Place These Cars in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess What Truck You Own

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About This Quiz

A truck says a lot about the owner. It speaks to the truck owner's financial means, his or her profession, how he or she spends their spare time, and something about how they see themselves. Truck makers are pretty hip to customizing trucks at the factory these days, but most truck owners will also make some changes once they own their rig, adding decals, making mechanical mods, etc. Trucks are deeply personal to their owners.

Then there are cars. While most trucks are, at worst, "perfectly OK," some cars truly are horrific. Some cars are so awful, you wonder what sort of brain damage leads someone to buy them. Some cars have nothing to recommend them. Not their interiors, not their electronics, not their engines, transmissions or anything else built by engineers. Then, of course, some cars somehow manage to be less than the sums of their parts. Some cars with perfectly good transmissions and suspension still manage to make everyone carsick. Some cars manage to be as long as an ocean liner and still lack any interior room.

Your task is to divide up which cars belong in Heaven or Hell. Once you've done that, we'll run your choices by our list of trucks and determine what truck you own!

Where would you put the 2000 Toyota Avalon?

Would you send the 2004 Ford GT to live with the angels, or condemn it to an eternity of pain?

Do you think the 1991 Acura Legend should live with the angels or sleep with the fishes?

Is the Toyota Mirai a dancing inferno, or bound for Dante's Inferno?

Does the Morgan 3-Wheeler deserve an eternity of pitchforks and brands, or wine and roses?

Where would you put the 2015 Cadillac CST V-sport?

Is the Volvo S60 worthy of the sight of God, or should it drown in the pit reserved for betrayers?

Should the Lexus LFA go to meet its ancestors in the good place, or meet its doom in the underworld?

Should the 2002 Audi A6 ascend to the clouds, or be cast into the chasm?

Does the Chevy SS seem like it's headed to Metatron's smooth driveway, or Old Nick's potholed interchange?

Where would you put the Lincoln Town Car?

Does the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk inspire you to be saintly so you can have one in heaven, or does it make you want to do good so you can avoid it in Hell?

Does the Jaguar XJ belong at God's side, or under Satan's boot?

Would you jump a BMW 135i so it could go to Heaven, or push it down the hill into Hell?

Does the 2016 Dodge Dart have a face worthy of the angels, or a character worthy of Hell?

Where would you put the Pagani Huayra?

Should the BMW X5 be consumed by flames, or should it stand on a plinth in Heaven?

Is the KTM X-Bow good enough for Heaven, or bad enough for Hell?

Can the Lotus Esprit handle well enough for the roads in Heaven, or must it be sold for parts in Hell?

Will the 2019 Ford Mustang muscle its way into Heaven, or spin its way into Hell?

Where would you put the Ford Fiesta ST?

Would you ship a brand new VW E-Golf to Jonas Salk up in Heaven, or condemn Stalin to drive one in Hell?

Should Saint Peter widen the gates of heaven to accommodate the Brabus S Biturbo Roadster or should it be crushed and air mailed to The Devil?

Does the H1 Hummer belong in Valhalla, or should it be cast into Hades?

Does the Ariel Atom earn its place in Heaven, or is it bound for Hell?

Where would you put the Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06?

Should the Nissan 370Z GT be how Raphael commutes to work, or be spending its time in traffic jams with Satan at the wheel?

Does the Mitsubishi Lancer make you think of Gabriel, or Lucifer?

Should the Mercedes C-Class ascend to the clouds, or be cast into the chasm?

Would you send the Spyker C8 to live with the angels, or condemn it to an eternity of pain?

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