Which car brand are you?

Kelly Scott

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Are you built Ford tough? Or perhaps you're the "ultimate driving machine"? Take this 15-question quiz and find out which car brand you are.

How do you prefer your steak cooked?

Which of the following situations would be most embarassing for you?

Did you vote in the most recent election?

Your favorite color is:

If a friend asked you to go sky diving, you would reply:

Your favorite winter activity is:

Your typical Saturday evening consists of:

Your life motto is:

If you were in a band, your role would be: lead singer, bass player, drummer, lead guitarist

You consider your biggest flaw to be:

The last time you threw up was because:

A friend asks you to babysit her two daughters. You respond:

Your favorite breakfast food is:

The song you're most likely to sing in the shower is:

If someone seated near you in a restaurant was being loud and rude, you would:

If you could be fluent in one language, which would it be?

What is your dream job?

Which of the following would you prefer to take a shot of?

If you could have any pet, which would it be?

What do you talk about with your friends?

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