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Let's face it: Cars are sexy! Do you like to fly down the road like you're in a new-age spaceship? Then maybe the Porsche Carrera GT is your sense of style. Or, maybe it takes a good old classic muscle car like a Dodge Charger to suit your rumbling needs. From the sporty and spiffy to the classic and luxurious, these cars hold the reins of perfection in the industry. 

While classics such as the Camaro and Corvette have always been iconic favorites for people others, such as the Honda Accord, started as more basic utilitarian vehicles but went through amazing transformations to become sleek and luxurious. Do you prefer the length of a Ford Fairlane? Or, are you more of a Mini and Smart car type of woman?

While only 5% of women can name all of these cars, you might be at a disadvantage — or are you? Do you obsess and dream about cars? Maybe you're even a bit of a monkey wrench when it comes to modifying a classic. This quiz will test your knowledge of some of the most iconic and dreamy cars that have ever hit the road. From the class of a British Jaguar to the classics of American ingenuity and Italian flash, this quiz has it all. 

Are you up for the ride? Take this quiz to find out!

What's the name of this American dream car?

The Mustang is one of the most iconic American sports cars. After a decline in sales and rising fuel prices in the early '80s, Ford almost based a new generation on the Mazda MX-6. Fans of the pony car wrote in voicing their objections, and the company listened. The Mustang continued and "new" Mustang became the Ford Probe.


Can you name this cutie?

One of the most iconic cars in the world, the Volkswagen Beetle was produced from 1938 to 2003 when the last one rolled off the production line in Mexico. But that wasn’t the end of the story. In 1997, the Beetle received a modern update. Dubbed the "New Beetle" this, too, received another upgrade in 2011 with the "Beetle A5." Both thoroughly modern cars, they kept that distinct Beetle charm we all know and love.


Vroom! What's the name of this classic beast?

The Camaro hit the market in 1966 as a competition for the Mustang. The two cars have dominated the domestic mid-price sports car market ever since.


What's the name of this classy ride?

Introduced to the market in 1994, the Audi A4 still remains a popular executive car. It has a range of power options, including 1.4-Liter to 3.0-Liter gas engines and 2.0-Liter to 3.0-Liter diesel engines. For those of us who like a bit more power, the top of the range S4 produces 444 brake horsepower and has a top speed of 155 mph. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds.


Can you name this classic car?

The Trans Am was a version of the Pontiac Firebird. The second generation was made famous as the car Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey and the Bandit, and the third generation provided the base for KITT in Knight Rider.


What's the name of this dreamy classic?

The Firebird was conceived as a competitor to the Mustang, aimed at the Pony Car market. Certain editions of the vehicle featured the striking Firebird hood decal.


Small, but cute, what's this car called?

Perhaps one of the most recognizable cars ever produced, the Mini first appeared in England 1959 with the Mark I. This small car was produced until the 1999-2000 model year, with various upgrades and changes over the years. In 2000, BMW bought the brand and introduced the Mini ONE. Although the shape paid homage to the original, these were much larger cars. Between 2002 and 2018, more than 800,000 Mini models have been sold in the U.S.


Can you name this spiffy Italian vehicle?

The Spider was a classically European sports car. It was tiny, tough and ferociously fast through corners. It was made from 1966 to 1994 and is still a favorite among collectors.


Do you remember the name of this car?

The Altima, a model now in the mid-sized car segment from Japanese automaker Nissan was first introduced to the world in 1992. It is currently in its sixth generation and has become one of the best selling cars in the United States with nearly 1.5 million units shipped in the past five years.


Wouldn't you like to hit the road in this? What's the name again?

The Porsche 911 was the first Porsche most Americans saw. Introduced in 1963, the company had plans to discontinue the line in 1979. The vehicles' strong sales, however, persuaded the company to reconsider, and the line continues to this day.


What's the name of this fun car?

The Jetta, originally based on the Volkswagen Golf platform, was one of the company's first attempts to enter the sedan market and shed the mold of the "Beetle" company. It's compact, powerful and incredibly reliable.


Do you remember the name of this classic dreamboat?

The Ford Fairlane was produced by Ford between 1955 and 1961 in the full-sized car segment and from 1962 to 1970 in the mid-sized car segment. Over this period, seven generations were built. The Fairlane name was used on a concept car in 2005. This later became the Ford Flex.


Luxurious, sporty and full of class, what's the name of this car?

Developed in conjunction with McLaren Automotive's Formula 1 team, the SLR made its debut in 2003. With a 5.4-Liter supercharged M155 SLR V8 under the hood and a manual gearbox, the SLR generates more than 600 horsepower and is capable of speeds over 300 km/h (217 mph).


Proof that Italians know their high-end sports cars. Do you know the name?

The Testarossa's unmistakable silhouette, with the side "strakes" looking a bit like a cheese grater, served a purpose. The dual radiators were in back with the engine, so the strakes were needed to keep airflow to them.


This is the American car you've always dreamed of owning. Do you know the name?

The Corvette Stingray, with its distinctive bulges over the front wheels, is one of the classic American sports cars. A redesign in the '80s provided a more traditional wedge shape, but the 'Vette is still one of the most popular high-end sports cars.


Ready to go? Hop in your very own...

Sadly discontinued in 2010, Pontiac, a General Motors brand has produced some iconic names in motoring and none more so than its GTO. The first models, released in 1964 were available in a convertible, hardtop and coupe.


A cute name for this classy vehicle. Do you know it?

Released in the city car class in 2012, the Adam is a three-door hatchback from the German manufacturer, Opel. It has three powerplant options, from 1.0-Liter to 1.4-Liter versions. Although it has a strange name, there is a method to the madness. Adam Opel was the founder of the German brand back in the late 1800s.


Do you know the name of this fun ride?

BMW has been one of THE status nameplates in the U.S. market for years. This "beemer" has enough muscle to outrun just about anything else on the road.


It's in a class of it's own, can you name it?

The iconic Mercedes-Benz company, created after the merger of Benz & Cie and the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) companies, produced its first car in 1926. It has produced many cars over the years, but the B Class is one of their newer models, first introduced in 2005.


There are few coupes that feel so good to drive. Do you know the name?

The brainchild of Carroll Shelby, the Cobra first revved in anger in 1962. Based on a lightweight AC Cars body that he imported from the United Kingdom, Shelby bolted a Ford 4.3-Liter engine to it. In the years that followed, Shelby bolted even bigger engines to the imported frame which brought about a car with unbelievable power but equally impressive handling.


Can you name this zippy ride?

Bring your BIG checkbook if you want to buy this car, which starts just shy of $100K. However, for your expenditure, you'll get a state-of-the-art power plant that can generate nearly 600 HP.


This is the type of car that deserves a seaside mansion, what's its named?

This car was one of the most recognizable high-end sports coupes of the '70s. There were 1,983 produced over the line's 16-year run.


What's the name of this iconic '50s ride?

One of the most iconic vehicles ever produced by Chevrolet was the Bel Air. Manufactured between 1955 and 1957, the second-generation Bel Air will always be remembered for its fantastic trim and those beautiful pointy tailfins.


Can you name this stylin' car?

This sporty two-seater is a bargain by German luxury car standards, coming in just below $90K. For that, you'll get 362 horsepower, a 4.9 0-60 rate of acceleration and plenty of second looks.


What's the name of this slick bit of luxury?

First seen in 2014, the i8 is a hybrid sports car from BMW. Not only is it good for the environment, but it is possibly one of the best looking cars on the road today. The i8 can go from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.4. seconds.


This car is as classy as its name, what is it?

Aston Martin will forever be known as the chosen car of James Bond in the early days. This $300,000 muscle car is a far cry from Bond's wheels, but it doesn't have machine guns or an ejector seat.


Can you name this essence of luxury?

One of Jaguar's much-loved vehicles, the XJ Coupe was built between 1975 and 1978. These were available as both a six- and 12-cylinder options and more than 10,000 were sold.


It's cute and it's you, what's the name?

Introduced in 1998, the Smart ForTwo is a city or microcar that weighs a mere 880 kg (1,940 lb) and is 106 inches long and 65 inches wide. Still in production, the current Mk III is available as a 3-door hatchback or 2-door cabriolet.


This car defines American luxury, do you remember the name?

Cadillac is known for luxury, and this car has that, but it's also got plenty of muscle. More than two tons of Detroit steel contains an engine that produces a neck-snapping 640 hp.


Vroom and raar! What's the name of this classic?

Dodge is known for making modern muscle cars, and this is one of the best. It's affordable, coming in at under $30,000, but has plenty of speed to rack up interstate tickets.


This sedan has classed it up lately. What's the name?

With gas mileage of around 25-30 mpg for city driving and up to 38 mpg on the highway, the Accord is one of the least thirsty cars in its class. Add to that comfort, space, features and impressive handling and you can see why this car is so well-loved.


Classically delicious! What is the name of this British car?

Jaguar (pronounced JAG-yew-ar by Brits) has gone through its ups and downs over the decades. This luxury tourer hid a V12 engine under the hood that could send it hurtling down straightaways at ridiculous speeds.


Are you drivin' down the highway or racetrack in this Italian dream? Can you name this ride?

Built by Italian firm Pagani, the Zonda sports car had a unique look when introduced in 1999. A number of models followed over the years, with a range of power plant options including a 7.3 liter M297 V12 motor pushing out an incredible 750 horsepower.


What's the name of this classic sports car?

You might recognize this as the car that converted into a submarine in the Bond flick, The Spy Who Loved Me. It also rode across For Your Eyes Only, giving Aston Martin some British competition.


Be careful, she might bite! What's her name?

The Viper is Dodge's bid to compete with the high-end Italian sports cars. The sports car was made from 1992 through 2017 (with a short hiatus from 2010-2013). For the 2015 to 2017 GTC model, the company offered a customization program (for color, wheel, trim and other options) that provided 25 million possible combinations.


The name says it all, but do you remember it?

Lamborghini makes incredibly beautiful cars, and the Gallardo could be the best of all. Produced between 2003 and 2013, the second generation of the car was powered by a 5.2-liter V10. Lamborghini even released a convertible, the Spyder, with a fully automated soft top.


Can you name this Route 66 classic?

Classic American car joke: Did you hear about the crash between the Mustang and the Thunderbird? When the police arrived, all they found was a horseshoe and a pile of feathers.


Fun in the summer. What's the name of this sporty ride?

The Modena was named after the Italian birthplace of Enzo Ferrari. It wasn't as groundbreaking as previous Ferrari designs, and the 360 line to which it belonged petered out in 2005.


Class, style and wealth, but can you name it?

Although still operating from the United Kingdom, Jaguar is owned by the India company, Tata who acquired the marque in 2008. Interestingly, the iconic mascot which appears on the hood of most models is chrome plated and known as "The Leaper." The Jaguar F type first hit the market in 2013. This sports car is available as both a 2-door roadster and fastback coupe.


It's like you're floating instead of driving. Can you name this car?

The Carrera GT is the car that Paul Walker of Fast and Furious fame was in when he was involved in a fatal crash. With a rear spoiler and an engine that produces north of 600 hp, it's eye candy for those with the money to get one.


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