Is it a Ford Engine or a Chevy Engine?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: jalopnikisawesome via youtube // The Wheel Network via youtube

About This Quiz

Part of America's 'Big Three' automakers, both Ford and Chevrolet have produced so many noteworthy models, it's difficult to count them. 

Think of Ford's Model T, one of the most iconic cars ever built. Or what about the first and second generation Chevrolet Corvette, both in high demand today? But both of these legendary carmakers have given us something else over the years. 

And that is incredible car engines. And they range across the spectrum. From straight-4s, straight-6s, V6s, V8s, hybrids, NASCAR engines, IndyCar engines, you name it and they have made them. Each and every engine has a story to tell. Some have even been powering Ford and Chevrolet models for decades at a time. That simply is an indication of how good the engineering behind these power plants actually is.

So in this quiz, we want to not test your knowledge about Ford and Chevrolet the brand, so much but more your knowledge on what drives them ... so to speak - their engines. And it is going to be tough to identify them.

Why? Well all you will have is a single image to base your decision on. But as a car aficionado, we have the utmost faith in your ability to rev all the way to the checkered flag and ace this quiz. 

Good luck!

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