Tell Us About Your Favorite Trucks and We Will Guess What Kind of Woman You Attract

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About This Quiz

Trucks have been on the road for nearly a century. They're a strong and important part of the history of automobiles and were essentially the evolution of the horse and wagon. A truck is a vehicle made to do work. They haul, they tow, they do the things a car is simply not powerful enough to handle. And as time went on, they started to look better and better doing it. These days, a truck is the ultimate mix of motor vehicle form and function. Still all that power but not nearly so utilitarian as they once were, trucks today are basically the pinnacle of auto manufacturing.

Choosing the right truck takes some work these days. You need to consider not just what you need it for, but what you want it for. Your truck doesn't technically need those 360 cameras or those sleek and sexy lines, but maybe you want it to have those things. This is a reflection of you, it's a gas-powered extension of your personality when you're out on the road. It's putting a vibe out there and it's possible some women are picking that vibe up. If you're curious about what your favorite trucks are saying about you, and what kind of woman you may be attracting based on those truck feelings, you need to take this quiz!

When you're looking at a new truck, what's the most important factor you need to consider to determine if it's the right one for you?

Who's making the best trucks on the road today?

Which of these Ford model trucks would you want to have the most?

Let's say you're in the market for a Dodge. What model are you most likely to get?

Someone's giving away a free Chevy truck of your choice! Pick your model!

Toyota has had a lot of success with the Tacoma. What model of the Tacoma was the best?

Regardless of who manufacturers the truck, what color do you want it to be?

What do you use your truck for the most?

How important is towing capacity when you're considering what truck to buy?

Do you need a truck that you can go off-road in?

Which of these four popular models would you want the most?

Some of the best trucks ever made came out of the 1970s. Which of these '70s beasts was best?

While American trucks have dominated the market for years, Japanese trucks have also been extremely popular. Which one do you like best?

How many trucks have you owned in your lifetime?

What makes a truck superior to a car?

Trucks are broken down by size very often. What's your favorite full-sized pickup?

Maybe a big truck is more truck than you need. What's your favorite compact pickup?

Jeep doesn't just make Jeeps. What's the best Jeep truck ever made?

Everyone loves a vintage pickup, right? What was the best pickup truck of the '50s?

The 1960s had some impressive trucks rolling off the line. Which of these was your favorite?

Sometimes a truck's strength comes from an awesome name, and what's more awesome than an animal? Which beastly vehicle is best?

When you can't name your truck after an animal, it seems like geography is the next best source of inspiration. Which geographical truck is best?

What features would you like on the flatbed of your truck?

Is there ever a time when people can be in the flatbed of the truck?

What's the coolest feature you can get on a new truck?

What do you keep in the bed of the truck?

Are you a fan of manual transmission or automatic?

Are people allowed to eat while they're in your truck?

What kind of motor are you looking for?

Are new trucks better than old trucks?

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