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It's true! Only 5% of the male population will be able to name all of these cars! Will you get the honor of sharing your results, or will you choose to keep them to yourself? Once you've done your best to identify all the cars we present, you'll know where you stand. 

With so many different auto manufacturers inventing new models every year, it can be difficult to keep up. Unless you work at a car dealership, you might find this quiz a little more challenging than you thought. Although we'll try to stick to cars made within the last 30-40 years, you will need to dig into your memory banks to give us the correct name. 

With 95% of men not being able to pass this test, you will flex some serious automotive muscle by being in the elite group that can name them all. From the Acura Integra to the AMC Pacer, your knowledge of cars will be need to be firing like a fine-tuned piston to get all of them right. However, you have our every confidence, and we know you can do it. 

Are you in the top 5% of men who can name all these cars? Now's your chance to find out!

What speedy little sports car was released as a Honda luxury line car?

First introduced in 1986, the Acura Integra was one of two cars Honda released from its luxury car division. Its original pop-up headlights were replaced with fixed headlights in 1992, and it had a reputation for great handling and speed. Although the Integra was replaced by the Acura RSX, street racing fans still prize the car's agile abilities.


Which first generation American car is sometimes referred to as the 1964 1/2 model?

With six generations of the Ford Mustang under its belt, the classic muscle car is a true favorite! Facing many design changes over the years, the first Ford Mustang was manufactured in 1964, but not released until 1965. From the Shelby to the Cobra, enthusiasts are always impressed by the Mustang's handling, power and flashy good looks.


What's the name of the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle in this photo?

First produced and sold in Japan in 1997, the Toyota Prius was released worldwide in 2001. With its name translating from Latin to English, the car's name means "to go," and go it does! Averaging 40 miles per gallon, the United States EPA gives the Prius the highest mileage per gallon award. Fully redesigned in 2003, the Toyota Prius remains of favorite for those who seek an easy-driving, fuel-efficient car.


Which car was originally called the Aveo?

The Chevrolet Sonic was first released in 2002 under the name Chevrolet Aveo. Despite its global success, Chevrolet decided to revamp the vehicle and release it under the Sonic name in 2011. Redesigned with more room, better emissions, and better handling, the Chevrolet Sonic remains one of Chevrolet's most sold vehicles.


What is this classic called?

Iconically seen in the movie "My Cousin Vinny," the Buick Skylark has a long history in the automotive industry. First released in Buick's Roadmaster line, the Buick Skylark was a stylish car with loads of horsepower. Over the years, convertible versions and classic stock versions have become hot collector cars, However, the car was discontinued in 1998 and its production line was altered to produce the Chevrolet Malibu.


Which car's maker partnered with Lamborghini to make an aluminum block engine?

Originally released as a show car in 1989, the Dodge Viper did not enter mass production until 1992. With its six-speed manual transmission and its V-10 engine, the Dodge Viper had plenty of muscle car power. Although production was suspended in 2008, Dodge hopes to begin releasing a newly designed model in the future.


Which car was designed to be a competitor to the Ford Mustang?

Sold from 1967 to 2002, the Pontiac Trans Am was originally created to be a competitor car against the Ford Mustang. Though later models featured a more aerodynamic style, the Trans Am's impressive horsepower and maneuverability made it a favorite of auto enthusiasts. Although the Trans Am had a smaller engine than a lot of pony cars of the time, it managed to keep up, eventually spawning the Firebird series to quiet controversy among the racing circuit.


What's the name of this Japanese car?

First manufactured in Japan during 1972, the original Honda Civic had only two doors. By 1973, the Honda Civic had hit a global market and began to gain popularity. Now in its tenth generation, the Civic has undergone many changes over the year. From sportier styles to more family-oriented sizes, the Civic still remains one of the most popular, fuel-efficient vehicles on the market today.


Which coupe's sporty appearance was redesigned in 2015?

The Nissan Juke was first released in 2011. Based upon the Nissan 370Z, the Nissan Juke offers a five-passenger seating capacity and a compact body style. Resembling a small crossover vehicle, the Juke received a redesign in 2015. New colors were added, and more technology completed the car's already massive appeal.


What is the name of this Toyota?

When the Toyota Camry hit the market in 1998, it came with a choice of two different sound systems. Still manufactured to this day, newer models feature all the technological standards including a touch screen. Known for their reliability and being fuel-efficient, the Camry is roomy, luxurious, and perfect for a family.


What's the name of this sporty little two-seater?

In 2000, the Mazda Miata was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the best-selling convertible of all time. Also known as the MX-5, this cute, convertible is the perfect, fuel-efficient sports car. It has been in production since 1990, and is now in its fourth generation.


What's the name of this classy car?

First produced in 1939, the Lincoln Continental was a cleverly designed prewar car. Long known for its luxury, the Continental's high price tag has always been associated with quality. Still one of the most beloved American cars, history has it that JFK was assassinated while riding in a Lincoln Continental code named X-100.


What is the name of this family sedan?

First introduced in 2001, the Kia Rio became an instant hit for the auto manufacturer. By 2002, it was redesigned to be offered as either a sedan or a family-style wagon. After a complete overhaul in 2016, the Rio is still a popular family vehicle.


Which of these hatchbacks do you see in this photo?

The Honda Fit might be small, but it is a good car for the economically minded. First known as the Jazz in Japan, the Fit was received with open arms by an American audience in 2007. With its Magic Seat, the Honda fit boasts nearly 60 cubic feet of room and can easily seat five.


What's the name of this automotive icon?

Easily one of the most recognizable cars on the road, the Volkswagen Beetle hasn't changed much over the years - only modernized. Originally conceived in 1931, the Beetle went into retirement for a while and was re-released as the New Beetle in 1997. Known for its fun styling and its mass appeal, the Beetle is always in style!


What is the name of this cute convertible?

The Fiat Spider was first manufactured in 1966 and continued until 1985. After a retirement that left collectors scrambling, the Spider was re-released in 2015. With completely modernized styling, the Spider still maintains its classic appeal.


Which roomy sedan do you see here?

First put out as a hatchback in 1976, several revamps made the Honda Accord a sleek sedan by 1979. Still one of the most reliable and technologically advanced cars on the road, the Accord is a popular choice for those that want luxury combined with efficiency. Since 2014, the Accord has also been offered as a plug-in style hybrid.


What's the name of this versatile small car?

The Renault Clio is a French car with a lot of love to give. Its five-door design adds a lot of room to an otherwise small car. First sold to the public in 1980, the Clio resembles a miniature station wagon. Perfect for city or country living, the roomy small car still provides drivers with versatility at an affordable price.


Which compact car do you see here?

Called the Nissan Sunny in Japan, the Nissan Sentra was first sold in the United States in 2006. With four doors and a roomy trunk, the Sentra offers families an economic alternative to larger vehicles. Now modernized, the Sentra is a good choice for a growing career or family.


Which compact sedan is featured in this photo?

First introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1979, the Volkswagen Jetta was geared with an American audience in mind. First released in four-door and two-door hatchback models, the 2018 model is a full 3 inches longer than earlier releases.


Which American-made classic is shown in this photo?

Created in 1955 as a competitor for the Chevy Corvette, the Ford Thunderbird is an American classic. Forever immortalized in the Beach Boys song "Fun, Fun, Fun," the T-bird's two-seat style was more of a luxury car than a sportster. It was discontinued and reborn several times over the years, but it was finally discontinued for the last time in 2005.


What's the name of this quirky-looking little car?

From 1995 to 2004, the Dodge Neon was one of Chrysler's best-selling cars. Most recognizable by its round, bug-like headlights, the Neon was offered in both four-door and two-door versions. Eventually, the Dodge Neon was replaced by the Caliber.


What's the name of this subcompact car?

A direct competitor of cars like the Toyota Matrix, the Pontiac Vibe was created from 2002-2010. It offered drivers a crossover experience within a subcompact car. With five doors and plenty of ground clearance, the Pontiac Vibe had a lot to offer.


What is the name of this family-oriented sedan?

When the Hyundai Sonata was put on the market in 1993, it offered a choice of a four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine. Originally designed by the design firm of ItalDesign, the car's sleek styling has been a hit. Completely redesigned with more emphasis on family in 2006, easy handling and competitive gas mileage always make it a contender.


Can you name this small car?

Eventually replaced by the Ford Focus, the Ford Escort first made its way to the North American market in 1981. Although the Ford Motor Company had used the name since 1968 for European models, the American version offered drivers a small car at a modest price. Available as a hatchback or a compact sedan, the Escort was sold until 2000.


What name does this sporty number have?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse was the first joint collaboration undertaken by Mitsubishi and Chrysler in 1989. Although it has undergone many transformations throughout the years, the Eclipse maintains its sporty appearance and impressive handling. It has been reborn in 2018 as the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.


What is the name of this luxury hybrid?

First seen at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show, the Lexus CT quickly became a worthy rival of the Lincoln MKZ. Throughout the years, the Lexus CT has received many awards for its fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly engines. In addition to its practical design, the CT boasts being one of the world's best hybrid electric cars.


Can you name this full-sized luxury car?

Named as an homage to the first Rolls Royce, The Silver Ghost, the Rolls Royce Ghost was first announced in 2006. Although it did not appear on showroom floors until 2009, the Ghost was a highly conceptualized car. The opulent Ghost features unparalleled comfort, and it offers drivers one of the world's smoothest rides.


What name is given to this fuel-efficient model?

Although the Chevrolet Spark was popular in European and Asian markets as early as 1998, it didn't make its North American debut until 2012. With many safety awards, the Spark boasts technological features such as ApplePlay and Bluetooth capabilities. Reaching up to 42 miles per gallon, the tiny size is deceptive considering the interior space.


Do you know the name of this mid-size luxury car?

Manufactured from 1994 to 2003, the Oldsmobile Aurora used the same body frame as the Buick Riveria. Available in both V-6 and V-8 engines, the mid-sized sedan had a lot of power to offer drivers. It also came with luxury features like a leather-wrapped steering wheel.


Which sedan is pictured here?

The Volkswagen Passat was the winner for the 2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year Award. With its reliability and thoughtful design, drivers enjoy the latest in technology with the comfort found in more expensive, luxury models.


What is the name of this luxury vehicle?

Debuted in 2015, the Acura TLX was designed as a car to replace the TL and the TSX. An 8-speed dual clutch allows for smooth shifting, and the car's luxury features are a true testament to the Acura brand. These days, you can interact with your TLX thanks to AcuraLink's hands free technology.


Can you name this sleek sedan?

Dating all the way back to 1958, the Chevrolet Impala was first known as a convertible. More recently, the car has won the NASCAR Manufacturer's Championship six different times. With its roomy interior and large, family size, the Impala is a classic.


What is the name of this interesting-looking small car?

The highly collected AMC Hornet was produced from 1970-1977. The American Motor Company released the Hornet to an audience that loved the AMC Rambler. Although the Hornet didn't do quite as well, they are still sought after.


What is the name of this tough-looking luxury car?

With its tough-looking grill, the Cadillac CT6 is the epitome of a luxury vehicle. Available in a sport version or a full-sized sedan, the CT6 offers drivers a ride with true class. Released in 2016, the CT6 is fully equipped with technological features such as Bluetooth and a rear camera.


What is the name of this stylish sedan?

First manufactured in 1998, the Hyundai Elantra is the company's second biggest seller. First released as a four-door, later versions included the option a wagon style body type. Still a popular choice for a family car, the Elantra allows plenty of leg room and legendary reliability.


Can you name this economical hatchback?

With over 16 million Ford Fiestas sold since 1976, it is only outsold by Ford's Escort and F-150. Although the Fiesta did not have a long North American lifespan, it is still manufactured and sold throughout the world. As of 2016, it was Britain's most purchased vehicle.


What's this three-door car called?

With amazing fuel efficiency and stability and traction control, the Toyota Yaris offers a slightly smaller alternative to the Toyota Prius. Also called the Echo, the Yaris offers drivers a lot for a small car. Technological features and side curtain airbags offer drivers amenities not seen in other brands of this size.


Do you know this compact car's name?

The Chevrolet Aveo is the predecessor to the Chevrolet Sonic. With an Ecotech engine that offers up to 106 horsepower, the Aveo was a great competitor for the Toyota Prius and the Ford Focus. A generous turning radius made the Aveo a city driver's dream.


Can you name this compact sedan?

With a classic two-door design, the Kia Forte was released in 2010. A compact sedan with many additional upgrades, the Forte offers standard running lights. Although four-door and hatchback versions were later created, it's the classic Forte that still dominated Kia's sales.


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