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American car makers have churned out millions of cars in the past century, but only some of them are truly memorable. Can you name these icons of American car manufacturing?

This All-American Ford model was first introduced in 1964. Which car was it?

The Ford Mustang is a symbol for youthfulness in America. The sporty little car first hit the market in 1964.


In 1983, Chrysler unveiled the _____, which became an iconic vehicle, particularly for families.

Chrysler recognized a need for a large vehicle for families. It created the minivan, and the first model sparked a revolution in carmaking.


Which company manufactured the muscular Hemi 'Cuda?

The Barracuda is most often simply called the 'Cuda. The Hemi Cuda, particularly the 1971 model, is renowned as one of America's iconic muscle cars.


Which style of car became popular, in part because of the fake wood panels on the side?

In the 30s and 40s, station wagons and utility vehicles were gaining popularity in America, and manufacturers placed fake wood paneling on the sides. People went crazy for "woodies," and the trend lasted for years.


Chevy manufactures which famous speedy symbol of fast fun?

The Chevy Corvette typically looks like a jet plane squashed to the ground. Careful with the gas -- Corvettes are know for their more-than-adequate power and speed.


Which famous American car was produced for nearly two decades, starting in 1908?

The Model T was Ford's first home-run hit. The Model T was renowned for its affordability and rugged nature, but of course, it didn't have air conditioning.


Which famous car had a third (center-mounted) headlight that turned with the wheels?

The Tucker 48 is still regarded as a turning point in American automotive history, with its emphasis on safety and snazzy design. The company was run out of business almost as soon as it got off of the ground.


Which technology helped to make the Model S a huge part of the American car scene?

The Tesla Model S did something that many car makers have tried -- and failed -- to do: it made electric cars cool. Now, Tesla is one of the hottest brands in the world.


The Eldorado is a luxurious vehicle that helped make _____ famous.

Cadillac's Eldorado is consistently one of the most luxurious American vehicles. It's been around since 1953, and sometimes it looks really great with really big rims.


Which American icon essentially created a new car category -- the "pony car"?

Unleashed in the 1960s, the Ford Mustang heralded a class of pony cars. Pony cars are affordable compact cars that don't skimp on sporty performance.


Which popular American luxury car at one point cost even more than a Rolls-Royce?

Cadillac has always been synonymous with luxury. But back in the 50s, it was one of the fanciest cars on the planet, and the Eldorado cost even more than the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.


What sort of engine did the Corvette have when it was introduced in 1953?

The 1953 Corvette was equipped with a V-6 engine. Early Corvettes were always pretty...but they were not always reliable.


Saleen Automotive is an American car maker renowned for creating models that do what?

Saleen has garnered a reputation for making some of the fastest cars ever. In 2007, it made the S7, which can hustle from 0 to 60 mph in right around three seconds.


Which car maker unleashed a beast called the Cobra?

The Shelby Cobra was a collaboration between British manufacturer AC and Ford. The result was a 427 Cobra, a behemoth sports car that's still legendary.


Which American vehicle is often credited with helping to win World War II?

The Jeep was and is one of the most reliable four-wheel-drive vehicles around. The Jeep was deployed by the thousands during World War II, helping to ferry men and supplies through rugged warzones.


In 1980, the AMC Eagle became the world's first _____.

AMC created the Eagle as a type of crossover SUV. It perched a station wagon on a lifted suspension and four-wheel-drive. And yes, it's as cool as you think.


Which iconic sports car had a gigantic (and kind of goofy-looking) rear spoiler?

The Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird had an enormous rear wing, a pointed nose, and even a RoadRunner decal on the side. It was a muscle car, all right -- one that was more than 18-and-a-half feet long.


Which company made an iconic (and fast) car called the Rocket 88?

The Oldsmobile 88 first hit the streets in 1949, a few years after the end of World War II. It sported a 135-hp V-8 engine that "rocketed" the car down the highway. Every spirited driver wanted one.


Which company made the famed GTO?

The Pontiac GTO came of age in the muscle car era of the '60s. It first hit the market in 1964, in part to compete with the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro.


The "Stingray" was a version of which famous model?

Chevy famously split the rear window of some of its Corvettes, and the result was a car that looked a bit like a sting ray. The Stingray Corvette was and is a coveted Chevy car.


The COPO is a type of Camaro that's made for _____.

Chevy built the COPO Camaro for one thing: drag racing. What does COPO stand for? Central Office Production Order...not exactly the most awe-inspiring name in the history of carmaking.


The 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham had which mind-blowing feature?

The Eldorado Brougham was packed with features that were nearly incomprehensible to car buyers in the 50s. It had power windows, self-leveling suspension and power seats that even had memory settings.


The Hennessey Venom GT is known for which trait?

The Hennessey Venom GT was built for one thing: speed. In the right hands, it can push 270 mph, making it one of the fastest cars in the world. And one of the most expensive, too.


The Scrambler is a famous type of ____.

The Jeep Scrambler is like a typical Jeep, but with a longer wheelbase, which makes it incredibly stable even on the worst terrain. It was built back in the 1980s.


Which car model was the first ever mass-marketed car with a V-8 engine?

The Ford Model 18 featured the first V-8 engine ever in a mass-manufactured vehicle. The cars were reliable -- and fast.


The Duesenberg Model J was made back in the 1930s; it was widely-acclaimed for which characteristic?

The Duesenberg Model J was a speedster for the ages. It could go from 0 to 60 mph in right around eight seconds. And if you don't think that's impressive, go try that in your Fiesta right now.


Which company built a monster called simply "GT"?

Henry Ford, angered about a business deal gone bad with Ferrari, decided to embarrass the Italian sports car maker. He launched the GT sports car and then schooled the Italians on the track.


Chevy first introduced the Corvette in 1953. How many of the cars did the company sell?

Nobody wanted the first Corvette, and only about 300 were produced. Now, of course, they serious collector's items worth incredible amounts of money.


What was a feature of the first-generation Dodge Charger?

The Dodge Charger was first introduced in 1966, and it had a three-speed floor shifter. In spite of its 318 cubic-inch V-8, it didn't at first garner much of a following.


The 1908 Model T was the first car in history to do what?

The Model T was revolutionary in a lot of ways. One was the fact that it was the first car ever to position the steering wheel on the left side of the car.


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