Soup Up a Motorcycle and We'll Guess What Kind of Motorcycle You Currently Own!

By: Monica Lee
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

There are so many motorcycles out there. Some models made for luxury cross-country travel are so comfortable you can ride forever. Others are perfectly adapted to go from street to dirt trails for spur-of-the-moment adventures. Others attract attention, with the chrome and growl that heightens your presence on the road. 

And of course, there's the daredevil in all of us. People who like to test themselves and their bike at every turn. That might be your current bike or just a future fantasy. But imagine if you could soup up your current ride, no holds barred. What would you go for? That will be one of the clues you give us to guess your current ride. 

Yep, in this quiz, your current ride is for you to know, and for us to find out! Once we know more about you, your personality and how you would like to trick out your bike, we'll make a well-educated guess. We will also take into account your real life as opposed to your dream life to tell you what bike you currently ride. Don't think we can? Have faith in the art and science of personality testing. Take the quiz now and take on an adventure. 

What is the first thing you look for in a bike?

What activity would your dream motorcycle most likely be used for?

Which of these would be the first upgrade on your motorcycle?

How would you modify your handlebars?

What do you call your motorcycle?

What decals would you put on your motorycle?

How would you modify the paint job?

What extra gear would you add?

Which of the following brands do you prefer for a motorcycle (or if they made a motorcycle)?

What do you like to do at a social gathering?

What aftermarket protective gear would you buy first?

You want peak performance from your bike; which one of these will give you what you want?

What would you say about your income?

When it comes to comfort, what would you add to your machine?

What do you want to have most for doing repairs on your motorcycle?

How would you upgrade your motorcycle's gas tank?

What is your favorite motorcycle destination?

You want high performance brakes. What manufacturer do you prefer?

How would you upgrade your headlights?

How would you upgrade your exhaust system?

Why did you choose your current bike?

How would you upgrade your battery?

How would you upgrade your seat?

What clothing accessories are the most important to you?

What kind of wheels do you prefer?

Which one of these other modifications do you want next on your bike?

Why do you ride?

What aftermarket accessory is essential?

What main color is your fantasy bike?

Go wild, go crazy! This is your last upgrade for your dream motorcycle. What is it?

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