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Whether you're a veteran of the road or a brand new driver who is about to ace the real DMV test, we want to sharpen your skills with this CA state driving quiz! Because the sunny state of California isn't just about hiking mountains or swimming in an ocean, it's also about following certain road rules, such as HOV lanes on a freeway and crosswalks in the middle of a street (not necessarily at an intersection).

But for the most part, many of the US states share the same types of rules. You'll still have to know all about those white regulatory signs, warning signs and traffic signs. And let's not forget about roundabouts, mountain roads near Big Bear Lake and speed limits during congested traffic (because if there's anything that Los Angeles is known for, it's the traffic). You probably won't have to worry about bad weather here too much, either, but just in case it rains once or twice a year, be sure to know the rules for bad weather conditions. And above all, be safe when driving out here! So if you're ready to put your driving skills to the test, then it's time for you to take this CA driving quiz now!

What should you do if you see an animal crossing the street?

Sometimes, you'll see a yellow, diamond-shaped sign with an animal on it. This means that there may be animals in the area that drivers should watch out for. If you do see an animal, stop completely or slow down for them.


True or false: Drivers are allowed to temporarily park in a public transit bus lane.

Drivers are not allowed to park, even temporarily, in a public transit bus lane. You're also not allowed to drive through one, unless you're going to make a turn at an intersection.


What should you do if a vehicle is trying to pass you on a road?

When a vehicle is trying to pass you, it's important to maintain your current speed and lane position. If you try to drive faster, you could cause an accident or unsafe driving conditions.


What would you do if you saw a 5-sided sign while driving?

Slow your speed down when you see a 5-sided sign, because that means that a school is nearby. It's also important to pay attention to any crosswalks, as well as parents, teachers and children who may be crossing.


If you're parking on a road that's facing downhill, you should turn your wheels ...

If you're parking downhill, always turn your wheels toward the curb. This will allow the vehicle to roll toward the curb if something happens (such as a car hitting you from behind).


When is it OK to stop in a crosswalk?

It's never OK to stop in a crosswalk, because it's unsafe for pedestrians. Always stop carefully at the designated line (at the crosswalk) and wait until all pedestrians have safely made their way across.


Which of the following is not true when it comes to signaling while driving?

Even if you don't think other vehicles are around you, it's still important to turn your signal on when you're changing lanes or turning at an intersection. For instance, a vehicle could be in your blind spot.


Which of the following are considered to be "distractions" while driving?

All three of these things are considered distractions, as they prevent you from driving in a safe manner. Other types of distractions include looking for an item in your car and removing your hands from the steering wheel.


Some lanes are considered "slow," while others are nicknamed as the "fast lane." Which of these is the fast lane?

If you like to drive in the fast lane, then perhaps the left lane is for you. The right lane is for slower traffic, while the middle lane is just an additional travel lane on the freeway.


What does California's "Basic Speed Law" entail?

Drivers should adjust their speed depending on what the weather or traffic condition is like. For example, drivers should slow down when it's rainy or foggy outside, as well as when the road is graveled.


Which of the following situations is considered to be dangerous for drivers?

All of the above situations are considered dangerous for drivers. These situations involve drivers who are distracted by something, and you should take extra care and caution to prevent a collision.


Can you guess what "HOV" stands for on a freeway?

HOV lanes, or "high-occupancy vehicle" lanes, are designed for cars that are carrying at least two passengers. These are often faster lanes as well, and are great for buses and carpool drivers.


What does a flashing red light mean?

If you see a red light that is flashing, that means it should be treated as a regular "STOP" sign. Stop completely and carefully on the designated line at the intersection and proceed following the "right-of-way" rules.


Which of the following is not a type of bike lane?

The term "HOV" only refers to vehicles that are carrying two or more passengers, typically on a freeway. There are no "HOV" bike lanes, but there are shared roadway bicycle markings and regular bike lanes on the street.


When is it OK to use your car horn?

Car horns are pretty loud, and they should only be used during important situations, such as avoiding an accident. You may also use your horn on mountain roads that aren't very visible.


When are you allowed to make a U-turn while driving?

You're allowed to make a U-turn at an intersection with a green light (or a green arrow), but watch out for any "No U-turn" signs, as they indicate that you can't make a U-turn at all.


You shouldn't drive if you're tired, but which of the following helps with this?

Never drive if you're feeling tired, as none of these options will actually help with it. A fatigued driver should either pull into a rest stop or switch with another driver.


If your car is stuck on a freeway, the CHP Freeway Service Patrol will offer all of the following except ...

The CHP Freeway Service Patrol offers a variety of services for those who are having car troubles on a freeway. But one of the things they can't do is tow your car to your home address.


Which of these colored curbs is for loading/unloading goods and/or passengers?

White-colored curbs are only for dropping off or picking up passengers/goods. Green-colored curbs are for limited-time parking, red-colored curbs aren't meant for parking at all and blue-colored curbs are for disabled drivers/passengers.


If you see a ____________ on the road, that means that it's safe for you to pass another car.

As a driver, you may only pass another vehicle if the line on the road is a "broken yellow." The broken yellow line must also be on your side of the road, and above all, pass with caution.


How old do you have to be to enroll in the mature driver program?

You have to be at least 55 years old to enroll in the Mature Driver Program. This 8-hour class discusses many different safety rules, and may earn a driver a reduced insurance package.


When backing into an empty space for parallel parking, you should position your vehicle at a _____-degree angle.

Aim for a 45-degree angle when backing into a parking space (for parallel parking). It's also important to be on the lookout for any hazards, and drivers should check their rearview mirror and surroundings.


If your accelerator becomes stuck, what's the first thing you should do?

Don't panic when your accelerator becomes stuck, because the first thing you should do is shift to neutral. Afterward, slowly apply the brakes and try to get off the road as soon as you can.


Which of the following is not an example of a regulatory sign?

"Shoulder Work Ahead" is actually a highway construction and maintenance sign, and can also be observed as a yellow, diamond-shaped sign. It's also important to look for signs that say "Road Closed Ahead" and "Thru Traffic Merge Left."


If you're 21 years old (or older), then you're not allowed to drive with a BAC of ______ or higher.

The BAC limit for anyone 21 years old or older is .08%. If you're under a DUI probation, that limit becomes .01%. And if you're under 21 years old, you also can't drive with a BAC of .01% or higher.


True or false: Unlike cars, trucks have "no zone" blind spots where they can't see you at all.

Trucks have better vision when it comes to their forward view of the road, but because of their size, they have "no zone" blind spots. This means that they are unable to see other drivers in these blind spots, so drive around trucks with caution.


Which of the following is not considered to be a "warning sign?"

A Stop sign is a traffic sign, not a warning sign. You may also be familiar with the Yield sign and the Do Not Enter sign, which are both traffic signs as well. Warning signs are typically yellow with a diamond shape.


All of the following are proper steering methods, except for ...

While there is no such thing as "abrupt steering," the other three options are correct steering methods. For one-hand steering, use this method for cars with a manual transmission.


When should you start signaling before you make a turn on the road?

Before making a turn, drivers should turn on their signal 100 feet beforehand. If you turn it on too late, you're not giving other drivers enough time to react. If you turn it on too earlier, then drivers may be confused as to when/where you're turning.


What does the "3-second rule" mean?

In this context, "three seconds" has to do with distance on the road. All vehicles should be at least three seconds apart from each other, and that includes the cars behind you as well. It has nothing to do with food dropped on the floor of your car, which should probably just go in the trash.


Where should you correctly place your hands on a steering wheel?

Imagine that the steering wheel looks like a clock. The eight or nine positions would be on the left side of the wheel (toward the middle), while the three or four positions would be on the right side (again, towards the middle).


Which of the following is false about roundabouts?

Cars and bikes actually travel in a counter-clockwise direction with regard to roundabouts. Other important safety tips include adhering to pavement markings/signs and slowing down before you come to the roundabout.


In order to be aware of hazards on the road, drivers should scan ________ seconds ahead of them.

10-15 seconds is the sweet spot when scanning ahead of your car. For example, if the scan count is too low, like 5 seconds, then you could miss out on a hazard that's in the distance.


"Shark's teeth" is another (scary) way of saying ...

Why are yield lane markings called "shark's teeth?" Because they're made up of many small white triangles that look like sharp teeth! But more importantly, these lines will tell a driver where they must stop and yield to other cars.


If there is no speed limit sign around a school area, you should drive no faster than ...

The speed limit around school areas is 25 mph, assuming that there's no other speed limit sign in the area. It's also important to be on the lookout for pedestrians, crossing guards and stopped school buses.


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