Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess Which Truck You Own

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About This Quiz

Would you rather downsize to a sports car or upsize to a Hummer limo? This thrilling game of "Would You Rather" will not only make you feel like you're cruising around the truck racing track, but it will also help us guess what kind of truck you call your own. You'll make both sensible choices, and you'll make a few absurd ones, too. Either way, we promise you'll have a bit of dirt road driving fun.

Be a good sport, and we'll make you giggle. Like any good game of "Would You Rather," you might find yourself at a loss for the choice. If it happens to you, try to make the choice you find to be the lesser of all the evils. Whether you would rather go mudding or stay home and wax your truck on a Saturday afternoon will go a long way in helping us figure out the make and model of your pride and joy. 

Buckle up and drive safely. We want you to make it to the end with your wits intact. Our game of "Would You Rather" is going to be intense, but you drive a truck! We know you can handle it! 

Would you rather your truck have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission?

Would you rather change your own oil or go to an oil change place?

Would you rather have a diesel engine or a gas-powered engine?

Would you rather let children eat in your truck or forbid passengers for the rest of your life?

Would you rather haul a load of gravel or haul a load of dented paint cans?

Would you rather sleep in your truck or sleep in a dodgy motel on a road trip?

Would you rather wax your truck every day or leave it unwashed for a year?

Would you rather go through a gas station car wash or use your garden hose?

Would you rather downgrade to a sports car or upsize to something like a Tahoe?

Would you rather drive through deep mud or deep snow?

Would you rather let someone smoke in your truck or leave fast food in it overnight?

Would you rather get great gas mileage or have more seating?

Would you rather drive your truck across country or fly to your destination?

Would you rather have a chrome exhaust pipe or smokestacks?

Would you rather have running boards or no running boards?

Would you rather have dual rear wheels or regular wheels?

Would you rather have fuzzy dice hanging from your mirror or a skull and crossbones?

Would you rather let a friend borrow your truck to move or help your friend move?

Would you rather give up your truck or your current relationship?

Would you rather go off-roading or stick to the highway?

Would you rather be driving your truck than taking this quiz?

Would you rather take your truck camping or take your truck to a fancy red carpet event?

Would you rather give a ride to a hitchhiker or have to ride with your boss for a month?

Would your rather drive in a thunderstorm or in a snow storm?

Would you rather let someone ride in the back of your truck or pile people in the front?

Would you rather have more horsepower or more towing capacity?

Would you rather walk to work for a year or sell your truck for a different one?

Would you rather keep your current truck or upgrade to this year's model of your truck?

Would you rather drink an open cup of coffee in your truck or ban drinks from your cab?

Would you rather tell us what kind of truck you own or let us guess?

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