Only 1 in 67 Fans Can Name All of These Monster Trucks! Can You?

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Can you identify these famous monster trucks? The Monster truck circuit in the United States has come a long way from crushing cars in the early '80s. Now, these behemoths participate in freestyle competitions and racing. But can you identify them? Start your engine and let's go!

Bulldozer’s career began in 1995 where it raced in the USHRA Monster Jam. It was noted for the horns sticking out of the roof and, in fact, was one of the first 3D trucks. Bulldozer retired in 2010 but FELD Motorsports retains the naming rights.

Built in 1994, Rampage was originally owned by Paul Schafer. It managed to finish 4th during 1996’s PENDA Points Series before it was sold to Richard Patterson, who owned it for the next six years. Schafer bought the truck again in 2002.

Grave Digger is one of the most famous monster trucks ever, and first saw the light of day in 1982. It was originally based on a Ford panel truck although the current chassis is a 1950 Chevy panel truck. Currently, there are 9 Grave Diggers, allowing the team to perform at various monster truck shows at the same time.

Named after wrestler Hulk Hogan (sometimes called Hollywood) this monster truck ran from 1995 to 1998. At the time, Hogan was wrestling in WCW and this was the first of a few WCW-themed trucks run by Bigfoot 4x4. Eric Meagher was the chosen driver at most shows and races.

Longtime rival to Grave Digger, visually, Maximum Destruction is one of the most impressive monster trucks currently competing. This SUV monster truck is owned by Tom Meents. It is also known as Max-D.

A custom body monster truck, Snake Bite first made its debut in 1991 driven by ‘Colt Cobra’. It is a Ford F-series body with a Ford C6 transmission. Snake Bite was involved in a famous stunt in 1991 where it ramped into a concession stand. No injuries occurred, luckily.

A Ford Aerostar, Bogey Van debuted in 1994, eventually retiring in 2005. Pam Vaters often drove the truck and became the first women to qualify for a national points series. She was also the only woman to obtain a top six point finish in a season. Bogey Van is powered by a 572ci Ford SVO engine.

One of the original monster trucks, Carolina Crusher made its debut in 1985. It was originally owned by Gary Porter, although through the years others have owned it. Porter returned to drive the truck to celebrate its 30-year anniversary.

Based on the famous Nintendo character, Donkey Kong made its monster truck debut in 2007 at Monster Jam. This 10,000-pound behemoth travels along on huge 66-inch tires.

Now Surf Monster, the Monster Bus was owned by Jack Koberna. The chassis for this truck is based on a school bus.

Created by Paul Schafer, Monster Patrol has appeared on the monster truck circuit for the last 20 years. To date, there have been a number of trucks to bear the name over the years. Monster Patrol won the TJM World Championship in 1997.

Lumberjack made its debut in 2015 as part of the Bottom Feeder Motorsports fleet. It seemingly carries large logs of wood, hence its name. They are fake of course. Kurt Phillips is the current driver of this impressive-looking monster truck.

This monster truck has gone through numerous name changes over the years. It started out as OverKill, moving onto Maximum OverKill, Extreme OverKill and finally, OverKill Evolution.

Created in 1993, Wildfoot was an alternate name for Bigfoot 11 and was driven by Andy Brass. It competed in the Penda series under that name and won that series the same year. It was named Truck of the Year that same year by the MTRA.

With over 30 years in the business, Black Stallion is one of the oldest monster trucks on the circuit. It is owned by Michael Vaters. Black Stallion started out crushing cars but moved onto racing later in its career.

A world champion in 2008, Batman races on the US Hot Rod Association circuit as well as in Monster Jam where it competed for two consecutive years, first in 2007. Then in 2008, it won the driving competition. It is officially licensed by DC Comics.

Based on the Volkswagen camper van chassis, Fluffy is owned by Kevin King. In 2017, it competed in the East Coast Fox Sports 1 Series. In 2018, Fluffy will compete in Monster Jam.

One of the first monster trucks in the 1980s, Bear Foot was built by Jack Wilman and Fred Shafer. Although the chassis changed over the years, Bear Foot was originally based on a Chevy.

Owned by Tim and Mark Hall, Executioner first revved in anger in 1995. Despite undergoing a few new paint jobs, the name has never changed. Executioner raced in both USA Motorsports and the PENDA Points Series. In 1996, Executioner was crowned ‘Truck of the Year.’

A Smart car as a monster truck? Yup! This amazing machine was designed by Steffan Attart.This truck is used in exhibition events only and does not compete in racing or freestyle competitions.

New to the world of monster trucks, Wonder Woman made its debut in June 2017 on the Monster Jam circuit. It forms part of the DC-themed truck fleet and is owned by FELD Motorsports. Wonder Woman is driven by Lindsey Read.

Whiplash has yet to make its competitive debut but will do so in 2018. It is owned by FELD Motorsports and will be driven by Brianna Mahon.

Owned by Debra "Madusa" Miceli, this truck made its debut in 1999. Debra, a former pro wrestler, managed to win the freestyle competition at the 2004 World Finals after a tie with El Toro Loco. In 2005, Madusa won the racing championship at the World Finals.

Featuring a custom body, Ground Pounder comes from Lafayette, Louisiana. It made its debut in 2010 with Ben Winslow behind the wheel until 2011.

Driven by Ryan Anderson, Son-Uva-Digger was unleashed in 2011 at the Monster Jam World Finals. It is part of the Grave Digger family and owned by FELD Motorsport. In 2017, Son-Uva-Digger and Ryan won the racing championship in the World Finals.

This diesel-powered behemoth will only debut in 2018. It is owned by FELD Motorsport and will be driven by Colt Stephens.

Driven by Jimmy Creten and Todd Morey, Bounty Hunter first made its debut in 1995. This vehicle has participated in more championship races at the World Finals than any other monster truck, but is yet to win the prestigious event.

A custom Ford Expedition, Iron Outlaw made its debut in 2005. It is currently owned by 2Xtreme Racing and driven by Todd Morey and Mike Christensen.

A monster truck based on the band Five Finger Death Punch, Knucklehead made its debut in 2014. Interestingly, even the lead guitarist of the band, Zoltan Bathory, has driven the truck, which has run with and without a 3D body design.

Regularly seen on the Chris Arel Monster Spectacular tour, Red Baron is from the Team 2Xtreme stable. It made its debut in 2010.

This massive truck features a bus chassis and currently forms part of the Monster Truck Insanity Tour.

Owned by FELD Motorsport, Monster Mutt won the World Finals championship in 2010 with Charlie Paulkin at the wheel. This monster truck is a regular at the event, having competed since 2003. In 2016, Monster Mutt received a visual redesign.

This monster truck is the only one on the circuit that is based on a tow truck chassis – a 1946 Chevy, to be precise. It made its debut in 1988. It is owned by Jeff Bursey.

The only rear-wheel-drive vehicle on the circuit, Cyborg is owned by Jack Coberna. The fact that it only gets power to the back wheels can be a problem, especially if the chassis gets stuck on an obstacle.

The Crazy Bull is visually stunning and features a 3D shell noted for the horns protruding from it. It is owned by FELD Motorsport and made its debut in 2001. This monster truck has appeared at the World Finals since 2003.

This monster truck is based on a 2010 Ford F-150 body. It is owned by Monster Jam/Feld Motorsports and driven by Matt Cody in Monster Jam events. Blue Thunder first turned a wheel in anger in 2001.

The fleet leader at Sudden Impact Racing, this monster truck debuted in 1993. It was driven for many years by John Seasock.

This monster truck is based on a Chevy Silverado chassis. In 2016 it was sold and renamed to Enforcer, later becoming Hell Raiser in 2017.

Zombie made its debut in 2013 after it was named by monster truck fans. This 3D truck has large arms protruding from the chassis. It is owned by FELD Motorsport and driven by Tyler Groth, Bari Musawwir, and Ami Houde. The chassis is a custom Ford F-150.

Part of the mini monster truck craze, Mini Patrol is owned and operated by Lil' Monster Trucks.

Based on a Ford Ranger chassis, Fired Up was previously Natural High, which was retired after a spectator died from a piece of flying debris from the truck in 2009.

Built in the 1980s, Samson was first owned by Don Maples, who later sold it to Dan Patrick. It still forms part of Patrick’s stable and is currently driven by his daughter, Allison. Unfortunately, in 2009, Samson was involved in an accident that saw the death of announcer, George Eisenhart.

The former team truck of Jurassic Attack in the Monster Jam series, Maniac was owned by Don Frankish until Trent Hickie. Maniac now performs in Canada.

Created in 1995, Clydesdale is driven by Bennett Clark and can be found on the US Hot Rod Association monster truck circuit.

Jesus the monster truck was created by 'Reverend Paul'. It originated in 2003 and took part in a number of minor monster truck races. Rather bizarrely, the truck shot fake 'stigmata' blood at its opponents.

This monster truck is owned by Bill Jacobi of Jacobi Motorsport. It is a stable mate to Cerebus and Dementor

Born in the USA, The Boss was a truck so tough, so powerful, so badass, that no object could stand in its way.

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