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Sports cars, luxury cars, monster trucks ... People tend to get pretty enticed when face-to-face with an exotic four-wheeler, but working with cars is very different from simply admiring them. In America, Michigan is the state that holds the highest number of auto shop workers (approximately 47,000), and the region has become known as the top automaker in the United States.

No doubt each of these individuals takes their jobs seriously. Working in a car shop is a dream job for many, but to achieve this dream, one must be well-trained not just in the technical aspects of the vehicles, but in the safety of their environments. This can be said for virtually any industry, but auto shops can be particularly dangerous when one either doesn't possess the knowledge or the careful attitude necessary to ensure a clean, steady and safe atmosphere. Being surrounded by all those big, heavy vehicles every day can be exciting, but it can also be very dangerous.

Do you fancy yourself working in a garage? Test your knowledge of auto shop safety with this little quiz we've prepared for you. We invite you to learn about yourself and to boost your intelligence by answering the following questions. Now is the time to test your skills and see how well you'd fare.

How many jackstands are necessary to support a raised vehicle?

Four jackstands - one at each corner of the frame - are placed underneath the car while it's raised. This ensures it's supported and doesn't fall on the mechanic.


When a vehicle is being driven into the service bay, what should one never do?

It's OK to be near the vehicle while its moving into the service bay so long as you're not in front. This can potentially lead to serious injury.


At what point is it OK for exits and stairwells be blocked?

Exits and stairwells should never be blocked. If there's an emergency, workers and customers have nowhere to go.


When working underneath vehicles, what should one wear?

Safety googles prevent any debris or foreign objects in the car's underbelly from falling into the mechanic's eyes. A mechanic needs to see what they're working on to make sure all goes well for the customer.


What should a grinder always be firmly anchored to?

A grinder should always be firmly attached to the work bench. This ensures it doesn't move or jiggle during a job.


When removing oxidized rubber from a wheel well, what should one use?

A wire brush is designed to get rid of oxidized rubber and dried soap solution safely. Other tools were not specifically built for this task.


To ensure beads are evenly seated, what should one check?

Checking both sides of the tire is the only way to ensure that the beads are even with each other. Doing only one side will not give you an appropriate idea of where the beads stand and could lead to trouble on the road.


What should one do with rugs or mats in the office or garage areas?

Rugs and mats that don't lie flat should be straightened out or removed to prevent trips and falls. This helps to avoid injuries.


What should one do regarding safety and danger signs?

Safety and danger signs are not decorations. They should always be obeyed.


What should you do with a ladder or step stool?

If an object is high up, you'll need a ladder. Place it firmly on the ground and careful walk up. Never place it on an unstable surface.


Is it ever OK to ride in the bed of a pickup truck?

The bed of a pickup truck does not contain seat belts. Therefore, riding in it is unsafe.


When getting in and out of a vehicle, what should you use?

One should use a 3-point contact involving either one foot and both hands or both feet and one hand. This lets others know that they're exiting or entering a vehicle.


When is a good time for a passenger or driver to use a seat belt?

In an auto shop, the environment is unpredictable. Therefore, to ensure safety at all times, one should always be wearing a seat belt while inside a moving vehicle.


Before backing a vehicle up, what should an employee do to make sure people are cleared and the area is safe?

Honk the horn to let all nearby employees know that you're backing the vehicle up. This lets them know to steer clear.


When driving into the auto shop, what should an employee do?

All three should be done to get the attention of both employees and customers. This will let them know to steer clear of the entering vehicle.


What should one do with equipment in the bed of a truck?

All equipment in the bed of a truck should be tied or latched down at all times. This ensures that it won't move about and cause danger.


When driving into the shop area, how fast should one drive?

A vehicle should be going no faster than 5 mph when traveling into an auto shop. This speed is low enough to keep conditions safe and prevent injury to others.


When holding a wheel on a tire machine to ensure it has air, what holds the wheel down?

The positive lock-down device is used to keep a wheel held by the tire machine. A moving wheel prevents a job from being done properly and can hurt others.


What should an employee do if they want to check a tire's pressure?

An air hose with an air pressure gauge is used to determine a tire's stability. Too much or too little pressure can damage a tire, and this tool allows you to be sure.


What should one do when leaving a vehicle?

Putting the emergency brake on and chocking the wheels ensures that the car will stay in one place. If the vehicle moves on its own, people may be put in danger.


What is the maximum amount of air pressure one can inflate to when seating the beads?

40 pounds is the maximum amount one can exert when seating the beads. Any more can lead to damage.


When removing rocks and glass from a tire, what should one do?

Wearing leather gloves is the best way to prevent injury to one's fingers when removing foreign objects from a tire. The leather is strong enough to keep foreign objects from damaging the skin.


When placing a tire on a changer, what position should it be in?

Placing the tire in a horizontal position allows a mechanic to get a full view of the tire. Any other position or direction may affect the mechanic's sight pattern.


On a changer, where should the narrow ledge of a wheel be facing?

A wheel's narrow edge should always be facing up. This allows the mechanic to properly remove it from the vehicle.


Where should beads be loosened from?

Beads are always loosened from the rim flanges. This allows the inside of the wheel to be properly lubricated.


When holding a tire, what body parts should one utilize?

Using your hands and hips is the best way to ensure your body encompasses the tire. This will also give it the most support.


When holding the tire bead in a center wheel, which tool should one never use?

Pipes and makeshift bars do not have the strength to support wheels. Thus, they shouldn't be used for bead work.


When mounting a tire, which bead should be pushed in first?

The bottom bead should always go in first. This provides the proper support for the remaining beads.


When removing the top bead from a wheel, what should one do?

Starting the tire changer allows one to remove the top bead. It's the first bead that should be removed in the tire changing process.


What tool allows one to center and fasten a wheel to a changer?

A changer hold-down cone is the proper tool for fastening a wheel to a changer. Such an item was built with this job in mind.


Where should the axle hub stand?

The axle hub should always be positioned at waist height. This ensures the mechanic has enough space to work while lessening the chances of injury.


When positioning the tire and wheel on the floor, what should the inside of the tire be facing?

The tire and wheel should always be facing you when being positioned on the floor. This way, you can be in a comfortable position when working on the vehicle.


When loading or unloading tires from a vehicle, what should one do?

All of these options should be carefully understood and followed when loading and unloading tires from a vehicle to ensure top-level safety. Not following one or all these steps may result in a rolling tire, which may lead to damage or injuries.


One should never use which mushroom-headed tools when working on a vehicle?

No tool with a mushroom head has any place in an auto shop or garage. They are dangerous, and can damage portions of the vehicle.


A vehicle should be lifted how many feet above the ground?

One should use a mechanical lift to raise a vehicle about one foot above the ground. This gives the mechanic enough space to work on its underside while being able to perform a close, hands-on evaluation without having to strain.


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