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You'd be surprised which vehicles actually are classed as trucks when it comes to compartmentalizing them according to their weight.

Yes, there are the obvious ones like a full-sized pickup, a three-axle truck, a box truck or walk-in truck. But did you know that SUVs and minivans, for example, also fall into the truck classification?

This is purely so they can be classed according to their weight. This is based on the vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating. This is commonly known as the GVWR. Instituted by the United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Authority in particular, this class system is further broken down. Class 1 to 3 vehicles are considered light duty. Class 4 to 6 vehicles are considered medium duty and Class 7 and 8 vehicles are considered heavy duty. 

For instance, a Chevrolet Colorado is a Class 1 truck, while a massive tractor-trailer is a Class 8 vehicle.

Now that you know how the classification works, it's time to see if you can guess the truck class from just an image of the vehicle. Some are pretty easy, while others will take some powers of deduction. If you really don't know, use the clue!

Good luck!


This image shows a heavy dump truck, which class do you think that fits into?

Heavy dump trucks carry heavy loads and therefore fall into the heaviest class available. This is for vehicles carrying over 33,001 lbs.


Which class would a large furniture truck belong to?

Although furniture trucks come in all shapes and sizes, the most common are these, the large options. Their class 6 classification means they carry between 19,501 lbs – 26,000 lbs.


In this image, we have a small city delivery truck. Which class would you think it would fit into?

A small city delivery truck is the perfect example of the Class 3 classification. It carries from 10,0001 lbs to 14,000 lbs, so that delivery truck can hold just more than documents!


A full-sized pickup like the Ford F-150 falls into this class. Which do you think it is?

Full-sized pickups are certainly very large vehicles when compared to a sedan, yet they are only considered to be Class 3 as they fall between 6,001 lbs and 10,000 lbs.


The Chevrolet Corsa utility, marketed in South Africa, is a great example of a light pickup truck. What class would it be?

Light pickups are not found much in the United States but are marketed in other parts of the world. The Chevrolet Corsa utility, popular in South Africa, is such an example and falls in the Class 1 category up to 6,000 lbs.


In this image is what is commonly known as a medium walk-in truck. It would fall into the Class ____

A medium walk-in truck is the perfect example of the Class 4 classification and falls between the 14,001 lbs – 16,000 lbs weight range.


A cherry picker, a truck with an extending arm, would fall into which of the class categories below?

Although cherry pickers are fairly large vehicles, they are just around mid-range when it comes to the class categorization system and are between 16,000 lbs – 19,500 lbs.


A triple-axle truck is shown in this image. It certainly is large, but what class do you think it is?

Triple axle trucks carry very heavy loads and are the highest class possible, Class 8


We see these daily around our neighborhoods and in the city. Which class do you think a refuse truck would fall into?

Massive trucks to begin with, a refuse truck takes on more and more as it collects garbage. it is a Class 7 truck as per law.


Another massive vehicle, which class do cement mixing trucks fall into?

Not only is the truck massive, but the cement it carries adds to the weight as well. This make a cement mixer a Class 8 vehicle.


We have seen a triple axle, truck but which class would you put a double single axle truck into?

Class 6, covering 19,501 lbs – 26,000 lbs, is where you would find a double single axle truck. It stands to reason, as they certainly are not as big or not able to carry as much as a double or triple axle truck.


Smaller than a full-sized pickup truck, do you know the weight class for a medium-sized pickup truck?

In America, full-sized pickup trucks are much loved. Medium-sized pickups are also in demand and are very popular around the globe, for example the NIssan Frontier or the Honda Ridgeline. Just like the full-sized pickup trucks, they fall into Class 1.


Need to move house? You would need to call on a heavy furniture truck. What class and weight range does it belong to?

A heavy furniture truck is a Class 7 vehicle and will weigh between 26,0001 lbs to 33,000 lbs fully loaded.


Yes, it is considered to be a truck ... we checked! Which class would your child's school bus fall into?

Well it carries plenty of children, so it would be one of the higher weight classes, wouldn't it? School buses fall between 19,501 lbs – 26,000 lbs when fully loaded.


Which class do you think a small walk-in truck would belong to out of the options below?

Class 3, a weight of between 10,001 lbs – 14,000 lbs. That's the class for a small walk-in truck.


It's going to be heavy that's for sure. A large dump truck is a Class ________ vehicle.

Dump trucks do come in different sizes. That said, most are really heavy, just due to their size, robustness and the loads they carry. A large dump truck is a Class 7 vehicle.


In this image we have a step van. Which of the answers below is its class and weight?

Step vans are a popular choice for food trucks. They are Class 2 vehicles.


Any ideas as to which category the truck in the image would fall into?

A heavy tractor-trailer is certainly going to fall into into a heavy category vehicle. That makes it a Class 8 vehicle, weighing between 33,001 lbs and over.


SUVs are classed as trucks, believe it or not! Which class do they fall into do you think?

Although larger than sedans, an SUV falls into the same class as a full-sized pickup, Class 1, around 6,000 pounds or less.


Perfect to move a single room, a small furniture truck would fall into which of the classes below?

An in-betweener, a small furniture truck would be a Class 4 vehicle and it will weigh between 14,001 lbs – 16,000 lbs.


In which class would you put a beverage truck?

A beverage truck certainly can carry a heavy load ... it has to! These are Class 6 trucks, between 19,501 lbs – 26,000 lbs.


An American favorite, the full-sized pickup would be associated with which of these?

Like the SUV as well as smaller pickups, the full-sized pickup is a Class 1 vehicle which comes in at 6,000 lbs or less


Cargo vans fall into which class?

A Class 2 vehicle, between 6,001 lbs and 10,000 lbs, that is where cargo vans fit into the general classification of trucks.


This is a sleeper truck. Where does it fit in the hierarchy of eight classes?

Sleeper trucks are heavy and certainly a Class 8 vehicle.


Which class would a large city delivery truck fall into?

Delivery trucks came in varying sizes, depending on the task at hand. A large delivery truck would be a Class 5 vehicle, between 16,001 lbs – 19,500 lbs.


Pictured here, a medium dump truck would be found in Class ______.

Dump trucks, even a medium one, can carry a load for sure. This one is a Class 6 vehicle.


A vital part of public transport, what catergory do you think a city transit bus would fit into?

Heavy vehicles but not the heaviest class, a city transit bus will weigh in at between 26,0001 lbs and 33,000 lbs.


Would you hazard a guess at what class a bucket truck would fall under?

An in-betweener, a bucket truck is a Class 5 vehicle weighing between 16,001 lbs – 19,500 lbs.


Pictured here is a minivan. You should have no problem identifying which class it would fit into.

Minivans, just like full-sized pickups and SUV's are Class 1 (6,000 lbs or less) vehicles.


Which class best associates with a medium city delivery truck?

Sometimes delivery trucks need to transport something more than small parcels or letters. That's why delivery companies have medium city delivery trucks as part of their fleet. These are Class 4 vehicles.


This image shows what is referred to as a rack truck. What class and weight category do you think it falls into?

A rack truck is a Class 6 vehicle weighing between 19,501 lbs – 26,000 lbs. The rack does add a lot of weight!


Could you tell us which class and weight category a medium furniture truck is best suited to from the options below?

A medium furniture truck can carry a fair load! It is a Class 5 vehicle.


A step up from a full-sized pickup, a heavy-duty pickup would be a Class _____ vehicle.

Heavy duty pickups are certainly heavier than their full-sized counterparts. They are Class 3 vehicles weighing between 10,001 lbs – 14,000 lbs


What class do you think the double axle truck in the image would fall into?

For their ability to carry massive loads, a double axle truck is a Class 8 vehicle able to carry 33,001 lbs and over


A cargo van falls into which of the classes below?

Yes, a cargo van is similar in weight to an SUV, minivan and full-sized pickup. It is a Class 1 vehicle.


A medium truck tractor shown here is part of Class _____

A heavy vehicle, a medium truck tractor is a Class 7 vehicle.


Any idea as to the class that a large minivan would fit in?

A step up in size from a regular minivan as well as an SUV or full-sized pickup, a large minivan would be a Class 2, (6,001 lbs – 10,000 lbs) vehicle.


This is a medium box truck, used in a range of different ways. What class is it?

A medium box truck can weigh between 10,001 lbs – 14,000 lbs and is considered a Class 3 vehicle.


What class would a large walk-in truck such as this be?

Large walk-in trucks are not only fairly big but they can carry around 16,001 lbs – 19,500 lbs, which makes them a Class 5 vehicle.


When you're moving in your neighborhood, you might need one of these, a large furniture truck. What class do you think it is?

A large furniture truck is a Class 6 vehicle.


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