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Are you a Blue Oval kind of person, or do you prefer a bow tie badge on your car? Many people have an undying allegiance to one of these two brands, and a sworn hatred of the other. 

Ford has been a main fixture in the U.S. automotive industry since the early 20th century. Henry Ford pioneered the use of assembly lines to make cars, which cut costs and allowed people who previously couldn't afford an automobile the chance to ditch the horse and buggy. Still based in Dearborn, Michigan, the company continues to be a force to be reckoned with worldwide.

Chevy began as an independent brand in the early 20th century before it was acquired by General Motors, which still owns it. With its international headquarters still in Detroit, GM has the hearts of many Americans, as well as a fair number of people in other countries. The company has claimed the spot as the largest automaker in the world multiple times in recent history. 

Whether you favor Ford or Chevy, you'll need knowledge of both to ace this quiz. Are you ready to test your knowledge? Take the quiz now!

Which brand makes the Malibu?

Chevy originally used the Malibu name in the 1960s, but it disappeared for some time. In 1997, it was brought back as a front-wheel-drive midsize sedan, which is still offered today.


Which brand made the legendary GT40?

In the 1960s, Ford jumped into endurance racing using the British Lola Mk6 as a template, creating the GT40. The car helped Ford win the 24 Hours of Le Mans four years in a row, sending a message to Ferrari, which had resisted Ford's attempts to buy it.


The Edsel was produced by which company?

Often cited as one of the most, if not the most, collassal failures in the automotive industry, the Edsel was supposed to beat Chrysler at its game. The car was named after Henry Ford's son, Edsel.


Which automaker produced the El Camino?

Chevy offered a different kind of utility to people who didn't need the capability of a true pickup when it launched the El Camino for the 1959 model year. It was also designed to compete against a similar car-pickup made by none other than Ford.


Which of these two brands made the Citation?

Many people have less-than-fond memories of the Chevy Citation, and maybe that's why it had such a short run. The car launched as a 1980 model, and exited the market in 1985.


The Probe was a model made by which company?

The powers within Ford had decided the Mustang needed to get with the times and transition to a front-wheel-drive layout, among other big changes. The Probe was originally supposed to be the new Mustang, but fans flooded Ford headquarters with angry letters, prompting Ford's management to change plans.


Which brand made the Blazer sport utility?

Before it was replaced by the Tahoe in 1995, the Blazer was an SUV at a time when they weren't wildly popular. Chevy launched the model in 1969, with sister brand GMC releasing its own version, the Jimmy, in 1970.


The Model A was made by which automaker?

After tremendous success with the Model T, Ford released the Model A in 1927. By the beginning of February in 1929, one million Model As had been sold, proving that Americans still loved the Ford brand. However, the Model A was only made until 1931.


The Kodiak was from which of these brands?

Many people mistake the Kodiak for a heavy-duty truck even though, because of its brawny appearance, it was technically a medium-duty model. Most were used as commercial vehicles, although a few coachbuilders threw a pickup bed on these and sold them to consumers.


The Galaxie was a car model from which brand?

Not to be confused with the MPV Ford still makes outside of North America, the Galaxie was a full-size sedan that was offered in the United States from 1958 to 1974. Ford chose the name as a way to capitalize on the vigorous space exploration efforts of the time.


The Monte Carlo is a model made by which company?

From 1970 to 2007, Chevy made the Monte Carlo, which was named after the famous city where car races are often held. This coupe saw some rest periods during that time, and dramatically changed in its approach to performance.


Which brand made the Ranchero?

Ford struck first with the Ranchero, a coupe utility that was based on a two-door station wagon, only with a bed instead of rear seats. The Ranchero was made from 1957 to 1979, with more than half a million sold during that period.


Was it Ford or Chevy that made the notoriously quick Lightning?

Most people don't remember the first generation of the Lightning, which launched in 1993 and didn't involve as many modifications to the truck, or nearly as impressive performance. When the second generation launched at the end of the century, it quickly generated a ton of excitement.


The Colorado is still currently made by which of these brands?

When Chevy wrapped up the S-10, it needed another truck that wasn't as large as the Silverado. Many fans of the S-10 have complained the Colorado is too big, but it matches competitors in size and overall performance.


If you were to buy a new Focus, which manufacturer's dealership would you go to?

Still available as a sedan or hatchback, the Ford Focus first launched in Europe in 1998. It hit North America in 2000, replacing the Escort. It injected a youthful flair into Ford's lineup at the time, boosting the brand in an area where it often struggled.


Which brand did the F-100 come from?

Ford originally launched the F-Series trucks in 1948. In 1953, the F-1 became the F-100. During the sixth generation run of the series, the F-100 transitioned into the F-150, which today is Ford's most popular truck by far.


Under what brand was the SS Sedan sold?

Most people didn't even notice the Chevy SS Sedan, which was a rebadged Holden Commodore sold in the United States. The car featured bland looks, but performance was quite impressive, thanks to the fire-breathing V-8 under the hood.


Which manufacturer put out the famous Bel Air?

The Bel Air had a style that would impact vehicle design for a long time. Even though it appeared to be a convertible, the roof was a hardtop you couldn't take off. Chevy laughed the Bel Air in 1950, but 1975, it went away in the U.S.


Do you know which brand offered the Light Six?

Chevy made the Light Six from 1914 to 1915, being the first model from the brand to wear the bow tie badge that's famous today. During its run, the Light Six was the premium offering from Chevy.


The Falcon was made by which brand?

The Ford Falcon debuted in 1960, giving the brand a strong foothold in the compact car segment. It enjoyed a production run all the way to 1970, ending right in the middle of the muscle car wars.


Which company is famous for making the Camaro?

The Chevy Camaro has become an automotive icon, battling it out with the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger over the years. The car first came out as a 1967 model, and had a gap in production for a few years, beginning in 2002.


The Corsica was produced by which company?

Named after a city in France, the Chevy Corsica was a compact car that launched in 1987. GM was trying to compete against the onslaught of small cars from Japan and Europe. But history has not been kind to this vehicle.


Which brand made the Festiva?

The Ford Festiva was a subcompact hatchback that originally launched in the 1986 model year. The car was part of the ongoing collaboration between Ford and Mazda, and enjoyed a production run all the way to 2002.


Which brand has made a version of a performance vehicle called the ZO6?

Chevy first offered the ZO6 as a track package for the Corvette in 1963. Since then, there has been a ZO6 model in four of the seven Corvette generations, each one focusing on superior track performance.


The Bronco was made by which company?

Ford launched the Bronco for the 1966 model year, predating the big SUV craze in more modern times. It wrapped up production of the vehicle in 1996, favoring a more modern approach with the Explorer.


Which manufacturer still makes the Tahoe?

The Chevy Tahoe replaced the Blazer at the end of its run. This full-size SUV is named after the famous lake that straddles the California-Nevada border and is a popular destination for snow and water skiing.


Which company used to make the Task Force?

Chevy launched the Task Force as a replacement for its Advanced Design trucks, starting in 1955. The pickup enjoyed a short production window that wrapped in 1959, and was termed the Blue Chip for GMC.


The Fiera was made by which brand?

Most people in North America aren't familiar with the Ford Fiera, because it was a commercial model made for the Asian market. The first generation used the same OHV engine found in the Escort, but Ford added a diesel option for the second generation.


Which brand made the Caprice?

The Chevy Caprice was a full-size sedan that kicked off in 1965 and wrapped up production in 1996. The same name was used for a police vehicle imported from Australian brand Holden in 2011.


Which company used to make the Escort?

In North America, the Ford Escort debuted for the 1981 model year, and it stuck around all the way through the 1999 model year. In Europe, the car had been around since the late 1960s and was offered until 2003.


The Aspire was a vehicle made by which company?

Ford launched the Aspire as a rebadged Festiva from the 1994 to 1997 model years, a fact that has confused many people. The same name is used in India for a rebadged Ford Figo.


The Greenbrier is from which company?

Chevy actually used the Greenbrier name for two different vehicles, because automakers loved to confuse people back in the day. One was a passenger van version of the Corvair95, while the other was the mid-level trim for the Chevelle station wagon.


Which company made the Celebrity?

Chevy launched the Celebrity, a mid-size sedan, for the 1982 model year. It skyrocketed in popularity, becoming the top-selling vehicle in the U.S. in 1986. By 1990, the Lumina had come in as a replacement.


The Pinto was manufactured by which of these two brands?

The Pinto was the first subcompact car Ford offered in the United States. It launched in 1971 and lasted until 1980, but will always be remembered for the fatal fuel tank design Ford unsuccessfully tried to cover up.


The Monza was made by which brand?

With the oil crisis in full swing, Chevy released the Monza subcompact. It lasted from 1975 to 1980, sharing a chassis with the Vega. The car also used a Wankel rotary motor, but problems with emissions and fuel efficiency doomed it.


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