🌬️👜, please.

Air bags, which deploy should the vehicle be in an accident, first started appearing in the mid-1970s.


You will need to think about this one! What does this emoji 🚢🎮💻 show?

Incredibly, the modern cruise control system was invented way back in 1948. Now it is an option on many vehicles.


Too easy! Name the part in the cabin that this emoji💺 would be used for.

All cars have seats right! No need to explain this answer then.


The 📻 emoji is for what part of your car?

The first car radio was invented in 1930 by Paul and Joseph Galvin and William Lear.


Any idea as to what this emoji🌬️🦆 shows?

The air duct can direct hot or cold air from the climate control system around the car by adjusting it to your liking.


Not too difficult this one. This emoji ⛽🎓 depicts what part of your vehicle?

The cover to the fuel tank is known as the fuel cap.


Found on both automatic and manual cars, this emoji⚙️📦 is for what car part?

Every car has them, whether it is an automatic or manual transmission.


Your car radio is useless without this part🔈 !

Car speakers come in all shapes and sizes, it depends how loud you like your music!


This emoji 🚨 provides protection for your vehicle. Name the part it describes, please.

All modern cars have alarm systems in place to protect against car thieves. Interestingly, the alarm was invented in 1913 and went off whenever the engine was cranked.


What part of a car do you think this emoji ⛽💉 is for?

A fuel injector introduces the gasoline into the engine as a fine mist, which means it is burnt more efficiently, providing the engine with more power.


This should be a pretty easy car part emoji to guess⚙️💍. Can you?

The gear ring forms part of the transmission on your vehicle.


These four emoji's🛩️🎡⚙️💍 represent which part of the car engine?

The flywheel starter gear ring is connected to the starter motor on your vehicle.


You need this car part, shown with the following emoji's☀️🕶️ when the sun is shining.

Nothing keeps the sun off your face like a sun visor!


The 🔋 📦emoji is for what car part below?

Some cars have their battery stored in a special box. This makes taking it out of the car easier.


A part of the engine, what does this emoji⏱️ 📼 show?

This belt makes sure the valves in the engine open and close at the right time. It does this by synchronizing the crankshaft's rotation.


You won't stop without this part of your vehicle, shown by this emoji🛑🥁.

Part of the braking system is your brake drum. It helps your car come to a stop when you apply the brakes,


This emoji 🎯🔒 is for the ___________ on your vehicle.

Modern cars have a central locking system whereby locking the driver's door will lock the whole car. Also every lock in the car can be opened or closed using a remote key.


This emoji ⚙️⛽shows which car part?

A gear pump is part of the transmission system on your vehicle.


A liquid that cools your engine flows through this part emoji🚰

Part of your car's coolant system, these pipes take water all around the engine.


An easy one this, what does this emoji🥊📦show?

Pretty much anything is stored in the glove box, but the most important is your license and registration.


Found on manual cars, what does this emoji⚙️🏑show?

The gear stick or shifter is used to select the correct gear at the correct speed on a manual car.


Any idea what car part inside the cabin this emoji 🌪️🌬️ shows?

Part of the parts of the dashboard, the air blower can be moved to direct air from the climate control system in the cabin.


Can you tell what this emoji⚽🚬 shows?

These bearings control the steering knuckles to the control arm.


This emoji🤴📍 is for what vehicle part do you think?

Found throughout the car, kingpins are large bolts usually in a central position


What do you think this emoji🚪🎛️ shows?

The door control module is found in the door of modern cars. It controls not only the central locking but the electric windows as well.


Do you know what this emoji 🔩🎓is for?

Some bolts in your vehicle may have a covering, especially those that can be seen in open view. This is called a bolt cap and purely for aesthetic value.


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