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Car brands come and go! Not all of them can be like Chevrolet or Ford that have been around for over a century. Some made a good stab at it before folding, while others were a flash in the pan. How many do you know?

This British company was started in 1888 by John Marston and first manufactured bicycles. What was the name of the company?

Sunbeam made their first car in 1901. By 1912 they had branched out into motorcycles and a little later, aero engines. By 1934 and a period of slow sales, the company was sold to the Rootes Brothers and car production was halted. The name was later added to their Talbot range of cars.


Fiat Chrysler is the present day successor to this American company that produced vehicles between 1904 and 1925. What was their name?

Maxwell Motor Company were first called the Maxwell-Briscoe Company after founders Jonathan Dixon Maxwell and Benjamin Briscoe. The company was based in Tarrytown, New York and formed in 1904.


Originally a bicycle manufacturing company, this British based manufacturer released their first car in 1901. What was their name?

Founded in 1874 by George Singer, the first vehicles produced by this company were bicycles. In 1901, they launched their first vehicle. The company became the first to make a smaller model of an already established car, proving that smaller vehicles were practical. Singer closed in 1970.


This British auto manufacturer produced vehicles between 1905 and 1970. They were based in Luton. What was their name?

Although they never produced passenger cars, Commer made a range of buses, trucks and vans as well as producing military vehicles.


This British auto manufacturer produced their first vehicle in 1907. Over the years, numerous buyouts followed until the brand was discontinued in 1976. What was their name?

The first car ever produced by the company was the 24HP Hillman-Coatalen in 1907. Hillman eventually formed part of the Chrysler group from 1967 but marque was then discontinued in 1976.


This South Korean company started their motoring division in 1982. A mere 20 years later, it was defunct. What was their name?

Although the only produced vehicles for just two decades, the Daewoo name lived on for a few years when it was first purchased by General Motors and then Tata, a company based in India.


The first vehicle produced by this company was based on the HumVee vehicle used by US armed forces. And the name of the company is?

Hummer released three vehicles before closing their doors in 2010. These were the H1, H2 and H3.


This American marque fell under the Chrysler banner and originated to provide competition for the Saturn brand launched by General Motors. It lasted just 11 years. Name the brand, please.

Although the models released by Eagle sold fairly well, they were not viable enough to keep the brand afloat and in 1999 after 11 years, Eagle soared no more.


This Yugoslavian vehicle manufacturer's cars often make the 'Worst Cars of All Time' lists. No wonder they never lasted! What was their name?

In 1985, the Yugo was the cheapest car available in the United States. But nothing could help the fact that it was poorly made and generally just terrible. By 1989 Yugo America was bankrupt.


This American marque fell under the General Motors banner from 1909 till 1931 before it was discontinued. Name this brand, please.

Started in 1907, the Oakland marque formed part of the General Motors brand who bought the company in 1909. After GM introduced Pontiac as a companion brand in 1926, it soon began outselling Oakland forcing GM to merge it into Pontiac in 1931.


Based in Manchester, England, this company produced cars, buses, military vehicles, and trucks. Sadly, they closed in 1958 after 52 years in production. And the name of the company is?

By the time Crossley had finished their first year of production after their establishment in 1903, they had built 650 vehicles. They went on to produce 19,000 cars, 5,500 buses and 21,000 military and goods vehicles before closing in 1958.


An American company with German roots, this vehicle manufacturer produced cars between 1902 and 1967

Studebaker's first car in 1902 was electric powered, using a battery over gasoline. In fact, their first gasoline-powered car was only introduced in 1908. Sadly, despite making a number of well-received models over the years, the company closed its doors in 1967. What was their name?


This American auto manufacturer lasted just one year before going bankrupt. What was their name?

Between 1901 and 1902, Empire Manufacturing Company built a vehicle of the same name. This buggy styled vehicle was steam powered but wasn't much of a hit.


Based in Huddersfield in England, this British vehicle manufacturer specialized in buses and goods vehicles, certainly a clue to their name.

Karrier Motor Company built trolley buses, light and medium goods vehicles and light tractor units. The company was established by H.F. Clayton. Vehicles carried the Karrier badge right until 1967 before it was phased out.


This family-run American motor company was founded in 1919. Initially, they built kits to modify trucks eventually making their own vehicles with Dodge engines. Who are they?

After initial success with their kits and later their own vehicles powered by Dodge engines, the Graham Brothers brand was purchased by Dodge in 1925. Sadly, the marque was discontinued in 1928 after Chrysler bought out Dodge.


A subsidiary of General Motors, this company started producing vehicles in 1985 and lasted just 25 years.

General Motors chose to introduce the Saturn brand as a way to compete with the influx of smaller Japanese cars in the American market. The brand operated independently from GM with its own factory and dealer network. After a deal to sell the brand to Penske fell through in 2009, GM pulled the plug on Saturn and by 2010 the marque was history.


This American manufacturer's luxury vehicles were manufactured and marketed by Cadillac between 1927 and 1940.

LaSalle was the brainchild of Alfred Sloan who believed General Motors had a gap for other model types and pricings in their lineup. Why the French name? Well, Sloan named this brand after the legendary French explorer, Robert de La Salle.


A division of Chrysler, this American brand was manufactured between 1928 and 1961.

Over 2 million vehicles bearing the DeSoto marque were built between 1928 and 1961. Initially a luxury brand, Chrysler repositioned DeSoto into the mid-price market in the middle '50s. There it faced much stiffer competition from the likes of Ford and General Motors and thus ultimately failed.


Founded in 1909, this vehicle manufacturer sold their brand in America until 1954 when they merged with Nash to form American Motors.

Hudson Motor Car Company was formed in 1909. Capital for the company was provided by John L. Hudson, the founder of Hudson department stores. Interestingly, Hudson hired Ann Thatcher, one of the first female car designers in 1939. The last vehicle with the Hudson marque was built in 1957.


This American motor company produced vehicles for a period of 73 years before they closed their doors in 2001.

The Plymouth brand was introduced in 1928 by Chrysler to compete with their greatest rivals, Ford and General Motors, particularly in the lower priced vehicle segment. Sadly, in 2001, the last Plymouth rolled off the production line and Chrysler stopped the brand due to poor sales.


This American motor company was founded in 1916, and produced vehicles until 1954 where it joined with Hudson to form the American Motor Company.

Nash Motors was based in Wisconsin and formed in 1916. Nash played an important part on the automobile landscape in America and pioneered a number of important firsts. This included the first muscle car, the first vehicles to use seat belts as well as the first compact car.


This brand fell under the General Motors stable and was sold mainly in the American market from 1926 to 2010.

Pontiac was initially started by General Motors as a companion brand for their Oakland vehicle range. It quickly became more popular than Oakland which was absorbed into Pontiac in 1931. From the 1960s onwards, Pontiac was designated as GM's performance marque with the Pontiac GTO a popular muscle car in that decade.


Produced in Buffalo, New York, this American car manufacturer made cars between 1901 and 1938. They built luxury cars, trucks, motorcycles and even bicycles.

Four years after the company originated, a Pierce-Arrow vehicle, the Great Arrow won the Glidden Trophy endurance race from New York City to New Hampshire. Sadly, by 1934 the Great Depression had put an end to the luxury cars produced by the company and it finally closed for good in 1938.


This company formed after a merger between Nash and Hudson in 1954. At the time this was the biggest merger in US history.

The American Motor Company produced vehicles from 1954 till 1988. One of their vehicles was the AMC Pacer. The Pacer ended up with quite a cult following after it featured in the 1990s slacker movie, Wayne's World.


Formed in 1909, this American car manufacturer produced vehicles until 1940 before it was declared bankrupt.

Formed by ex-Ford and Olds motor work employee, Robert Hupp, this motor company produced a range of vehicles throughout its existence. Sadly, their decision to make more lucrative model during the years of the Great Depression saw sale figure plummet which ultimately led to the end of Hupp in 1940.


This discontinued marque of Toyota saw production between 2003 and 2014 before it was absorbed back into the Japanese car giant.

Scion was meant to appeal to a far younger generation with a range of compact models on offer, all with similar trim. Although after initially doing well, the economic downturn of 2008 severely affected the brand, along with many other vehicle manufacturers. Toyota was forced to shut Scion down in 2016.


This vehicle was produced by an American company of the same name based in Ohio. A number of models were produced between 1914 - 1933.

These vehicles were extremely popular with the company selling 50,000 a year from 1922 onwards. After Willys-Knight went into receivership in 1933, they began to focus on building smaller, less resource heavy cars like the Willys 77.


This vehicle was manufactured from 1915 until 1919. It was extremely basic, mostly built out of wood. What was it called?

Built by the A.O. Smith Company in Milwaukee, the Smith Flyer was as basic as a car could get when it was first manufactured in 1915. But that made it cheap and Flyers, which were always painted red, sold for $150 making them the most inexpensive car ever made.


This small car marque fell under General Motors and was specifically a sub-division of their most famous brand, Chevrolet. After starting in 1989, by 1997, it was finished. What was the brand called?

Geo was introduced to compete in the small car market. Geo models were built with the help of three Japanese brands but by the mid-1990s, interest in economical smaller cars was on the decline and the brand was discontinued.


This manufacturer produced vehicles for Chrysler between 1969 to 1978.

Barreiros made a range of cars, trucks, tractors, buses and engines. In 1969, Chrysler Europe took control of the company.


This American car manufacturer built a variety of models between 1913 to 1922. What was their name?

Built by the Grant Motor Company in Ohio, Grant vehicles were produced for over a period of 9 years until the early 1920s. Some were even exported to England and called the Whiting-Grant.


This American vehicle manufacturer designed the Sparrow, an electric vehicle in the mid- '90s. Although they had some success, they filed for bankruptcy in 2003. Who were they?

Corbin Motors were a father and son team that designed and produced the Sparrow electric car as well as the Merlin. Sadly, despite building 300 Sparrows, the company filed for bankruptcy.


This American company produced luxury vehicles from 1911 to 1935 and again from 1965 to 1995. What is the name of the company?

Stutz had two stints in the automotive industry both eventually failing. Perhaps the best known model is the Bearcat. Early models are extremely rare and sell very well when up for auction.


In existence for over 100 years from 1897 to 2004, this well-known American car manufacturer was one of the oldest vehicle producers in the world at the time of its closure.

Founded by Ransom E. Olds in 1897, Oldsmobile produced 35 million vehicles over a 100 year period before General Motors decided to stop the brand in 2004.


This British manufacturer was founded in 1878 and made their first car 1912. In 2004, they ceased to exist.

Although the Rover marque is no longer producing vehicles, the name is still technically owned by Land Rover.


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