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Do you live and breathe auto racing? Are you a NASCAR fan? (That's the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, for those of you who aren't in the know.) But even the most hardcore fan knows NASCAR races aren't the only ones in the sport of auto racing. There are races all over the world; some of them so big that the prizes can be only imagined.

The Monte Carlo Rally is one of these. Set along the French Riviera in Monaco, the Monte Carlo Rally was first run in 1911 with drivers setting off from four different cities in Europe and racing to meet in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The original purpose of the race was to promote Monte Carlo as a tourist destination. This year's race was won in four hours, 18 minutes, and 55.5 seconds in a Ford Fiesta World Rally Car. The race was the subject of a fun 1977 comedy film, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, about a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle with a unique personality, in addition to other big screen depictions.

If you love racing, you probably watch these as well as Formula One, rally car racing, the Isle of Man TT. Will you be the winner of this quiz?

Which race begins at 9,390 feet and ends at 14,115 feet above sea level.

“The speed was okay, but the corner was too tight.” Juba Kankkunen, won 23 rallies and four world championship titles as a driver.


What is the oldest ongoing motorsports competition in the United States?

The finish line is made of brick—a nod to when the entire track was paved with bricks. The winner traditionally receives a bottle of milk and kisses the finish line.


Which of the following is a top race in Japan today (2017) that happens at the Tokachi International Speedway?

“‘If is a very long word in Formula One; in fact, ‘if’ is F1 spelled backward.” –Murray Walker, motorsports commentator, and journalist who covered F1 1976-1996 for the BBC.


Which race originally began with cars leaving from several different European cities and converging at Monte Carlo?

The Monte Carlo rally has had a controversial past, especially in 1966 when the race results were so disputed that the Prince of Monaco refused to participate in the award ceremony. During that year, the rules (written in French) changed at the last minute, all the cars were approved at each stage, and at the end of the race many cars were disqualified for “non-standard” headlamps even though other cars were using the same kind without disqualification, and one of the disqualified cars was not using that kind by the end of the race when it was disqualified.


Which of the following was created by the Sports Car Club of America and features a division for amateur drivers?

“You win some; you lose some; you wreck some.” –Dale Ernhardt, Sr., team owner and driver who won 76 Winston Cup races and seven championships.


Which Indianapolis race has a track surface primarily made of asphalt over brick?

The track began as a tar and crushed stone course, but that surface caused too many accidents. The track was redone completely in brick, but as time went on the brick has mostly been covered with asphalt.


Which of the following is held at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve?

“If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.” Mario Andretti, winner of races in IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula One, and the World Sportscar Championship.


Which of the following is considered the pinnacle of motorcycle racing?

As the races get faster, the TT claims on average 2-4 people’s lives each year. It is a difficult course and since its first run in 1907, 146 have died.


Which of the following Tagadella Superspeedway races is a part of the NASCAR Xfinity Series?

“There’s no such thing as boundaries—only limits that get pushed further and further.” –Travis Pastrana, NASCAR Camping Series driver, and stunt performer.


Which endurance race is held in Germany?

There are 200 cars involved in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. The race is open to amateurs and some manufacturers field a team, but professionals also participate.


Which event is held on a track that has also been used for the Tour de France bicycle race?

“After 10 weeks away from Formula One, when they started the engine here at Valencia and everything was vibrating, I found myself sitting in the RB7 and smiling.” –Sebastian Vettel, four-time Formula One World Champion.


Which of the following events is held in South America?

The Dakar Rally used to begin in Paris and end in Dakar. After being cancelled in 2008 because of terrorist concerns, it was moved to South America.


Which of the following races is run on a road course?

“I come from an ordinary family. My dad is a carpenter, a roof-maker, and we’ve always loved racing together.” –Sebastian Vettel, four-time Formula One World Champion.


Which Florida race attracts the largest audience in motorsports?

The Daytona 500 is the first race in the Monster Energy Series. It is held at Daytona, which is considered the birthplace of NASCAR.


Which of the following races held at Bristol Motor Speedway, is a part of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series?

“You just had to adapt to it and learn to read the race car instead of thinking this is what the car I ran last night felt like, and it’s supposed to feel like this today. It doesn’t work that way.” –Tony “Smoke” Stewart, three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion


Which of the following is an F1 race held at Interlagos, Brazil?

The first Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (Interlagos) was held in 1973, and it was the first Brazilian Grand Prix. It shut down during the ‘80s to make safety upgrades but returned in 1990.


Which race is measured in kilometers instead of miles?

“I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters, not the mortgage, not the store, not my team… For those ten seconds or less, I’m free.” –Dom Toretto, The Fast and the Furious (2001).


Which of the following is run on the Circuit de le Sarthe?

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is an endurance race that literally lasts 24 hours. It is a 3,110 mile and up to three drivers can drive each vehicle to allow them rest and eating time.


Which of the following is a Verizon IndyCar Series race, run at the Sonoma Raceway?

“If you can leave two black stripes from the exit of one corner to the braking zone of the next, you have enough horsepower.” –Mark Donohue, known for acid dipping his cars and finding other ways around the rules.


Which of the following races is held at Martinsville Speedway and is a part of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series?

The Martinsville Speedway has curves with a slight 12-degree bank. In 2004, a chunk of concrete dislodged from the 28-year old concrete track and severely damaged Jeff Gordon’s car.


Which of the following has been continuously run since 1950?

“Turbochargers are for people who can’t build engines.” –Keith Duckworth, the engineer who designed the Cosworth Double Four-Valve, which was revolutionary in Formula One racing.


Which of the following races occurs on city streets?

Prior to race day, manholes and drain covers are welded in place and the welds are checked throughout the race. If the welds fail, the suction created by the cars has been known to lift the covers and throw them at other vehicles.


Which race is held on the Mount Panorama Circuit?

“Come on! 1000 miles on one wheel? We’re trying to win a race not set a record.” –Sharky Finch, Cannonball Run (1981).


Which of the following races is held on a Virginian short track that is only ¾ mile long?

The Federated Auto Parts 400 marks the last race of the regular racing season for the Monster Energy Cup. Most short tracks, such as the one in Richmond, were fairground tracks.


Which of the following is a Rally?

“Straight roads are for fast cars. Turns are for fast drivers.” –Colin McRae, two time British Rally Champion.


Which race, currently sponsored by Bojangles’ Famous Chicken n’ Biscuits, is sometimes nicknamed the “oldest superspeedway race in NASCAR?”

The Southern 500 is usually run on Labor Day weekend. Ned Jarrett set a record when he finished the race by a 14-lap margin in 1965. Since it is run on a traditionally difficult track, only 15 of 44 cars finished the race at all that year.


Which Monster Energy Cup race in Delaware did Jimmie Johnson win five times?

“Tell me what you love so much about racing?” “Speed—to be able to control it. To know that I can control something that’s out of control.” –Dr. Claire Lewicki and Cole Trickle, Days of Thunder (1990).


Which Rally used to be called the 1000 Lakes Rally?

It took 40 years for someone outside of Scandinavia to win Rally Finland, in part because the course was open for practice prior to the race. In 1990, Carlos Sainz had the honor of being the first outsider to win in a Toyota Celica GT-Four.


Which is held on the Suzuka Circuit?

“Nobody in Formula One has won so many titles, so many races as I did. So Ferrari for me is crucial; it is more than important. –Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Enzo Ferrari’s assistant.


Which race was the first one held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and sometimes considered an endurance race?

Since 1960, the Coca-Cola 600 has been the longest race NASCAR holds. NASCAR produced a television documentary on it called The 600: History of NASCAR’s Toughest Race.


Which Grand Prix is held near Silverstone?

“He ran out of talent about halfway through the corner” –Buddy Baker, who set the fastest winning speed record at the Daytona 500 in 1980 (177.602 mph).


For which of the following races do fans get to vote on who participates?

In 2008, Kasey Kahne wasn’t qualified but entered the Open (then called the Sprint Showdown), finishing fifth. Normally, he still would not have made it into the main race, but fans voted him in, which led to his win.


What is the name of the final event in the Countdown to the Championship for the NHRA Mello Yellow Drag Racing Series?

“Drag racing has played a big role in In-N-Out’s history, and it is also an important part of my family history.” –Lynsi Torres, sole owner of In-N-Out restaurants, NHRA member, and drag racing participant.


Which of the following races is hosted on a track built inside a city park?

Originally the Australian Grand Prix was hosted in Adelaide, but it moved to Albert Park in Melbourne in 1996. The move was controversial, but the government believed the benefits outweighed the disadvantages presented by protesters.


Which race is a part of the NASCAR Camping World Series?

“I don’t remember most of the injuries. There have been too many.” –Travis Pastrana, NASCAR Camping Series driver and stunt performer.


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