Ford F-150 v. Cybertruck Trivia Quiz: Which One Actually Wins?


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Ford has been dominating the pickup truck market for more than a quarter of a century now. The F-150 became the top-selling truck in America way back in 1977 and the best-selling vehicle overall in 1986 and it's stayed that way ever since. It's like the McDonald's of trucks ... it just dominates the marketplace. But looking to take a bite out of that market share is Tesla with its brand new, super futuristic Cybertruck. Beating the competition to the post with an electric truck, the Cybertruck boasts some nearly unbelievable performance stats for an electric vehicle and others that you'd just expect from a company with the reputation of Tesla. But if we put them head-to-head, which comes out on top?

Truck buyers care about a lot of features ranging from drivetrain to torque to fuel economy and payload capacity. If we run down the list from top to bottom, is the future on the side of Tesla or has Ford perfected what it means to make a great truck? And when it comes to more obscure things like which truck has the greater wheelbase and which has the better seating capacity, do you know which company wins out? Better take the quiz and find out for sure!

Torque is the big battlegrounds of trucks. Which vehicle is the winner?

Put an asterisk on this one because we don't know for sure yet, but probably the Cybertruck is winning the fight here. Electric motors tend to have better torque anyway, and the Tesla can have up to three of them, which means the Cybertruck may have up to 1,000 lb-ft of torque vs the F-150's 510 lb-ft for 3.5L EcoBoost engine.


Of these two towing capacities, which one belongs to a Ford F-150 with a 3.5L EcoBoost?

Ford can haul, there's no doubt about it and the 3.5L EcoBoost engine can get you up to 13,200 lbs of towing, but that still falls short of the incredible numbers for the Tesla Cybertruck which is claiming a 14,000-lb towing capacity.


Which truck is going to give you 35-inch tires?

In one of the very few stats that are shared between the F-150 and the Cybertruck, it seems that both can offer you some massive 35-inch tires for all your off-roading needs. Cybertruck was demonstrated with the tires on and Ford does offer them as an option, though you can go smaller as well.


Do you know which truck has more horses under the hood?

Some F-150 models, like the Raptor, for instance, will give you up to 450 horsepower, but it really doesn't matter which engine or F-150 variation you choose since Tesla is hands down the winner with a reported 800 horsepower.


Does Ford have more powertrain options than Tesla?

This is a bit of an apples to oranges situation but yes, Ford has many more powertrain options than Tesla. You can get an F-150 with at least six different engine options right now while the Tesla is currently running on what it calls its Raven powertrain that will soon be upgraded to one called Plaid.


Which truck offers all-wheel drive?

When it comes to drivetrain, Tesla and Ford are on the same page. Both can be either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive depending on what you choose. A single-motor Tesla will only be rear-wheel drive while two and three engines will offer all-wheel drive.


The award for top speed goes to which truck?

In road tests, the Ford F-150 has gotten up to just over 100 miles per hour but the Tesla Cybertruck is boasting a top speed of 130 miles per hour if it's outfitted with three motors, 120 for two motors and 110 for a single motor.


Which truck takes it easier on your wallet?

Obviously option packages can greatly change the final price, but you can get a base model 202 Ford F-150 for $28,496 while the Tesla is going to start at $39,900 for a single motor version, $49,900 for two and $69,900 for three.


Acceleration is usually a stat more reserved for supercars, but which truck wins the acceleration race?

This is an interesting stat since it's actually two-to-one for Tesla. The Ford F-150 Limited can go from 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds, which beats the single-motor Tesla which has a time of 6.9 seconds. However, Tesla with two motors drops that time to 4.5 seconds and with three it's reportedly 2.9 seconds. So Tesla mostly wins this one.


Just for sheer numbers, which truck wins in a comparison of motors that keep it in motion?

At the very best this is a tie because every truck needs something to make it run so they'd be one to one, but Tesla has the option of having three separate motors working so it has to take the prize in this category versus Ford's single engine.


Where does Ford keep its engine?

Ford's F-150 has a front-engine like most vehicles, but Tesla is using a rear-engine layout which is something you see more often in high-performance vehicles. Electric vehicles do tend to play around with engine placement more than combustion engine-driven vehicles, though.


Do you know which vehicle has more fuel-type options?

The Tesla is a straight electric vehicle while Ford gives you the option of standard gasoline or diesel and is planning on releasing a hybrid version for the 2020 model year as well. Ford has also announced plans for its electric F-150 in the near future.


In a size challenge, which truck wins out for being wider?

This was so close it barely counts, but if you measure across a Tesla you get 79.8 inches and if you do the same to a Ford you get 79.9 inches, so very slightly Ford is the wider truck. That's without including mirrors which would throw the whole thing off.


Which truck takes the wheel with a self-driving option?

Ford is not up to snuff with the very cool technology of self-driving just yet so the Tesla wins out. While cars have had cruise control for ages, Tesa's very advanced Self-Driving option is available on all of its vehicles including the Cybertruck. You still need to keep your eye on it, though.


Every vehicle seems to have a touchscreen now. Which model gives you the bigger screen?

The newest models of Ford boasts an 8-inch touchscreen panel which is pretty decent by industry standards, but it's nowhere near the massive 17-inch screen that the Tesla Cybertruck comes with as a standard feature.


When it comes to range, which vehicle gets you further before you need to refuel or recharge?

When it comes to electric vehicles their greatest limitation so far is range. Tesla says its 3-motor Cybertruck will have a range upward of 500 miles, which is pretty great, but a 36-gallon capacity Ford truck with 3.5 L EcoBoost engine can get around 25 miles to the gallon which gives you a range of 900 miles before refueling.


Which truck offers more transmission options?

Electric vehicles don't have a transmission in the same sense as a traditional combustion engine truck. So the Tesla has a single-gear transmission while Ford can offer you 5-speed automatic or 10-speed automatic transmission.


Which truck offers seating for up to 6?

Another even showdown between the two, the Tesa Cybertruck has seating for 5 with a fold-down seat to offer seating for up to 6. Likewise, Ford F-150s come with a range of seating options for 3 up to 6 as well.


Who has the superior standard warranty?

Ford has a decent warranty that covers 3 years or 36,000 miles, but Tesla does a little bit better for its customers by offering a 4-year or 50,000-mile standard warranty. This is just the bumper-to-bumper option and not powertrain, which is a different warranty altogether.


You want your truck looking good. Do you know which one has more standard paint options?

Now depending on your thoughts on bare metal you might feel like the Cybetruck looks better overall, but technically Ford has to win this one as it offers 13 standard color options for you right out of the factory.


Which truck is winning the competition when it comes to payload capacity?

This was a close one, but in a head-to-head matchup, Tesla's stats are giving it the edge in payload. According to Tesla's website, the Cybertruck can handle a 3,500-lb payload while a 2020 Ford F-150 can haul 3,270 lbs.


Maybe you want to haul some surfboards in the back of your truck. Which one has the biggest bed?

Ford's standard-size bed clocks in at 5.5 feet in length, which is a decent size, but Tesla has it beat quite handily with a bed that is a full foot longer at 6.5 feet overall. That said, you can also get an F-150 with a 6.5-foot bed and also an 8-foot bed so Ford can be the winner here if you pick the right one.


Do you know which truck is giving you 100 cubic feet of storage space is the bed?

Even with an 8-foot bed, the Ford F-150 can only offer 77.4 cubic feet of storage space and that's just not enough to hold up against the 100 cubic feet that the Tesla Cybertruck is offering in the back.


Tesla and Ford make their trucks out of dfferent materials. Which one of these is Tesla's material of choice?

Tesla has been boasting about the strength of the Cybertruck's body, which is made from 30 X cold-rolled stainless steel to give it more strength and make it safer. Ford, meanwhile, makes the F-150 out of heat-treated aluminum alloy which is said to be stronger than steel.


Which truck offers a 16" ground clearance?

Tesla's Cybertruck lists a ground clearance of 16 inches, which is pretty high, all things being equal. Depending on which Ford you get, you're looking at 8.8 inches or 9.4 inches overall, both well short of the Tesla.


Angle of approach refers to the maximum angle for a ramp that the truck can get onto without interference. Which truck has the better angle?

Angle of approach is a stat you'll only care about if you do offroading, most likely. Tesla's angle of approach is 35 degrees, which means it can handle a pretty steep angle, especially compared to the Ford F-150 which has an angle of approach of 25.8 degrees.


Angle of departure is the maximum angle a truck can drive down from without interference. Which truck has a 27.1 degree angle of departure?

Though the angles of approach are pretty different from the Ford to the Tesla, it's not so significant on the departure. Ford has a 27.1-degree angle of departure while the Tesla Cybertruck has an angle of 28 degrees.


Between Ford and Tesla, which offers the superior powertrain warranty?

Ford's powertrain warranty for trucks like the F-150 covers up to 5 years or 60,000 miles, but Tesla has Ford beat quite severely with an 8-year warranty that actually has no mileage limitations whatsoever.


If you need to load up some heavy equipment, you'll need a ramp. Does either truck come with one?

You can get a ramp for your Ford F-150 if you buy one separately and use it to load up four-wheelers or whatever else. The Tesla Cybertruck comes standard with a ramp, however, as was demonstrated during the truck's public reveal.


Which truck has a greater overall length?

The Tesla Cybertruck's length is 231.7 inches, which is just over 19 feet. If you opt for a Ford F-150 Supercab you're getting 250.5 inches in total, which works out to almost 20.9 feet, putting Ford in the lead for length.


Which truck has a greater height?

This head-to-head is another nearly even one with almost a negligible difference between the two. The Tesla Cybertruck's height has been listed at 75 inches while the Ford F-150 clocks in at 76.9 inches.


Which truck has the option to raise and lower the suspension?

The suspension on the F-150 is pretty standard stuff for trucks on the market today, but the Tesla Cybertruck comes with a very cool feature that allows you to raise or lower the truck by four inches to aid in loading the truck.


Do you know which truck has the greater wheelbase?

Your wheelbase is the distance between your front and rear axles and effects ride stability. Ford's wheelbase for the F-150 is 141.1 inches while the Tesla Cybertruck has a wheelbase of 149.8 inches in total.


Glass isn't always just glass. Which truck has reinforced glass for its windows?

Ford's windows and windshield are made of the standard safety glass most vehicles use, but Tesla has opted to go a different direction. During the demo it didn't actually work, but they say the windows are made with armor glass, which offers higher safety and protection.


Do you know which truck has the greater curb weight?

We're calling this one for Tesla on a technicality. Depending on options, a Ford can range from 4,069 lbs all the way up to 5,697 lbs. The problem here is that Tesla hasn't released figures yet for the curb weight of a Cybertruck. That said, most sources are guessing a Tesla is at least 1,000 lbs heavier than a Ford.


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