Which Car Brand Are You?

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More and more, cars aren't just about four wheels and an engine, but more about an idea. At this point in history, most cars are comfortable, safe, capable machines with little to differentiate them but their branding. Branding is as simple as a slogan in television ads to the beltline of a car, or its grille. We don't buy cars so much with our heads but our hearts, and we invest in brands that mean something to us on a personal level. It's like buying a dog or a cat; it says something about you.

Some car brands market themselves as luxurious, while others focus on sportiness, durability, or simply interior volume. Other brands have a more complicated brand narrative, like Volvo, which has a reputation for building the safest cars but now also for luxury, sportiness, and most of all, comfort.

Some brands even create special sub-brands like Mercedes-Benz's Maybach line, which takes the already opulent S-class up several notches, to where even third world dictators think all the luxury is a bit much.

So what does your branding say about you? How do people feel when they are around you? Do you inspire a sense of safety, excitement, or nothing at all? Are you more Camry or M3? Find out what car brand you are with this quiz!

How much do you make?

How much do you spend?

How much do you make it look like you make?

Are you delicate?

Are you patriotic?

Are you a fan of the underdog?

What kind of track and field sport suits you?

What do you do for money?

What is your dream job?

Do you want people's attitudes towards you to change?

What is your ideal road?

How would you describe your career ladder?

How tough do you have to be to make it in your industry?

Are you quick thinking?

Are you willing to sacrifice your greatest assets for the greater good?

What kind of a winner are you?

What kind of a loser are you?

How generous are you?

How jealous are you?

Are you fair?

Are you a good sport?

Can you take a hit and get back up?

Are you emotionally high strung?

Are you materialistic?

Do you care about your legacy?

What will your tombstone read?

Are you the sort of person who helps their friends move, even when there's no pizza involved?

With whom do you go on vacation?

How talented are you, really?

Are you a role model?

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