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For generations, it’s the debate that’s roiled communities and driven families to physical violence at Thanksgiving dinner. No, it has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats – it’s the Ford versus Chevrolet controversy, a topic that brings out the worst in brand fanatics. Some people swear that only Ford makes solid vehicles, while others insist that cars such as the Mustang are junk compared to Chevy icons like the Nova. 

Burn rubber in this car quiz now – do you really know the difference between Ford and Chevy?

One of these companies is an all-American icon. The other was founded in part by a Swedish engineer. One virtually invented the concept of high-speed automobile manufacturing – the other followed suit. Do you really know the history of Ford and Chevy?

When Henry Ford started making cars, he struck gold with early models. Chevy, on the other hand, needed a few more years before it really gained traction in the car and truck markets. Do you recall the big moments in early Ford and Chevy models?

These days, both companies sell millions of high-quality cars and trucks, some with cutting-edge electric engines, and others with rumbling diesels. Do you know the engines found in the companies’ top sellers?

Buckle up for this Ford and Chevy quiz now! We’ll find out if you’re “Built Tough” or if you’re “Like a Rock”!

Which company is part of General Motors?

Founded in 1911, Chevy was founded by Louis Chevrolet and William Durant. But within a decade, the brand was folded into the GM family.


Which company produced an iconic car called the Model A?

The Ford Model A was this company's first-ever automobile, first sold in 1903. After 1904, the Model C replaced the Model A.


Chevy uses which iconic shape for its car emblem?

The famous bowtie emblem is inextricably linked to Chevy. Ford, of course, leverages an oval for many of its vehicles.


Ford makes an array of low-emissions diesel engines called _____.

Ford's EcoBlue diesel engine line is meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Ranger Raptor is one vehicle with an optional EcoBlue engine.


Which company is famed for its dependable small-block engine?

Starting in the '50s, Chevy's family of small-block engines sold by the millions. Not all of these engines were all that small, though.


The ZL1 is a powerful version of the _____.

The Chevy Camaro is a zippy sports car that gets even zippier in the ZL1 variant. The 2018 version comes with 650 hp … and a $60,000 price tag.


In the early 1900s, how did Ford accelerate the automobile construction process?

Henry Ford borrowed the assembly line concept from other industries and applied it to cars. Suddenly, it was much more profitable for companies to build cars in large numbers.


True or false, was the Stove Bolt Six Chevy's first six-cylinder engine?

First made in the late 1920s, the Stove Bolt Six was not Chevy's first-ever six banger. But it was on the small side, marketed as being more powerful than a four-cylinder but without a huge jump in price.


The flathead V8 was a popular (and powerful) engine built by _____.

From the '30s to the '50s, the flathead V8 brought big-engine power to affordable consumer cars. It was especially popular with hot rodders, who customized their cars for extreme speed.


What sort of vehicle is the Chevy Corvette?

First introduced in the early '50s, the Corvette is Chevy's flagship sports car. The speedster is now in its seventh generation.


Which company was the first to market a turbocharged production car?

In 1964, Chevy was the first company to unveil a turbocharged production car, the Corvair Monza Spyder Turbo Six. It was a rear-engined car with rear-wheel drive, a true oddity in the American market.


What was the basic engine behind the first monster truck ever to crush small cars -- Bigfoot?

In the early '80s, a driver named Bob Chandler took Bigfoot to smash and obliterate small cars as part of a monster car extravaganza. The big-wheeled truck was based on a Ford engine.


The first Bigfoot monster truck was based on the Ford _____.

The Bigfoot monster truck used a Ford F-Series pickup as its base. The truck had extreme off-road capabilities that allowed it to bounce over huge obstacles (like cars) with little effort.


The Volt is hybrid car from _____.

The Volt is a gas-electric hybrid from Chevy. It features the Voltec powertrain, which uses gasoline to charge the car's battery pack.


What was the biggest of the Chevy small-block engines sold from the '50s to the 2000s?

Sure, they were small-block engines by name. But some of those engines ventured into rather large territory -- the Chevy small-blocks topped out at 6.6 L.


In 1980, why did Ford have to recall more than 20 million vehicles?

The problem caused thousands of accidents and more than 100 fatalities. Due to a problem in which cars slipped from park into reverse, Ford initiated the biggest recall in automotive history -- more than 21 million vehicles.


The LT5 went into the very first Corvette ZR-1 in 1989. How much horsepower did it generate?

The first Corvette ZR-1 reared its shiny head in 1989. It was equipped with the LT5, a 5.70 L V8 with 375 hp.


Ford's Crown Victoria is famous for its use in which industry?

"Slow down, it's a Vic!" From the '90s to the late 2000s, the Crown Victoria was the most common cop car in America, making it very (in)famous.


Which company produced a well-known 337 engine?

The Ford flathead V8 came in various sizes, the largest being the 337-cubic inch variant. It was originally meant to be used in big trucks, but it did find its way into passenger cars.


The Ford Mustang essentially created which market segment?

In the 1960s, Ford unveiled its Mustang, an affordable two-door sports car. Instantly, the pony car industry was born … and it started the muscle car craze.


In the 1960s, which company introduced the Taunus V4 engine?

In the early 60s, Ford unveiled its Taunus V4 engine, which was produced in Germany. For about two decades, the engine was used in German versions of cars like the Consul, Capri and Transit.


Which was made first, the Chevy Impala or the Ford Capri?

Chevy started selling its Impala all the way back in 1957 and it is now in its tenth generation. The Capri was made from 1968 to 1986.


Which company revolutionized the workday for ordinary Americans?

Henry Ford didn't just overhaul auto manufacturing, he changed the underpinnings of the American workday. He created a $5 standard wage for an eight-hour workday, substantially more than workers made in other industries.


The DLD is a type of _____ from Ford.

Ford makes the straight-4 diesel engines, or DLD engines, primarily and British factories. Many of these diesel engines find themselves in Mazda 2 and 3 cars.


Which company made an iconic vehicle in 1957?

The '57 Chevy is one of the world's most iconic vehicles. With its graceful, swooping line, it was available in a variety of models, from the high-end Bel Air to a station wagon.


Which model might be equipped with a Duramax engine?

The Duramax diesel engine a is a GM product. Thus, it is available for a range of GM trucks, such as the Chevy Silverado.


Which company gained fame for its "flatty" engine?

The Ford flathead V8 is a legendary engine. Also called the L-head V8, it is still regarded as one of the best engines made in the entire 20th century.


Which old car often had to be driven up steep inclines in reverse, primarily because that gear offered more power than drive?

Sold by the tens of millions, early versions of the Ford Model T were notably lacking power. Many owners would actually back their cars up steep inclines because reverse was more powerful than drive.


In 1989, Ford acquired a luxury car brand called ____.

In the late '80s, Ford bought Jaguar, expanding its offerings into the ultra-luxury market segment. Some Jags have temperamental personalities, much like the real-world cats.


Which car had more horsepower, the Super Turbo Fire '57 Chevy with Super Turbo Fire engine or the '64 Mustang with Windsor HiPo V8?

Even with the Super Turbo Fire engine, the '57 Chevy produced only around 220 hp. The 289 cu in Windsor HiPo, on the other hand, produced about 270 hp.


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