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When people talk about cars, especially their own car, it can lead to all sorts of visceral reactions. Some people give their cars pet names and call them their baby. Other people get heart palpitations just thinking about all the time and money they've spent on their cars to keep them running. However, only real lovers of these steel beauties understand the true magic that happens under the hood.

Real grease-monkeys know the poetry of a properly sealed gasket. They faint at the sight of a shiny chrome engine. They understand the blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to replace the drive shaft on a truck in the middle of their driveway on a hot July day. They also know the thrill of taking their newly turbo-charged car out for a spin on the open road.

As a population, we rely on cars now more than ever before--especially if we don't live in a big city. Not only that, but we experience so many things in our cars! Many people have their first kiss in a car. Others use their cars to visit national parks and learn about the world around them. Without a good sturdy engine, we might not experience the world the same way. We know why you love your engines so much, so it’s time to prove just how much you know about what makes these machines work!

What does SOHC stand for?

The single overhead camshaft refers to an engine with one camshaft that operates both the exhaust and intake valves. There is also a variation called a dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) that functions somewhat differently.


What is also known as a sleeve?

The cylinder liner is also known as a sleeve. It's a replaceable, hollow tube that fits into the cylinder bore.


What houses the pistons, crankshaft and cylinders?

The engine block is the lower section of the engine. It is cast out of metal and houses the crankshaft, pistons and cylinders.


What is the counter-weighted engine shaft?

The balance shaft is a counterweighted engine shaft. It offsets unwanted crankshaft vibrations.


What engine part has a set of teeth?

A sprocket is a wheel with a set of teeth on the outer circumference. It drives items like the chain or timing belt.


During motion, what reduces friction between components​?

A bearing is a curved piece of metal that reduces friction between components. It comes in many different shapes and sizes.


What allows burned exhaust gases out of the cylinder?

An exhaust valve is a camshaft driven valve in the cylinder head. It releases exhaust gases after combustion.


What are the bearings between the crankshaft and the block called?

The main bearings are between the crankshaft and the block. The crankshaft rotates on these bearings.


What is a harmonic balancer?

The harmonic balancer is the pulley bolted to the crankshaft. It helps dampen crankshaft vibrations.


What is another name for head bolts?

Head bolts are sometimes referred to as cylinder head bolts. These secure a cylinder head and gasket to the engine block.


What forms the mechanical link between the piston and crankshaft?

The connecting rod forms the mechanical link between the piston and crankshaft. It converts the up and down motion to the crankshaft's rotary motion​.


What serves as the engine's oil reservoir?

The oil pan serves as the oil reservoir. It's a removable part that is mounted on the bottom of the cylinder block.


Which of these is not a car part?

Timing tubing is not a part. And thank goodness, because it sounds plain ridiculous!


What does DOHC stand for?

A DOHC is a Dual (or Double) Overhead Camshaft. It's like an SOHC, but with an extra camshaft!


What is another name for a tappet?

A tappet is a valve filter. It's a cylindrical piece, actuated by the camshaft.


A piston pin is also known as what?

A piston pin is known as a wrist pin. It's a tubular metal shaft that attaches a piston to a connecting rod.


Which item is toothed?

The timing belt is a toothed belt. It's usually made of reinforced rubber and it rides on the sprockets.


What is the lever driven by a pushrod or camshaft lobe?

The rocker arm is driven by a pushrod or camshaft lobe. This transfers motions to open and close the valves.


Which piston ring prevents compression loss?

The compression ring is a piston ring. It forms a seal with the cylinder wall.


What is an oil slinger?

An oil slinger is a cone-shaped collar. It's meant to circulate oil using centrifugal force.


Which metal piece moves up and down within a cylinder of the engine block?

The piston fits snugly within the cylinder. It moves ups and down in the cylinder and is attached to a connecting rod.


What's another name for a harmonic balancer?

Vibration damper is another name for harmonic balancer. It keeps the belt drive functioning properly.


What keeps a piston pin in place?

The piston pin clip is used to keep the piston in place. It is secured on both sides.


Which of these is a real valve?

The intake valve is a real valve! It's camshaft-driven and is located in the cylinder head.


What piston ring controls oil consumption in the cylinder?

The oil control ring controls oil consumption within the cylinder. It falls under the umbrella of piston rings.


What is the crankshaft main bearing cap for sports cars?

The four-bolt main is the crankshaft main bearing cap. It's held in place by four bolts instead of two.


What part is filled with sodium?

The sodium-cooled valve is filled with sodium. Shocking, right? When heated, the sodium melts and helps to cool things down.


What is a cam follower?

The cam follower is also known as a valve lifter. To confuse matters more, these are also known as tappets.


What is bolted onto the cylinder head to create a protective lid?

The valve cover is bolted onto the cylinder head. It acts as a protective lid. The cover gasket, on the other hand, is placed between the valve cover and the cylinder head.


What retainer is held in place by nuts and bolts?

The bearing cap is a retainer. It's held in place by nuts and bolts and secures the bearing shell.


What is valve lifter that maintains zero valve clearance?

The hydraulic valve lifter uses hydraulic oil pressure. It eliminates the need for valve adjustments.


Which if these is a real car part?

The cog belt is a toothed belt. The others may sound right, but if a mechanic tells you that they're broken, run!


What is the bearing surface for the piston pin?

The piston pin bushing is removable. It serves as a bearing surface for the pin.


Which plug provides pressure relief when coolant freezes?

The expansion plug provides pressure relief. This is necessary when coolant expands and freezes.


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