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Muscle cars are as American as apple pie. In this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of muscle car engines, and by the end, you're going to want to take to the open road.

Can muscle cars be fuel efficient?

Hard as it is to believe, muscle cars can actually be fuel efficient. There were even some pony cars from the '60s and '70s that used smaller V8 engines.


Smaller V8 engines don't provide the same _____ ?

The large gas-guzzlers provide amazing power and torque. Unfortunately, you don't get these same benefits from the smaller engines, but you're still getting a great deal of power.


What is the best small-engine muscle car ever sold?

The Ford Mustang is one of the best small-engine muscle cars ever sold. This was fueled by Ford's popular 289 engine.


Which of these engines is popular in muscle cars?

All of these engines are popular in muscle cars. The Chevy 350 is actually one of the most popular engines ever built.


Which Chevy 350 engine is the single most popular engine for muscle cars?

The Chevy 350 L48 is the most popular engine for muscle cars. This spectacular engine has been around since the 1960s.


A muscle car engine with 500 horsepower can be expected to get ____ miles per gallon.

A muscle car engine with 500 horsepower is only going to get about 10-17 miles per gallon. Now, that's what you call a gas guzzler!


Which of these cars can use a Dodge HEMI?

All three of these cars easily use this muscle engine. They also work great with a Dodge Magnum 440.


It's not uncommon to see a muscle engine that only gets _____ miles per gallon.

Believe it or not, some muscle engines only get 6 to 10 MPG. When you install this kind of engine, you can only call it a labor of love.


What's an affordable way to get a horsepower boost?

The crate engine is an affordable way to boost your horsepower. It's basically an all-in-one engine with naturally aspirated horsepower and less trouble.


Can a muscle car have any kind of engine?

With a muscle car, you can't go out and select any kind of engine. The engine that you choose is going to depend upon the size of your car and the way the car connects to the engine.


What kind of engine fits comfortably into the Dodge Viper?

The massive V10 fits beautifully into a Dodge Viper. But it just goes to show, you need different engines for different muscle cars. The Ford Mustang can only handle a V6.


Can you reconfigure a muscle car under the hood to be able to handle a larger engine?

You can actually do a lot of work under the hood to make a muscle car handle a larger engine than it's designed for. That being said, sometimes it's easier to take a smaller engine with a lot of power, or go for a crate engine.


Transmission, tire size and gears are affected by ______ ?

The horsepower is going to determine a lot of things for your muscle car. The horsepower of your engine will greatly affect your transmission, gears, fuel system, tire size and so much more.


There is "No replacement for displacement."

Remember these words, gentlemen. The more displacement you have, the more power you get out of your car.


Replacing an old engine can cost _____ ?

If you're replacing your old muscle engine and installing a new one, you can expect to pay at least a couple grand. This is going to depend upon the make and model of your vehicle.


Muscle cars are the most powerful vehicles on the road in comparison with ______ ?

Considering their weight and size, muscle cars are the most powerful vehicles on the road. The engine is the heart and soul of the muscle car.


Muscle cars are defined by their ______ ?

The very definition of a muscle car is an over-sized engine in a small to mid-sized car. This gives you a very powerful vehicle that accelerates quickly.


Muscle cars were created in the _____ ?

Muscle cars came about in the early '50s. This coincided with a trend in drag racing in the US.


Are new models of muscle cars built today?

There are new models of muscle cars still being built today. But it was very specific Ford muscle engines that started it all.


HEMIs are _____ ?

HEMIs are a series of different V8 engines. There are 8 separate valves for internal combustion, and these were the largest engines that a muscle car could handle for quite some time.


A HEMI is ______ ?

The HEMI is defined by its design. It's hemispherical in shape. This shape allows for repositioning of the valves in the engine chamber allowing for more space.


Which is more powerful?

Because of their design and layout, HEMIs are more powerful than non-HEMIs. That's why muscle car owners swear by them.


Rocket engines power _____ ?

Okay, that was an easy one. But rocket engines were the first and most popular of the initial muscle car engines.


The Pontiac GTO in 1949 was the first to be powered by ______ ?

In 1949, the Pontiac GTO was the first to be powered by a rocket engine. At the time, the muscle car rocket engines were the most powerful on the market.


Early rocket engines could reach _____ ?

Early rocket engines were capable of well over 150 horsepower. That was a seriously high amount of power for the time that they were created.


Today's muscle cars mostly use _____ ?

Most muscle cars today use engines from a separate manufacturer. These crate engines come from third-party developers.


What is music to a muscle car owner's ears?

Let's be honest, the sound that your engine makes is a great part of the fun. The more high-end your exhaust system, the better the sound.


It's not a muscle car if it doesn't have ______ ?

Let us drive this point home, if it doesn't have a muscle car sound, then it's not a muscle car. Yes, this is opinion, but everyone you ask will agree.


For muscle car owners, it's a sad day in hell when your car _____ ?

When your engine makes the wrong sounds, it's like the clouds have taken the sun hostage. When your high-performance​ engine sounds sick, you become sick as well.


Bad sounds could mean _____ ?

All of the above predicaments could cause your engine to create bad sounds. If your engine is like a set of lungs, when things go wrong, it sounds like it's gasping for air.


With a muscle car engine, it's smart to always ______ ?

Well, that was an easy one. If you want to keep your high-performance engine sounding great, you have to make sure to maintain the engine. Treat it lovingly, and it will love you back.


The famous 427 Chevy displaces _____ cubic inches.

The famous 427 Chevy displaces 427 inches and still produces 430 horsepower. Now, that's a great muscle car engine.


When was the Chevy 409 built?

The famous Chevy 409 was built from 1961 to 1965. This first generation was named the W series by General Motors.


When was the 413 CID Big Block built?

The 413 CID Big Block was built in the late '50s. Chrysler lovingly named it the B series wedge engine.


Who made the 426 HEMI?

Mopar made the 426 HEMI. This is one of Mopar's most famous V8s. It was built from 1964 till 1971.


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