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Scuderia Ferrari — just hearing the name conjures up bright red sports cars speeding down the highway. They're not just beautiful to look at. We love the screaming revs those V-based engines produce just as much. These cars not only look fast, they are fast... very fast!

Ferrari has a rich history, not only as a maker of some of the most beautiful sports cars ever seen but as one of the pioneers in open cockpit racing. This Italian brand has been at the forefront of Formula One racing since the 1950s. Today, they remain the glamour team of the sport, and any Formula One driver would be lying if they said they didn't want to drive for Ferrari.

The brand itself was the dream of one man. After seeing racing cars as a young boy, he set out to be a race driver and later to build race cars. But just how much do you know about Ferrari, their road cars, Formula One cars and overall history?

This quiz will put your knowledge to the ultimate test. Good luck!

Can you tell us which American auto manufacturer tried to buy Ferrari in 1963?

In 1963, Ford tried to buy Ferrari for $18 million. The deal would have gone through if they agreed to leave Enzo Ferrari in charge of the race car division. Ford refused, so Ferrari backed out.


Ferrari cars are most famously red. What is their unique color called?

Although Ferraris do come in other colors, those in red are the most famous. This is no ordinary red though — it has a name and that is Rosso Corsa.


Ferrari's dominance of endurance racing in the 1960s led to an American manufacturer building a car to win at Le Mans. What car was that?

The first generation of the GT40 won the prestigious Le Mans 24 hour endurance race for four straight years from 1966 to 1969, which included filling out the top three positions in 1966. Only 105 were produced.


Who is responsible for starting Ferrari in 1939?

It was Enzo Ferrari who started the Ferrari company in 1939. However, many historians date Ferrari's official founding to 1947 as that is the date they produced their first car with the famed Ferrari badge.


What is the name of the Ferrari-based theme park built in 2010?

Ferrari World was opened in 2010. An indoor theme park, it has a host of rides, including the Formula Rossa roller coaster. For a fee you can even drive a Ferrari California.


In 1968, Ferrari introduced the Dino to the world. Who was it named after?

The Dino, introduced by Ferrari in 1968, was named after Enzo Ferrari's son. It was marketed until 1976. The Dino was Ferrari's attempt at producing a more affordable sports car, and three different models were produced.


The 1980's TV series Magnum P.I. followed a private eye in Hawaii. His main ride was a Ferrari. Do you know which one?

The Ferrari 308 GTS certainly gained appeal from appearing in the popular TV series Magnum P.I. in the 1980s. In fact, a new one was used for each season, after which it was auctioned off.


What was the first Ferrari badged car, first released in 1947?

The first vehicle to receive the famed Prancing Horse badge was the 125 S in 1947. This model was powered by a 1.5-liter V12 engine and was designed by Gioacchino Colombo. Only two were ever made.


True or false? Ferrari doesn't make their money solely from selling sports cars.

True! Ferrari has a massive commercial arm that sells many products including clothing, toys, sporting goods and memorabilia. These are sold from 30 Ferrari boutique stores around the world.


True or false? The name "Testa Rossa" has been used on more than one Ferrari model.

Most people only remember the Ferrari Testa Rossa as one of the Italian sport car manufacturer's models from the 1980s. While this is true, Testa Rossa was first used as a model name in 1958, which was made to compete in the World Sports Car Championship.


Which Ferrari model was purposely built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company in the 1990s?

Often forgotten in between the F40 and the Enzo, the F50 was one of the top sports cars of the 1990s. It was designed as part of the brand's 50th anniversary celebrations. Only 349 were made.


Which new race car did Ferrari introduce to break the streak of the GT40's at Le Man,

In an effort to defeat the Ford GT40 domination at Le Mans in the late '60s, Enzo Ferrari introduced the 300 P4 in 1967. It was a formidable race car, winning at Daytona as well as Monza. The GT40, however, continued its win streak.


Considered one of the greatest Ferraris ever made, how much brake horsepower did the F40 produce ?

1,311 Ferrari F40s were produced between 1987 and 1991, and many consider this to be the finest Ferrari ever. The F40 was powered by a 2.9 liter twin turbo V12 capable of producing 471 brake horsepower. The F40’s top speed was 321 km/h.


Which of these is the Formula One car that took Michael Schumacher to his seventh world title in 2004?

One of the most dominating cars ever built in Formula One history, the F2004 helped Michael Schumacher to 12 wins in the first 13 races of the season. He went on to win his seventh world championship by the end of the season.


In 2016, a four-time Formula One world champion signed to drive for the Ferrari Formula One team. Who is he?

Germany's Sebastian Vettel is one of the top drivers in Formula One. He won the world championship four times in a row from 2010 to 2013, then joined Ferrari in 2016.


This Ferrari Formula One car was raced from 1975 to 1980 and racked up 27 race wins. Can you name it?

Incredibly, this Ferrari was used in Formula One from 1975 to 1980 with minor upgrades each year. It won 27 races, three driver's crowns and four constructors championships. Not only a classic, but a phenomenal winner.


A classic Ferrari is featured in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Which is it?

The 250 GT California is the model that features prominently in the the 1980s Hollywood comedy Ferris Bueller's Day Off. In many scenes, however, a replica is used.


The 1980s TV series Miami Vice features which Ferrari model?

The Ferrari Daytona in Miami Vice belongs to James "Sonny" Crockett played by Don Johnson. The car featured for two seasons but was destroyed by a missile in season three.


Which famous German Formula One racing driver joined the Ferrari F1 team in 1991?

Michael Schumacher is a seven-time F1 World Champion. Five of those titles came with Ferrari from 2000 to 2004. He won 73 races for the Scuderia.


True or false? Ferrari's headquarters in Maranello was bombed by the Allies during World War II.

Ferrari moved into their premises at Maranello in 1943. This factory was bombed to the ground in 1943 but, following the war, was rebuilt. This included a road car division which saw Ferrari branch out from making race cars alone.


Ferrari is officially known as "Scuderia Ferrari." What does that mean in English?

Linked with the horse theme running through their famous logo, the official name of the company, "Scuderia Ferrari," translates in English to "Ferrari Racing Stable."


Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari died in which year?

Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Scuderia, died in 1988. The legendary car designer was 90 years old.


Which Italian design studio is most associated with Ferrari?

Italian car styling house Pininfarina has a long history of co-design with Ferrari. In fact, owner Sergio Pininfarina once owned shares in the sports car company.


Where is Ferrari World located?

Situated in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World is one of the world's top theme parks. It includes the world's steepest roller coaster, Flying Aces.


What does "Testa Rossa" actually mean?

Yes, "Testa Rossa" means "redhead." In fact, the 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa's engine was painted red, and it's thought the name originated there.


How many cars did Ferrari produce in 2016?

In terms of sales, 2016 was one of the best ever for Scuderia Ferrari. They sold 8,014 cars. That is astonishing considering that in 1977, the company was selling around 1,700 cars a year.


What are Ferrari Formula One fans known as?

Decked out in their Ferrari red, the Tifosi can be seen at every Grand Prix around the world. They really take over at the Italian Formula One team's home Grand Prix in Monza, making the grandstands a sea of red.


In what year did Ferrari become the first Formula One team to hit 100 victories?

Ferrari have been ever-present in Formula One racing. They are the most successful Formula One racing team ever and hit 100 victories in 1990 when Alain Prost won the French Grand Prix. As of the end of the 2018 season that has improved to 236.


Where did the Ferrari logo originate?

Count Baracca, an Italian air ace during World War I would paint a very similar looking horse on his aircraft, which he flew in combat. Ferrari used the same symbol but changed the background color to a bright yellow.


True or false? Ferrari made a four-door model that sold poorly in the 1980s.

False. Although Ferrari have toyed with the idea, they have not made a four-door sports car. Plans were drawn up and the car was given the name "Pinin," but Enzo Ferrari never gave the go-ahead.


Of these options, which is the fastest Ferrari road car ever made?

An exclusive Ferrari — there were only 10 made — the F60 America cost those 10 lucky owners $2.5 million for this hypercar, which travels 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds.


In 1988, Fiat increased their stake in Ferrari to what percentage?

In 1988, Fiat upped their stake in Ferrari from 50%, which they had acquired in 1969, to a massive 90%. Effectively, Fiat now owned the famed race car brand.


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