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No other American car brands can match the kind of loyalty – and rivalry – of Ford and Chevrolet. Since the beginning of the 20th century, these two companies have been trading blows in elaborate marketing plans and on the streets.

If you really want to rile up your Chevy-loving neighbor, wax poetic on the Mustang’s beefy engine, “Mad Max” styling and agile handling. In response, you’ll likely hear all about the Corvette’s space-age body, fancy taillights and vertebrate-cracking quarter-mile times. You think you know all about these cars, but do you, really?

There’s a lot more to Chevy and Ford than two-door sports cars. Did you know, one of these companies sells the best-selling truck in world history? And that the other was founded by a Swiss-American race car driver who also had mad mechanic skills.

Both companies have had an outsize influence on American society, too. Did you know, one of these manufacturers completely revolutionized the way factory owners treated common employees? And that the other is a critical brand integrated into a much bigger company by the name of General Motors?

From the showroom floor to the NASCAR track, Chevy and Ford are two of the most important automobile manufacturers in world history. If you think you can match wits with these mechanical masterminds, take our quiz right now!

Which company introduced the Mustang car?

Way back in 1965, Ford introduced its iconic Mustang, a muscular sports car. These famous two-door cars typically feature powerful engines that appeal to lead-footed drivers.

Which company produces the Silverado pickup truck?

Chevy launched the Silverado pickup in 1999. The Silverado is designed as a heavy-duty pickup, and if your friends see you driving one, they will definitely ask you to help them move.

Which company uses a "bow tie" as its emblem?

Chevy, of course, uses an emblem that's reminiscent of a bow tie. It's been around since 1914. Ford, on the other hand, has always stuck with its memorable oval.

Which company created the world's first moving assembly line, which eventually revolutionized manufacturing around the world?

Company founder Henry Ford is famous for his cars, of course. But it was his high-speed assembly line production that really put his products on the map. Those high-efficiency processes quite literally altered the course of manufacturing, too.

Which company was the first to sell its vehicles?

Ford wasn't the first very vehicle manufacturer in history. But it was close. The first Ford car was sold in 1903, roughly eight years before Chevy got rolling.

Was it Chevy or Ford that introduced the F-Series pickup?

The Ford F-150 has been one of the best-selling pickups for decades. The F-Series was first created in 1948, and it's now in its 13th generation.

Was it Ford or Chevy that sold the Model A car?

Ford followed up its massively successful Model T with the Model A. It was first made in 1927 and it's since become a prized collector's item.

Which company is a division of General Motors?

From the very beginning, Chevy was connected to General Motors, one of the biggest automotive conglomerates in the world. Ford has never been a part of GM.

Was it Ford or Chevy that built the amazingly successful Impala car?

In 1958, Chevy unveiled its Impala model, a full-sized car that was available as a hardtop or convertible. It became a smash hit that was built until 1985, when it was discontinued. Since then, Chevy has revived the name twice.

Which company revolutionized employee standards of living by advertising a wage of at least $5 per day?

Henry Ford didn't just revolutionize manufacturing, he changed the relationship between companies and employees, too. He touted a $5 minimum daily wage, as well as shorter work weeks, which dramatically improved the quality of life for employees.

Which brand is part of one of the biggest family-owned businesses in the world?

Chevy is part of GM, which is definitely not family-owned. Ford, however, has been going strong for more than a century and is still mostly family-controlled.

Which company manufacturers the ever-popular Corvette sports car?

The Chevrolet Corvette was first manufactured back in 1953. The Corvette always has cutting edge looks and often features a very powerful engine for an exciting driving experience.

Which company has made the best-selling truck for more than 40 consecutive years?

The Ford F-series is the definition of consistency. For more than 40 straight years, the pickup has been the No. 1 truck on the market. In the beginning, they were farm vehicles; now the trucks are used for everything from ranching to grocery getting.

Which company has a model with the longest-running nameplate (model) in history?

Is it the Mustang? Nope. The Camaro? No way. If you can believe it, it's the Chevy Suburban, which has been manufactured since 1935. Since its inception, the vehicle was meant to carry numerous passengers and a lot of cargo, too.

Which company received tremendous accolades for its 1955 model?

The 1955 Chevrolet (or '55 Chevy) is one of the most famous cars in world history. It featured a brand-new body style, and it was Chevy's first successful (optional) V-8 engine.

Was it Ford or Chevy that was co-founded by a race car driver?

Louis Chevrolet was one of Chevy's co-founders. He was born in Switzerland, moved to France and then brought his car driving and engineering experience to the United States.

Which company introduced the Shelby GT350?

Ford, of course, is famous for its Shelby GT350, a souped-up version of the Mustang. Like Chevy's Corvette, these are not exactly the most comfortable vehicles on the road. But they are very, very fast.

Was it Ford or Chevy that was connected to the Mercury brand?

In 1938, Ford created Mercury as a premium (but still affordable) car brand. After decades of success, Ford finally ended Mercury entirely in 2011.

Which company temporarily ceased civilian automobile production in January 1942?

In January 1942, America was reeling in the wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The federal government insisted that car makers switch to making military products, meaning both Ford and Chevy stopped making consumer cars during the war.

Was it Ford or Chevy that introduced the Camaro to adoring drivers everywhere?

In 1967, Chevy introduced its Camaro, a sports car that competed directly with the Ford Mustang. Both models became famous during the 60s muscle car revolution.

Which company launched a model called the Classic Six?

In 1913, Chevy unveiled its Chevrolet Type C, which is better known as the Classic Six. It featured a six-cylinder engine that helped it zip to 65 mph. And you can bet that there were no seat belts.

Which company uses a gold emblem for its brand?

Years ago, Chevy used a blue similar to the hue found on Ford's emblem. But in 2004, Chevy changed all of its emblems to solid gold, in large part to differentiate itself from Ford.

Which company was the first to introduce a bargain-priced car with an automatic transmission?

In 1950, Chevy introduced its Powerglide transmission, the first automatic transmission found in an affordable consumer vehicle. Ford followed suit a year later.

Which manufacturer has won more NASCAR race victories?

Both Chevy and Ford have hundreds of pro race victories to their credit. But as of early 2017, Chevy has won more NASCAR races than Ford.

Which company was co-founded by a man named William Durant?

William Durant teamed up with Louis Chevrolet to create Chevy in 1911. It wasn't long before Chevy was in direct competition with Ford for a huge chunk of the market.

Which company was involved in the biggest auto recall in history?

Chevy is part of GM, which is one of the world's biggest car makers. But Ford has the dubious distinction of the biggest-ever recall. That recall happened in 1980 to address a problem in which more than 20 million vehicles were at risk of slipping from park into reverse.

Which company was the first to incorporate safety glass into its car windows to protect occupants?

Glass was (and is) a dangerous component in cars. If it shatters, it can kill or maim vehicle occupants. Ford was the first company to introduce safety glass, all the way back in 1927.

During the early 20th century, Ford dominated auto sales. Which company sold more vehicles in 1929?

Ford was in control of American auto sales … until 1929. That was the year that Chevy surpassed Ford, in large part thanks to affordable six-cylinder vehicles such as the Standard Six.

Was it Ford or Chevy that made headlines with its "Big Block" engines?

In the 1950s, Chevy began making a series of large displacement V-8 engines that became known as "Big Block" engines. These engines became renowned for their reliability … and power.

Which company's muscle car has mostly outsold the other?

Ford's Mustang has consistently triumphed over Chevy's Camaro since the introduction of both cars. In almost every model year, more Mustangs are sold than any Chevy sports car.

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