What Car Are You Meant to Drive?

By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

These days, there are all kinds of cars for all kinds of drivers. There are cars that are good offroad, that carry lots of equipment and can bully their way through just about any scenario short of a full-on zombie apolcalypse. There are cars that are sleek, elegant and tasteful, perfect for the understated, affluent up-and-comer who wants to make the right kind of first impression. There are cars that are very practical, ordinary and efficient, which can carry around a little nuclear family plus some suitcases and the dog, that are ideal for those whose future lies in the 'burbs.

Choosing a car is a combination of budget, temperament, specifications and lifestyle. It's further imbued by advertising, society and your own personality with an awful lot of additional meaning. You car isn't just a fancy-pants horse that gets you from A to B without getting rained on. It's also a comment that you make to the world about the sort of person you are; flashy, sensible, wealthy, reckless, etc. That means you need to search through all the cars that are out there, and find one that's the perfect match. Perhaps if you take this quiz, we can help you get a little closer to that goal!

Who do you want to impress?

How practical are you?

Do you like annoying people?

Do you want to spend a lot of money?

Are you up-and-coming?

Does your car have to be highly unique?

Do you like leather seats?

Do you secretly wish your car could fly?

Do you like endangering your own life?

How important is comfort?

Can you physically get in and out of a low-slung car?

Who do you want for an enemy?

Do you intend to decorate your car?

Do you like a loud engine?

How much horsepower is enough?

Do you care about luxury trim?

Do you mind about brand recognition?

What kind of movie would your car be in?

What job will people think you have when they see your car?

What job do you actually have?

Will you buy the car for cash?

Will you crash the car?

Will you drive the car every day?

How much does fuel efficiency matter?

How safe should your car be?

How many people will be going in the car?

Do you plan to park it on the street?

Who would steal your car?

Who will envy your car?

How long will you own your car?

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