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Driving is something that most of us will have to do at one point in our lives. Sometimes it's fun, others it may not be so fun, but that's where our driving slang comes from! There's a word for almost everything. The road, other drivers, certain situations, car parts and even the cars themselves. We're willing to bet that you can even think of a few right now. So, if you're a driver, then you'll probably know a thing or two about the slang used on the road!

What's that car ahead? Could it be the infamous "beamer"?! If you know what that means, then you're ready to tackle this quiz. With some quick thinking, you'll probably be able to figure out some of these terms. Some may be expressions while others may just be quick words that you never really thought about before. After all, it's important to focus on the road when you're driving! If you know things like what a car that doesn't operate very well is called, or what another word you might use for traffic is, you're already one step ahead of the game.

So, sit back, relax and take the wheel for this driving slang quiz. It's a long way to your destination, but that's where you'll find your score!

Do you know what "floor it" means?

Here is another way to say that you're driving fast or that you're planning to. In a sentence, someone might just simply say, "Floor it!"


If you're "outie", it means you're doing what?

If you're outie, then it means you're leaving. While this can be used in any situation, it is often used when you're ready to leave someplace in your car.


Of the following terms, what one is used when taking a hard corner?

You might hear this when you're learning to drive. Turn it sharp so that you can make that tight corner! This can be used for any type of vehicle, even a boat!


To get a "road rash" is what?

Road rash is a term that is usually used for motorcycle riders rather than any other drivers. It's an unfortunate occurrence that can happen at times.


The proper word for "u-ey" is which of the following?

A "u-ey" is a slang term for a U-turn. You might hear someone say "I missed that exit. I'm gonna pop a u-ey." There are a few other way to say the same thing as well.


Which phrase is used to say "accelerate"?

Put the pedal to the metal and get out of here! This phrase is pretty common to hear when someone is in a rush. Always be sure to follow the speed limit and make sure that you're being safe.


If you are going "cruisin'", what are you doing?

If you're going out for a cruise, then you're planning to take a nice leisurely drive. If you're cruising while using cruise control, remember to always stay alert!


Do you know what a "whip" is?

A whip is another name for a car. It doesn't matter what type of car you drive, you can always refer to it as your whip!


What does "burn rubber" mean?

If you're burning rubber, then you're going fast! This is just one of many ways to say this expression. It can also be applied to any type of vehicle, not just cars on the road.


Do you know the meaning of the phrase "go for a spin"?

Let's go out for a quick spin! Going out for a spin is to go out on a drive. Often, these types of drives are done on back roads or country roads where you can take a nice relaxing drive.


What word is used for driving your vehicle in tight circles?

Doing donuts is a common activity that many take part in in empty spaces. It not only applies to cars, but to any vehicle, on the road or off-road.


Which of the following could be called a back seat driver?

A backseat driver usually gives some unsolicited driving advice. They might tell you to make a turn or stop following so close behind.


To "ride" someone else on the road is to do what?

To ride someone is to tailgate them. It can be a dangerous thing to do on the road and puts many people's safety at risk. Always put safety first!


If you're in a "fender bender", what are you in?

A fender bender is a smaller accident that usually results in little to no damage. You usually don't have to get police involved with these small accidents so long as no one is injured.


What word is used for a document that shows your ownership of a vehicle?

"Pink" is short for the word pink slip, which you might hear most often when racing. Be aware of what you're racing for if you say you'll give up your pink slip!


Do you know what "booning" means?

"Booning" is a term that is short for the "boondocks", which also means country. The term is used in cases where the driver wants to go for a fun drive in the countryside.


One of the following terms is used to say that you're starting a car without the keys. Which term is it?

Hot wiring a car is something that might come in handy if you ever lose your keys. But it's also something to be aware of in case of auto theft on your car.


Which type of car is known as a "Lambo"?

Lamborghinis are known as "lambos" for short. You've probably heard the term a few times in music or movies. Or maybe you've heard a friend say it!


Do you know what "suicide doors" are?

Suicide doors are unique as they open backward due to their hinges being at the back. They get this name from the thought they they may not be as safe as regular doors.


To ride "shotgun" is to do what?

Think back to "Our Song" by Taylor Swift and you may remember a line about riding shotgun. Taylor means that she was riding in the front passenger seat of a car.


Can you name the acronym that is used for the gear shift on a car?

The PRNDL stands for each gear on the gear shift of a car. Disney Channel fans might remember the infamous "PRNDL" episode of "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody"!


Which term means to "get going"?

When it comes to driving, if someone tells you to "give'er", it means to get going. It's often thought of as a Canadian slang term that's used when talking to the driver.


One of the following terms is used for merging fast in front of a car. Which one is it?

Cutting someone off isn't the nicest thing you could do, but it does happen. On the other hand, it is also pretty dangerous to do.


Can you name the term that is used for a left turn?

"Louie" is one way to talk about a left turn. You might have also heard people tell you to "hang a lefty", which means the same thing.


What is a term used for cars that are hard on gas?

A gas guzzler may seem like it always needs more gas, that's where the name comes from. Electric cars are always an alternative if you want to save some money and help the Earth!


Do you know what a four-wheel drive is known as?

A four-by-four is a vehicle that has four-wheel drive. These are especially helpful in climates where people may have to drive through snow or other elements.


Which of the following terms is used for a large car?

While cars are normally thought of as being small, a barge is used to describe a larger car. It could definitely "barge" into where ever it wanted to on the road.


Which term is used for a convertible?

Breezers are a common sight to see if you live where its hot! The name fits the car well since all the wind from the open road gets to hit your face as you drive away.


This term is used for a car that isn't the greatest. What is it?

A clunker is what you may call a car that doesn't work too well. Make sure your clunker runs well enough for the road if you have one!


What might someone say if you hit a curb?

Hitting a curb isn't the worst thing that could happen. Just come up with a good come back to the phrase. Don't take it personally, it happens to everyone now and then!


Of the following terms, which is used for someone who changes lanes quickly to get ahead?

Just like the video game, froggers tend to hop lanes pretty rapidly. They'll weave their way anywhere to get ahead of the crowd!


What brand of car is the word "Beamer" used for?

A "beamer" is a slang term for a BMW automobile. Did you know that BMW stands for "Bayerische Motoren Werke"?


Which term is used for a car that has a lot of mechanical problems?

"Lemon" is a term that is used for many things as well as cars. You might hear someone say, "My new car is a lemon. I need to get it fixed as soon as I can."


Do you know which car brand is nicknamed "Chevy"?

Remember the song "American Pie" by Don McLean? It spoke all about the Chevy, referring to a Chevrolet vehicle. Chevy is a division of GMC, who owns the brand.


Which word is used for heavy traffic?

Gridlock is a slang term you might use when you're stuck in traffic. Everything is pretty backed up and you don't get to move much in that situation.


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