Can You Guess the Formula 1 Track From an Aerial Image and a Hint?


By: Tasha Moore

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About This Quiz

You'll know if you're a true fan of Formula 1 racing by taking this quiz. Can you wow us with your auto racing expertise? Name the F1 track photos we provide with just one hint to earn your place among the F1 knowledge champions! 

When it comes to speed, it's a must that humans find a way to establish rank, and speed races satisfy this need. Just about every car brand and type participates in a race of some sort. Certainly "green" cars have come a long way in the speed category, and a few environmentally conscious racers have the auto racing awards to prove it. Respected institutions like Formula 1 is where it all began at the dawn of the automobile age. F1 is a years-old tradition that has perfected the art of automotive racing, and it's the most recognized racing brand in the world. F1 entities span the globe, and new inductees join the ranks yearly. 

Once reserved for the wealthy, F1 racing has evolved to include anyone with the courage to face the races and the skill to build the machines. Worldwide Formula 1 venues offer a wide range of amenities for spectators, from hotel accommodations to breathtaking views of landmarks and cityscapes. 

As you can see, there are so many layers to peel when it comes to Formula 1 facts. Let our test be your first stop along a visual tour of F1 tracks!

This F1 tour shares its name with a "Down Under" city. How quickly can you choose the correct option?

Situated in the vicinity of Melbourne's Albert Park, the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit spans 3.295 miles. The Australian Grand Prix has existed since 1928 and is one of the country's oldest racing competitions.


This place doesn't give massages. What is the name of this F1 auto circuit?

On May 10, 2016, Rob Huff won the Spa-Francorchamps and accompanying Eau Rouge circuit in Belgium. Setting a front-drive lap record with a time of 2:56:91, Huff conquered the circuit in a Honda Civic Type R.


It tours Australian streets. Can you name the correct F1 track?

In November 1993, racer Ayrton Senna outpaced fellow contender Alain Prost on the Adelaide Street Circuit to secure the provisional pole at the Australian Grand Prix. Senna's McLaren reached speeds as high as 115.245 miles per hour around the 2.348-mile circuit, which set a new record at the time.


A "power" beverage dubs this Formula 1 track. Do you recognize it?

The Red Bull Ring, formerly known as Osterreichring, is based in Spielberg, Austria. In July 2018, Max Verstappen of the Netherlands mastered the track in a Red Bull TAG Heuer racing design. Verstappen's time was 1:21:56.024.


F1 looks great in China! Where can spectators go for this course?

German architect Herman Tilke designed the Shanghai International Circuit, which was completed in March 2004. The track is located in Jiading District of Shanghai and includes five straights and fifteen turns.


Do you see the urban F1 track among the choices?

As of 2018, annual racing data shows that interest in the sport has increased 30 percent from both local and foreign participation in Azerbaijani, which is home to the Baku City Circuit. Lewis Hamilton, pilot of the Mercedes AMG team, won the 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix race.


Argentina is home to this circuit. Can you name it?

Located in the Villa Creek section of Bueno Aires, Argentina, Autodromo Oscar and Juan Galvez measures 3.696 miles. The circuit has a reputation for being technical and challenging.


Which Spanish track changed its name in 2018?

In 2018, the city of Jerez in Spain ceremoniously unveiled a bust of motorcycle racer Angel Nieto at the main gate of the city's Circuito de Jerez track facility. In anticipation of the Spain Grand Prix, the circuit was also renamed Circuito de Jerez-Angel Nieto at the commemoration.


Challenging turns are nothing "new" at this "Canadien" racing place. Do you get the right answer?

A competition hosted by Infiniti Engineering Academy kicked off the 2018 Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Circuit GIlles-Villeneuve. A group of Infiniti and Formula 1 scientists awarded 22-year-old engineering student Chase Pelletier the opportunity to work in the automotive industry.


A non-alcoholic beverage rains down on winners of this track. Try to choose the right one?

The Bahrain International Circuit stretches 3.914 miles. The first competitive race of the Middle East, the Bahrain Grand Prix has occurred since 2004. Winners of the race are doused with "Waard," which is a rose-infused, non-alcoholic water, instead of champagne.


According to this image, what happens in Vegas?

The speedily built Caesars Palace Grand Prix Circuit was completed in 1982, drew small crowds and was considered one of the worst tracks in F1 history. Motoring News dubbed the track, constructed in the casino's parking lot, "Mickeyist Mouse Ever."


There's nothing "short" about the roads along this F1 tour. Where is it?

Established in 1975, the Long Beach Grand Prix is held on a two-mile tour mapped along a city street route that surrounds the Long Beach Convention Center. The 85-lap street course includes scenic views of the city waterfront.


Texas does professional auto racing big. Can you name the track you see here?

Only eight of 25 racers finished the Formula 1 Dallas Grand Prix in 1984. Suffocating heat and unsafe driving conditions were reportedly the main issues that affected performance. That same year, Nigel Mansell passed out trying to push to the finish line his Lotus-Renault that had run out of gas.


This facility garners millions in Hungary each year. Try to quickly determine the name?

Located in the Budapest-Central Danube area, Hungary's Hungaroring circuit reaps nearly $33 million in Formula 1 ticket sales every year. The track is an economy booster for the country, drawing locals and tourists to the region's restaurants and hotels.


How do you spell "circuit" in French? Will you name the right track from the image?

Circuit de Monaco is a 2.075-mile city track that's been the focal point of the Monaco Grand Prix since 1929. The 78-lap Monte Carlo tour ranks as one of the most prestigious and challenging racing circuits in the world, and it features narrow corners, a tunnel and altitude changes.


This image is of a French raceway with a memorable past. Can you identify the track?

The now-retired Rouen-Les-Essarts circuit was once considered one of Europe's top-rated street tours. At the height of its popularity in the '50s and '60s, the Orival, France venue hosted the French Grand Prix five times.


It's very French and historic. Where is it?

Reims-Gueux is now a dilapidated facility, but in 1939 it is where Hermann Muller won the French Grand Prix. Muller drove the Auto Union D-type autos to outpace competitor Tazio Nuvolari.


Are you sure that you know this Japanese Formula 1 spot?

The Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka Circuit celebrated its 30th anniversary in October 2018. The grand event featured assembly demonstrations featuring 15 cars, and machine exhibitions that allowed restricted access to participating vehicles of the "Legend F1 Suzuka 30th Anniversary Lap."


A famous Italian car brand is mentioned in this track's name. Select the place name as fast as you can!

The 3.065-mile Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari track was named in 1970 in memory of Italian auto engineer Alfredo "Dino" Ferrari. Enzo's name was added in 1988. The track is based in Imola, which is 33.5 miles south of Bologna, Italy.


Is it easy for you to name this Formula 1 track located in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit features the Yas Conference Centre, which is a state-of-the-art facility that includes unorthodox catering choices and novel conferencing applications. The circuit's technological hub also has an in-house events agency called Y-Solutions.


Here is a German track that hosts international Formula 1 auto brands. Can you guess it?

German aviation and auto parts company Capricorn Group purchased the 13-mile world-famous Nurburgring Circuit in 2014 for 100 million euros. The track features a total of 170 turns.


The hyphen is not just for hype. Which renowned racing space is pictured here?

The 3.6-mile Paul-Ricard Circuit is the longest racing structure of the French Grand Prix. The space is used to showcase motorcycle, automotive and truck competitions. Owners invested 8 million euros in 2018 to repair the track's condition.


The name of this closed German F1 circuit is ________?

Ford Motor Company gave U.S. military personnel exclusive access to the company's 2015 Mustang and F-150 at Germany's Hockenheimring circuit in 2015. The Overseas Military Sales Corporation co-sponsored the "ride-and-drive-program."


Auto racers "rock" around this state-of-the-art facility all of the time. How easy is it for you to guess this track's label?

The Hilton Garden Inn Silverstone is set to open at England's Silverstone Circuit in 2020. The new Hilton property will overlook the track's starting grid and will feature a rooftop terrace and special event-day services.


Win-seeking competitors didn't go here to play games. What circuit is this?

Located near Clermont-Ferrand, France, the original five-mile Charade Circuit was considered a more difficult version of the Nurburgring. The virtually all-turns track held Formula 1 races during the late 1960s and early 1970s.


Racers never want to lose at this course. How well do you name the circuit?

Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours is the French Grand Prix's 2.741 stretch of track in Magny-Cours, France. The circuit's distance totals 70 laps over 191.870 miles. The esteemed auto racing facility has recovered from economic troubles it experienced in 2009 when Formula 1 races there were canceled.


Some folks visit this place for the speed, and others for the avenue views. Can you identify this circuit?

Valmor Sports company converted the territory that encompasses Valencia, Spain's Juan Carlos I marina into the 3.4-mile Formula 1 Valencia Street Circuit. The urban circuit's races showcase the city's striking panoramic scenery, including views of Valencia's dock.


Jonathan Palmer likely sat on his plans to update this track since his auto racing days. Where did his F1 interests come to fruition?

Ex-racer Jonathan Palmer's MotorSport Vision Group company purchased Brands Hatch circuit and other British facilities, including Cadwell Park, Oulton Park and Snetterton, for 120 million pounds. Palmer set out to modernize the 400 acres at Brands Hatch.


What name do you give this "global" track facility?

Architect David Caderman built Rio de Janeiro's Autodromo Internacional Nelson Piquet, also called Autodromo de Jacarepagua, in 1972. Calderman intended for the location to be used for other purposes besides racing.


It's not a circuit in Greece. How well do you know the name of this hugely popular U.S. track from the hint?

The 2.5-mile Indianapolis Motor Speedway celebrated its 101st running in 2017. The milestone event featured former big names, like Helio Castroneves, Alexander Rossi, Fernando Alonso and Juan Pablo Montoya.


It names a French car brand. Are you confident that you know this F1 entity?

The 2.6-mile Bugatti Circuit is a permanent track used for the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance event. The French Grand Prix race first took place June 26, 1906. Racing greats who've sped the course include the Bentley Boys and Jacky Ickx.


Speedy autos at ________ rarely "stop"?

Located near Castle Donington in Leicestershire, England, the racing circuit at Donington Park debuted its first racing event in 1931. During World War II, the location was converted into a military vehicle storage facility.


Winners constantly "sprout" at this Indian Formula 1 track. Can you ID the correct option among the choices?

Designed by master auto track architect Hermann Tilke, the 60-lap, three-mile Buddh International Circuit is India's premiere racetrack. Turn 3 of the track is a steep, blinding elevation and one of the track's narrowest corners.


Speeds grow in abundance at this Formula 1 tour. Is it a challenge for you to select the correct place?

The late Mrs. Mirabel Topham designed the original 1956 Aintree automotive circuit based on a horse racing track model. European and British grand prix racing competitions have been held there.


This Belgium track is "electric." We'll be impressed if you know the answer.

In September 2016, the iLumen European Solar Challenge took place at Circuit Zolder in Heusden, Belgium. The endurance competition featured 12 solar-powered vehicles and two Teslas.


Surely the ground shakes from all the engine revving at this auto circuit. Do you know the facility?

Canadian actor, radio host and comedian Michel Barrette introduced himself as a race car driver at the 2017 Spring Classic at Canada's Mont-Tremblant Circuit. Barrette drove a Nissan MICRA.


It's a four-letter circuit name where 5-star F1 speed happens. Can you identify the track shown here?

Since 1954, the Macau Grand Prix has used the 3.803-mile, 15-lap Guia Circuit to host auto racing and motorcycle events. The city's grand prix race was originally devised as a treasure hunt course.


Racers stay in tempo at this circuit. Do you know it?

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sao Paulo Turismo SA is the company that facilitates kart racing, automotive competitions and other events at Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace. Drivers cover 71 laps of the non-oval, counter-clockwise directional track that measures 2.676 miles.


This F1 space provides loads of entertainment. Where is it?

The 750-acre Mosport International Raceport facility is Canada's biggest automotive sports complex. Based north of Bowmanville in the Greater Toronto region, the space offers a training unit and a mile-long skid pad.


Two racers tried to pass muster and each other at this space in 1979. Do you know the track name from the hint?

Citing safety concerns at the Charade Circuit, French Grand Prix officials moved several races to the Dijon-Prenois circuit in the '70s and '80s. A highly publicized lap battle took place between Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux at the facility in 1979.


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