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Is the Ford Mustang your dream car? Do you imagine yourself behind the wheel of this iconic Ford model? Take this quiz to find out if you really know as much as you think you do about the Ford Mustang.

Ah, the iconic Ford Mustang. Just the thought of it makes us sigh. It's gorgeous, sleek, and fast - every driver's dream. But even the Ford Mustang has been the victim of design flaws. Yup, it's true, the Ford Mustang has not always been a car that makes hearts flutter. 

Let's be honest; the third generation Mustangs were not the most attractive of the bunch. Still, even that generation ushered in some great design changes to the car that has endured numerous growing pains throughout its more than half-century reign. 

The particular ugly years, 1987-1993, weren't entirely Ford's fault. In fact, most car makers were going the route of the sharper contour design. And, in defense of Ford designers, the company was about to scrap the model altogether due to declining sales in the mid-1980s. But, because Mustang enthusiasts demanded that Ford keep one of their favorite models, the company kept the iconic car. The rest is history.

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the Ford Mustang.

When was the Mustang first introduced by Ford?

The first Mustang year is credited as 1964 as it was introduced just four months before the 1965 Ford's came out. Some say that it should actually be called a 1964½ model because of this.


Who came up with the decision to go ahead with the Mustang?

Just before the Mustang's introduction, a committee had been instituted to review all future Ford models. The Mustang certainly got them off on the right foot!


After what is the Mustang named?

This iconic car is named after a World War II fighter aircraft, the North American P-51 Mustang. It was the most famous American fighter aircraft of the war and escorted bombers to their targets over Germany.


How many different generations of the iconic Mustang has Ford produced?

Ford has totally redesigned the Mustang on six different occasions. The longest period between redesigns was from 1979 to 1994.


Which of these was a rejected name for the Ford Mustang?

While deciding on a name for the car, a number were rejected, including Torino, which was used on a later Ford model. And let's all agree that Mustang suits the car perfectly.


What was the base price of the first 1964 Mustang?

The Mustang was priced at least $1,000 lower than its nearest rival. This certainly made it an attractive car for buyers.


How many Mustang models was Ford hoping to sell in the first year of production?

Incredibly, although Ford thought it had set the bar fairly high at 100,000 sales, more 400,000 units were shifted during the first year.


Who was Ford's General Manager at the time the Mustang hit the market?

Along with spearheading the Mustang project, Lee Iacocca was also heavily involved in the Ford Pinto.


What is the famous Mustang logo?

The Mustang logo features a horse although, over the years, the design has changed.


Which way does the Mustang logo face?

Because the Mustang is a wild horse, it was felt that the logo should face to the left. Initially, it was placed to the right by mistake.


Name a city in which the Mustang has been built throughout its history?

Along with San Jose, the Mustang has been built in Dearborn, Flat Rock and Metuchen in the United States. Certain Australian models were changed to right-hand drive cars in that country but they were not built there.


On occasion, Mustangs have been produced outside America’s borders. In which country?

The Mustang has been produced outside the United States but in just two countries, Mexico and the Netherlands.


In which European country was the Mustang sold as the Tx-5 in the ‘60s and '70s, since the Mustang trademark was owned Krupp, a manufacturer of trucks.

Krupp was a West German truck manufacturer. Because it owned the Mustang trademark in that country, the iconic Ford car had to be sold with another name. They could have surely done better than Tx-5 though!


How many Mustangs have been sold outside of the United States over the years?

Over 161,000 Mustang models have been sold as far afield as Australia, Germany, South Africa and New Zealand.


The most valuable Mustang ever sold at auction was a 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake in 2016. For how much was it sold?

The 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake went for an incredible $1.3 million. This was $300,000 more than the famous 'Eleanor' Mustang from the movie, "Gone in 60 Seconds."


Which Italian designer worked on two Mustang concepts in 1965 and 2007?

Giorgetto Guigiaro created two concepts known as the Guigiaro Mustang (2007) and the Bertone Mustang (1965).


At one stage in the 1960s, Ford considered making the Mustang into a station wagon and elongating the boot?

This is true! They even made clay models of the concept. It never went any further than that (thankfully!)


The first turbocharged Mustang arrived in what year?

It took Ford 15 years to produce the first turbocharged Mustang. It developed 132 bhp from its 2.3-liter engine.


Has the Mustang been produced every year since 1964 without missing a model year?

Yes. It is only one of 10 cars ever to do so.


The development of the Mustang even led to a new class of vehicles, the muscle car. But by what other name is this class called by enthusiasts?

Thanks to the horse logo, the Mustangs were said to be in the Pony class of vehicles.


Various models of Mustangs have appeared in film as well as on TV. But approximately how many times over the past 50 years has this happened?

Yes, the Mustang is a hit, even in Hollywood. Various models have appeared over 3,300 times in movies and television.


In 1965, a Mustang was placed on display in a famous building. What building was it?

To get the Mustang up to the top of the Empire State Building, it had to be cut into pieces and reassembled.


Which generation of Mustang was produced for a period of 14 years?

The third generation Mustang was produced from 1979 to 1993. It was known as the Fox Body Mustang.


When did the Mustang serve as a pace car at the Indy 500?

The Mustang was the official pace car of the Indy 500 in 1964. It has only done so on two other occasions.


Which former U.S. president owned a Mustang?

Bill Clinton once owned a 1967 Mustang that he even drove at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was ice blue in color.


What is the all-time most popular color for the Mustang among consumers?

Mustang owners love their iconic muscle cars to be red. The next most popular colors are blue, silver and black.


Red might be the all-time favorite color for Mustang owners, but what is the favorite color over the past decade?

Over the past 10 years, it looks like Mustang owners like their vehicles to be black. In fact, of all the Mustangs sold in 2013, 28 percent of them were black.


Which Mustang has appeared on a postage stamp?

Probably the most iconic Mustang model of all time, the Shelby GT 500 is one of two models to appear on a postage stamp.


The Mustang has even made an impact on social media with over _____ Facebook fans

The Mustang is liked by over 5 million people on Facebook, which Ford claims is more than any other brand.


How much did Sam Pack pay to secure the first 2015 Mustang model that rolled off the production line?

Car collector and Ford dealer, Sam Pack, who is based in Texas, paid $300,000 to ensure that he had the first of the new models of the 2015 Ford Mustang. The great news is that this formed part of a charity drive.


Sonny and Cher’s matching Mustangs from the ‘60s were sold at auction in 2010. For how much did the pair go?

Sonny and Cher’s Mustangs were customized just for them by L.A. car customizer George Barris.


Who designed the original 1964 Mustang?

A three-man team comprising of Don Najjar, Joe Oros, and Phillip T Clark designed the original 1964 Mustang. Najjar was the lead designer at Ford for four decades!


How long did it take Ford to sell one million Mustangs?

Once introduced, Mustangs sold at a phenomenal rate and reached 1 million vehicles in just 24 months.


The first person to purchase a 1964 Mustang was Gail Brown. She worked as a ____?

School teacher Gail Brown bought the first retail Mustang in 1964. She owns it to this day.


Two Mustang models, a 1979 Hatchback and a 1991 GT Hatchback appeared in the movie, "Escape from L.A." This movie is the sequel to a similar movie from the ‘80s. What was it?

Both movies featured Kurt Russell in the role of Snake Plissken.


What is the Mustang's popular nickname?

Despite the Mustang being named after a World War II fighter plane, the fact that it had a horse for a badge quickly led to it receiving the nickname, "Pony."


The most iconic Mustang in movies was driven by Steve McQueen in a classic from 1968. The movie was ______?

Bullitt has one of the most iconic car chase scenes ever filmed. It takes place on the streets of Los Angeles and goes on for more than three minutes!


The 300 millionth car built by Ford was a ____?

Ford made sure that the 300 millionth car that rolled off its production line was a Mustang. In fact, it was a GT convertible adorned with a range of commemorative badges.


Despite almost receiving the name Torino instead of Mustang, another name was considered by Ford before settling on Mustang. What was it?

Ford's George Halderman pushed heavily for the car to be called the Cougar, but Mustang won in the end.


On the first day of sales of the 1964 Mustang, how many were sold?

A staggering 22,000 Mustangs were sold on the first day of sales of the 1964 model. This was partly thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign and partly down to the fact that the car was simply a good looker.


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