Can You Identify All of These European Cars From a Photo?

By: Craig

About This Quiz

Since their introduction in 1886, cars have been a gift to mankind. Starting in Germany in the late 19th century, the car-making industry soon shifted many parts of the world predominantly in the United States and then Japan. Although the two are perhaps the leaders in automotive production today, Germany and a few other European countries are well-known for their ever-so-popular luxury cars, which fuels the common belief that the best cars come from Europe. 

The most sought-after European cars include BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi. The three are all manufactured by German companies and although they are quite expensive to maintain, many owners can attest to their longevity. Some German cars which are not as well-known are the Opel and Phaeton. Italian cars are also very well-known. The Italian manufacturer Ferrari is responsible for the creation of one of the most desired sports cars.

Great Britain is best-known for the production of its limousines manufactured by Rolls Royce and Bentley. The companies Jaguar and Land Rover are also highly praised for their luxury cars and SUVs. Less-popular car brands are Peugeot from France, Volvo from Sweden and Skoda from Czech Republic. 

 How much do you know about European vehicles? Do you know which car corresponds to which country? If you take this quiz, we will give you an image of a car, and you’ll tell us what kind it is. Take it to see how many of them you can identify correctl!

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