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Our highways are teeming with millions of zooming cars, all of which come equipped with specific features, capabilities and histories. Can you figure out whether these statements about common cars are true or false?

True or false: Has the Toyota Camry been the best-selling vehicle in America since 1981?

False, the Camry has had a great run in the U.S. But since 1981, the Ford F-Series pickups have been the country's best-selling vehicle. The F-Series has been in production since 1948.


True or false: Subaru is known for making popular "boxer" engines in its cars.

True, Subaru's "boxer" engines have pistons that look like boxers pounding each other in the ring. That's because they have a horizontal configuration (as opposed to the common V-style engines).


True or false: The always-popular Honda Accord has been sold in a two-door version.

The Accord first hit the market in '76 as a hatchback. Since then, it's appeared in a variety of manifestations, including a coupe. In 2017, though, Honda decided to shelve these models for at least the time being.


True or false: The Toyota Tacoma is a popular sedan?

False, the Tacoma is a mid-size pickup truck that's been around since the mid-'90s. It's currently one of the most popular trucks in the U.S.A.


True or false: Chevy manufactures a popular truck called the Silverado.

It's an epic old Western movie, and it's a truck, too! And it just so happens that the Silverado really is a Chevy product. It's one of the more popular trucks in America.


True or false: The Toyota Corolla was first introduced in 1946.

In the wake of WWII, Japan wasn't manufacturing much of anything, and definitely not the Corolla. This popular car made its debut in 1966.


True or false, does the 2017 F-150 have an aluminum-alloy body?

True. In 2015, Ford began switching to an aluminum-alloy for the F-Series body. The idea is to cut down on weight while still retaining high strength.


True or false, is the Ford Escape a type of crossover SUV?

The crossover SUV market is still red hot, as evidenced by the popularity of vehicles like the Escape. The Escape was introduced back in 2000, when it was based largely on the same design as the Mazda Tribute.


True or false, does Lexus make a rugged vehicle model named after a famous, huge, arid area in Australia?

False, Lexus makes mostly city-centric vehicles. Subaru makes the Outback, which is named for the rugged, remote area in Australia. The Outback is renowned for its ability to tackle terrain that stops most street-legal wagons.


True or false, does the "CR-V" in Honda's lineup stand for "Confident Rugby Vehicle"?

Although we'd love to see you try to squeeze a rugby team into the CR-V, you might be better off with a bus. "CR-V" stands for "Comfortable Runabout Vehicle," and you know they threw the hyphen in there just to make it look fancier.


True or false, does the Toyota Tacoma TRD supercharger increase this truck's horsepower rating to more than 300hp?

The TRD program was discontinued in 2015. But Toyota buyers who snapped up Tacoma TRDs saw their horsepower jump from about 236hp to more than 300hp.


True or false: Based on new car registrations, the Nissan Rogue was the most popular in California in 2016.

The Honda Civic is fuel efficient, fun to drive … and it lasts forever. And if you add roof racks, you can throw your surfboard or mountain bike on top. It's always a hot seller in California.


True or false: Chevy offers a special DuraTec engine for some of its vehicle models.

False. Ford, however, does offer DuraTec engine technology in many of its vehicles. The name most commonly applies to 4-cylinder engines.


True or false: Does Land Rover manufacture a truck called the Sierra 1500?

The Sierra 1500 is a fabulously popular pickup truck in the States. But it's not made by Land Rover, which specializes in ultra-expensive rigs -- it's made instead by GMC.


True or false, is a CVT transmission available for the 2018 Honda Accord?

True. The 2018 Accord has three transmission flavors: 10-speed automatic, CVT or the 6-speed manual.


True or false: Chevy makes a popular SUV called the RAV4.

False. There is indeed an incredibly popular SUV called the RAV4. But it's made by Toyota, not Chevy.


True or false: Is the Ford SVT Raptor a high-performance sports car?

False, the SVT Raptor is a heavy-duty pickup made specifically for off-road use. The trucks include dedicated Off-Road Mode that optimizes braking and traction in hard driving conditions.


True or false: Is the Ford Model T one of the top ten best-selling cars of all time?

Staggeringly, it's true -- Ford sold so many Model Ts in the early 20th century that it is still the eighth best-selling car ever. The company sold roughly 16.5 million of the T.


True or false: Has the Honda CR-V ever been offered with a 6-cylinder engine?

The CR-V is yet another eternally popular Honda vehicle. But these little SUVs do just fine with 4-cylinder engines, thank you very much.


True or false: The VW Beetle was once the best-selling vehicle of all-time.

The VW Beetle was revolutionary in design and easy on the wallet. Built since 1938 -- to the tune of more than 23.5 million cars -- it was once the best-selling vehicle ever.


True or false: Ford offers a driver assist technology called EyeSight.

It's actually Subaru that offers EyeSight, which keeps tabs on the road in front of you. If an obstacle suddenly appears, the car will automatically apply the brakes.


True or false: Based on 2016 new vehicle registrations, the Ford F-150 was the most popular vehicle in most states.

The Ford F-150 tops new vehicle registrations in most areas, except coastal states. So when you need to move a couch, it should never be too hard to find help.


True or false: Did Adolf Hitler have a hand in the creation of the Volkswagen Beetle?

True, as he began his rise to power, Hitler envisioned a small, cost-efficient vehicle that would revolutionize German society and propel his people to the top of the food chain. The result: the Beetle.


True or false: In total sales, has Honda's Accord outsold the Honda Civic?

False, the Accord is always a hot seller. But the smaller Civic has bigger sales -- Honda has sold roughly 19 million of these reliable cars since 1972.


True or false: The Toyota Camry is the best-selling car ever.

False, the Camry is indeed a top seller, but it pales in comparison to the best-selling car of all time: Corolla. Toyota has sold more than 43 million of these babies.


True or false: Does the "SHO" in Ford's SHO V8 engine refer to "Super High Output"?

It's true, the SHO does stand for Super High Output, and it was first built for the 1996 Ford Taurus. The engine produced more than 235 horsepower but is no longer produced.


Of Nissan's models, was the Rogue the first to offer Siri Eyes Free, which helps drivers interact with their iPhones?

The Maxima might be further up the Nissan food chain. But the 2016 Rogue was the first Nissan model to offer Siri Eyes Free, which helps drivers use iPhones without being completely distracted from the road. Hopefully.


True or false: Following its 1966 debut, it took the Toyota Corolla less than a decade to take the title of world's best-selling car.

In about eight years, Corolla went from zero sales to the best-selling car on the planet. Why? It's affordable and extremely reliable.


True or false: Is the "Super Duty" name used for a type of Toyota vehicle?

False. "Super Duty" is a phrase associated with Ford F-Series pickups, notably the F-250 and F-350, which feature heavy-duty parts and powerful engines that outperform light-duty trucks.


True or false: The Dune version of the 2016 VW Beetle comes with optional four-wheel drive.

False, the Dune Beetle's "off-road" package simply has a (very) slightly raised suspension that adds half an inch to the car's ground clearance. There is no four-wheel drive capability.


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