Tell Us About Your Relationship and We'll Guess What You Drive

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Let's face it! Most of us have more than one relationship in our lives. There's our lovey-dovey relationship relationship, and then there's the unconditional love you have for your car. Your car might need maintenance from time to time, but it never steals the blankets in the middle of the night!

As we cruise our way through this quiz, we are going to need to know the nitty gritty details of your relationship. Once we know it better than your partner does, we think we'll be able to guess what kind of car you drive. Is your love fast and furious like a sports car, or are the two of you clunking along like a classic truck model? 

The details you provide about your relationship will tell us a lot about your car. After all, your relationship traits bleed over into the way you feel about your vehicle. And the way you feel about your car reflects like the rearview mirror into your love life.

Share your relationship secrets, and we'll figure out if you drive a station wagon or a truck. We won't even tell your partner that you might love your car just as much! Will we get it right?

Who is the bossy one?

Which one of you sleeps more?

Was it love at first sight?

Which word sums up your bedroom life?

Who has the healthier diet?

Who is the louder one?

Which one of you is the better singer?

Are you the positive one?

Who is messier?

Which one of you is more affectionate?

Have you been together for a long time?

What is your partner's best quality?

Who takes longer to get ready to go out?

Which one of you is more sensitive?

Do you have children?

Who is more stylish?

What do the two of you do on Saturdays?

Who is the better kisser?

Who is the better driver?

Do you argue a lot?

Which one of you gets up first?

Which one of you is the better cook?

Who is more forgetful?

How do you celebrate anniversaries?

Who watches more television?

Who is more nurturing?

Who is more creative?

Which one of you is more emotional?

Which one of you is more stubborn?

Who is more talkative?

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